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Masterchef Australia – First One In Is First One Out

OK when Kevin thought the pasta he had selected was lasgna I thought he deserved to be instantly eliminated, but when he was turfed at the end of the episode I was not happy about it.

However Kevin really has no one to blame but himself for his demise.

He was the first one up on the pasta identification challenge and he picked “lasagna” however it was actually lasagnette (I think) so he did have the first part right I guess.

Of course none of the others got it right and for the last six in line they should send Kevin a case of beer each, because they were automatically safe as only six people were to go into the next round.

The second round was to make pasta. They had to make 250 grams or more of fettucini. Mindy, Kevin, TK, Emma, Jules and Kylie were battling it out. Mindy was first through, she is starting to come across as nice but a little intense, then Kylie who went to the dark side and asked for a hug from the judges.

Jules admitted she had never made pasta so she was always going to be in trouble. But seriously if you are selected to go on Masterchef you need to have done some cooking basics and one of these is make pasta. Maybe they need to change the application form to not ask about their childhood but make them tick the boxes on what they can and can’t do cooking wise. Can you make mayonnaise, short crust pastry, cook a steak etc.

Kevin’s portion was too small so had to go back and make some more.

However in the end it was him and Jules who were the last two standing and in this situation it was not a positive thing.

The final challenge was to make Egg Yolk Raviolo. Kevin was confident because he thought Jules inexperience with pasta would make her be behind him, however she in fact managed to finish and sprinkle cheese on it, something Kevin left out.

The judges preferred Kevin’s presentation but they liked the flavour of Jules’s better. He was criticised for too much zest in the ricotta, and not enough lemon juice in the sauce.

Kevin in the end was eliminated – first person into the top 24 and first one out. It is a pity that considering the decision was line ball they did not keep the contestant with some personality in.

However he is going to use his new found fame for good rather than evil and his starting a campaign to improve the food at sporting stadiums. Can’t complain about that. Below is a clip that is the first step in that campaign or you can support it at Who do you think should have been eliminated?


1 Andrea { 05.18.12 at 4:47 pm }

If we all comment about the same things then surely someone from Masterchef should take note and at least think about our suggestions. I agree with Rosie, why should six people escape from any sort of challenge? And it was only 12 contestants in the pasta guessing challenge Paul, not 24. It wouldn’t have taken that long to go through the line up, or why didn’t they simply get all 12 to cook the same dish and the worst one goes home?

2 Dr T { 05.18.12 at 6:38 pm }

Talk of snappy challenges, I seem to remember a large amount of the amatas were set a 6 hour challenge, at least 3-4 of which was spent burning fossil fuels

3 brain dead dave { 05.18.12 at 6:47 pm }

It’s a pity that Friday night’s Ma$terclasses couldn’t include a First Aid module to prepare the aspiring amatas for the literally gut wrenching, bowel loosening trip to Italy on the culinary cards.

4 kelley @ magnetoboldtoo { 05.18.12 at 7:38 pm }

I haven’t warmed to any of them yet…

5 littlepetal { 05.18.12 at 8:17 pm }

Wonder when they have the gastro and Matt P is back in Australia.

6 littlepetal { 05.18.12 at 8:18 pm }

I am just hanging in because I like to come here to talk about the show. If I stop watching then I won’t be able to have a whinge.

7 Reality Raver { 05.18.12 at 9:07 pm }

Some good suggestions, but I expect it was Big Kev who fucked it up for the producers and viewers a like. As they expected to pick the easy ones first and then trip up on the harder ones later. So the last six just got extremely lucky.

Now if they had know he was going to be such a doofus they may have decided the numbered plates thing would have been a better option.

8 William { 05.19.12 at 11:52 am }

It’s disappointing when Kev went. I almost threw my remote at the TV. Very ironic that first into the Top 24, first out of the Top 24.

As for the gay smooching, what, all the endless straight tonguing not enough for you? 😛 It’s pleasant and nice to see the alternative once in a while – lord knows that the media is severely heterosexually biased, so I don’t see a valid reason for this criticism. And anyway it was a peck. A PECK! But just for that, Joseph and Jasmine, I’ll make sure to write to the network execs to pen in more man-to-man suck facing just to gross you out.

9 Jasmine { 05.19.12 at 1:38 pm }

Actually, William, it was two “pecks” 😉 . Maybe it’s the judges who are the homophobes… As I said, I didn’t know he was gay before I wanted him gone.

10 William { 05.19.12 at 7:56 pm }

Masterchef has lost its magic this year, an its very complacent television. The judges are fat, and there is no tightness in editing. The series really needs to pick up its pace to get another run next year. I have to say the judges appear very tired.

11 Andrea { 05.20.12 at 7:43 am }

I agree William, hope things improve!

12 Seb { 05.20.12 at 2:23 pm }

Watching this on catch-up – You can hear someone from the gallery shout out ‘Parmesan, Kev!’ as Gary counts down.

Although I’m sad to see him go in fairness he pretty much was his own undoing.

In Wednesday’s episode he creatively poached some blue team customers, and when the blue team saw this and reciprocated they stole a table of 7 which by their own admittance would have pushed their total take higher, winning them the challenge.

Then he couldn’t guess the pasta, didn’t make enough fettucini and forgot the parmesan on his egg dish.

Re: man on man ‘pecks’. I’m all for people being revolted or appalled by it, as long as you do it in your own homes and I don’t have to see it. 😉

13 Alan { 05.20.12 at 7:46 pm }

They pulled this stupidity last year with a ‘sudden death’ quiz where you could be eliminated despite getting more correct answers than another competitor. They really need to get rid of whoever designed this contest. It is not quite as bad as the ‘sudden death’ quiz, but they could have achieved the same result by just giving the 6 people at the back immunity pins for the night.

14 Culinary Boner { 05.21.12 at 9:19 am }

I’ll miss Big Kev for the very fact that he was clearly the most masculine out of a pretty sad-sack bunch of males – esp. the camp, but hetero, Fillippo and older hairdresser guy.

However Kev if you are going to play Russian roulette, best not use a gun with 6 bullets, eh? So why oh why choose the pasta of dubious anatomy that no one could name . Was this a Freudian slip-up of the highest order? Kev, old chum, you do know you chose a sort of pappardelle with frilly bits reminiscent of *ahem* girly intimate frilly bits?….. *sigh*…. knickers, not vagina, everyone….*cripes you lot have dirty minds*. If only you’d stayed in the comp. I was so looking forward to your green-tipped mussel surprise.

15 Davis { 05.21.12 at 7:52 pm }

Watched and enjoyed the first series, then a bit of the second. But honestly, this is the MOST boring reality show on air – its so stale and people are sick of seeing idiots win with lacklustre cooking skills (fat Julie from series 1 was/is awful), plus its full of too many ads and far too much emotional crap when there should be more cooking. Ratings are going down so hopefully this is the last time round for Masterchef.

16 William { 05.23.12 at 10:22 pm }

Gee thanks Seb. Meanwhile we all have to deal with the creme de la creme offering on 11 that is Snog Marry Avoid. This is your best gene pool at work, boys and girls. I’d rather swim in a pool full of men sharing TWO pecks than through tongue-pierced, up-skirted voracious social vamps who couldn’t as much muster a splash in a kiddie if they tried. Charming.

17 Calvin { 06.05.12 at 3:43 pm }