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Masterchef Australia – Filippo Kneads His Way To The Top

It appears we are seeing more of the dishes cooked this year which is a good thing, however I would like to know how they tasted.

This was particularly pertinent in the mystery box challenge where the judges only officially tasted three dishes. They may not necessarily be the best ones there, just the ones they like the look of.

Who else was curious to know how Matt’s dessert style crab custard garnished with peas and pomegranate seeds tasted like? Or Kath’s dish where she ground the cocoa nuts and infused it in a custard?

The mystery box was a mixture of ingredients including blue swimmer crab, pomegranate, eggs, nuts, peas, coconut and seeds.

Amina gave Matt Preston a lesson in middle eastern cooking when he made the statement that crab was not usual in that cuisine. In fact she said it was very popular where her father grew up in Alexandria which of course is on the coastline.

Her concept of crab with pomegranate sauce sounded good but she appeared to be under the same assumption as Matt that you had to use as many of the mystery box ingredients as possible, as there were eggs and peas garnishing it as well.

Debra made a walnut and crab pudding, Mindy a crab salad with a egg net, and Filippo made his mother’s Lemon Ciambella Cake with Creme Anglais and Caramel. These were the three dishes tasted.

Filippo won and was given the power in the invention test.

He was confident as it fit in with his skill set of bread making. The contestants had to make their own sandwiches by baking their own bread, and he also had to pick between the main ingredient with a choice of bacon, tomato or lettuce.

He obviously decided to take pity on Amina and not select bacon, but being Italian he picked the tomato.

They had two hours to make the dish.

Gary was looking extremely interested in Sam’s is cheese sandwiches fried in duck fat, however he over did it adding bechamel sauce. However he also had the added problem of his bread being so thick so the right balance was not there.  In fact it looked like a bread roll.

To be fair it did not look much fattier than Lydia’s polenta sandwich. Matt Preston queried whether it was going to be a vegetable stack, though Matt did put it together to eat with his fingers. However Gary thought it was far too oily.

Mindy made murtabak a staple in Malaysia, it is roti with filling wrapped inside it. I had never thought it was a sandwich before but it got in on a technicality.  By the way what happened to Mindy’s bottom lip did she burn it?

TK was having a shocker, her bread did not rise and looked like a rock. The issue was she killed the yeast by adding  boiling water to it. Gary Mehigan advised her to make flat bread quickly. This made her sandwich quite fusion as she was doing a Vietnamese pork roll.

Alice was being adventurous and made a New York style Bagel with rare roast beef. She even made her own bagels which Gary and George were sceptical about but in the end they declared her concoction delicious.

Dalvinda made a naan bread with spinach puree, chicken and a tomato chutney. However it had the added touch of mozzarella cheese sprinkled in it so she went a bit fusion there.

Debra made walnut bread with a goats cheese, onion and tomato topping and Gary loved it. In fact he gave her a hug and said we just want to thank you for coming on the show and cooking consistent beautiful food. Clearly something he is not getting from a lot of the contestants this year.

The top three were Mindy, Debra and Dalvinda. However just as Filippo was giving everyone the death stare it was announced there was a top four and he was included in it. But his three different breads with three different toppings did not win, it was Mindy’s murtabak that won her the chance to compete in the immunity challenge.

Filippo tried to look gracious about it but he knows this was probably his best shot to win an invention test.

Bottom three were TK, Wade who had made a stodgy Vietnamese pork roll, and Lydia. Lydia looked very displeased being in that line up. They will be competing in a pressure test tomorrow night set by Peter Gilmore from Quay. It won’t be easy.


1 smauge { 05.21.12 at 11:02 pm }

I think Debra is like Jamie Lee Curtis. Fillippo is definitely Aspie. At one point they were all lined up and everyone’s got relaxed arms, crossed or around their back. Fillipo is standing there, arms rigid straight beside him. Then they asked if he ate pasta. “I eat pasta every day!” he answers with the seriousness of someone about to avert a world war. Hubby and I crack up laughing every time he comes on. (Before anyone shouts at me for making fun, it is because we have an Aspie of our own, and it’s always an eye opener to see his traits appear in other people. It’s like a laugh of relief.)
Is anyone else concerned Dalvinda might be a one trick curry pony, a la Jimmy Servai?

2 Marepoppin { 05.22.12 at 12:05 am }

Fillipo being on the spectrum would explain a lot… He stills comes across as a nice man & good dad (from the intro clips), I think he will do well in the comp, but he’s not a winner

3 Georgie { 05.22.12 at 12:55 am }

Flippo (Ren) is my favourite this year and has been since his trip to the Mornington Peninsula to get a snapper for his pavlova. He’s very ill-at-ease with the camera I think, which is why he always looks petrified.

4 littlepetal { 05.22.12 at 7:04 am }

smauge-I agree with you regarding Dalvindar. The other version of Jimmy.

5 Cookie { 05.23.12 at 1:18 pm }

I had trouble paying attention to this episode. George’s outfit was BAD. He usually dresses well, but that hoodie huged his “curves” and made him look like a hobo. Not to mention the 2 sizes too small shirt that Matt had on. It was gut city and totally distracting from the action

6 Lori-ellen Ivers { 06.05.12 at 4:57 pm }

Coldsore shmoldsore, call it what it is, Herpies is what it is people. I don’t like Mindy at all. I don’t like Deb even more. She threw her team under the bus just to try and cover up her own inadequacies. Not a good leader, which probably stems from living alone for too long, but hope the judges will eventually see through her. There are some good ones this year thank goodness. Ben, Beau, Sam, Amina, and the lecky, whatever his name is. These people stand out to me the most.
Now then you have Audra, Dalvinda and Tregan. Each of these have something but would like to see them showcased a bit more. Mindy keeps fluking it on the challenges getting her to immunity. Funny though, her creativity lets her down for some reason. Even Amina now wants to win a challenge for her and her alone, instead of for someone else.
Tired of the editing, bad, bad, bad. Constantly throwing scripted judging comments after they’ve already said one thing and thinking we’ll forget what’s been said. Last night the judges said the green teams food tasted the best but because they had their prices too low, they didn’t win the money challenge. When the ads were over and the judges revealed the best food they then said that not only had the blue team won with the most money, but they also had the best food. They had previously been told their food wasn’t as good before the ads. Did anyone else notice Gary saying this at all?
I also want to be able to find recipes for any contestants food so far. The bread Felippo makes, are they afraid we’ll find out it takes longer to make than they say? I just want the recipes for the bread he was making in the beginning. PLEASE!!! Lori-el