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The Voice – Why Hellooo Diana Rouvas? Where Have You Been? Thankfully Not A Figment Of Seal’s Imagination.

“For all the people at home that don’t really understand what is going on here when you rehearse here everyone sings great, when you are faced with the fact that seven million people are at home are watching, and it’s live that is what separates the men from the boys, and the women from the boys and you delivered such an incredible performance.” said Seal to Darren Percival. What? I know the media releases outlining the ratings have a bit of spin in them, but not that much!

Seal is the gift that keeps on giving and this week he was deluding himself about the size of The Voice’s audience in Australia. For the record the ratings are a very fine 2 million, one third of what Seal was suggesting. However the looks on the other judges faces when he announced this was priceless.

Also Seal’s delusion carried over to his clothing as really the shirt with the fingerless gloves was really not a great look. Don’t expect to see it on the high street soon.

However really these insignificant issues compared to Carmen Smith being told she had to withdraw because she had an unfair advantage because she was in a Guy Sebastian film clip.

However apparently there is no conflict of interest with Delta Goodrem saving back up singer Glenn Cunningham last night. Would love to ask Matt Hetherington and Ben Bennett what they thought of that. These two were the ones who ended up being punted from Team Delta last night.

Also Seal selected to save Chris Sebastian, brother of Guy. Now neither of these two male singers have given a stand out performance yet on the show, either in auditions, the battle rounds nor live performances.

On Team Seal Emma Louise Birdsall and Karise Eden were the two with the highest vote, with Seal electing save Fatai V and Chris Sebastian. Michael Duchesne and Sam Ludeman were eliminated.

On Team Delta, Viktoria and Rachael Leahcar had the highest public vote, and Delta decided to save back up singer Glen, and Danni Da Ros.

Rachael Leahcar has had significant publicity throughout the show and whether this gave her an advantage in the public vote who knows, but one singer who has had very little coverage has been Diana Rouvas who is on Team Keith.

And the Megan Washington replica made sure Australia sat up and took notice when she gave the outstanding performance of the night singing Love On Top. She showed she was sexy, charismatic and could sing. However she has barely got an inch of column space since the show began. It will be interesting to see if this has a impact on the amount of votes she receives.

The judges tonight gave more constructive criticism of the show, which does show how programs now react to comments on the internet. Speaking of social media I am not quite getting the V Room headed by Faustina. The concept is interesting however it does need to be fleshed out a bit more.

The Performances:

Team Keith – Darren Percival – Where Ever I Lay My Hat

With that song Keith was trying to get on side the people he thinks will vote for him –  which is the older female. He is probably right.  Seal thought it was an incredible performance, but then Seal thinks there are 7 million people watching him.

However Joel Madden also likes him saying, “Outside my team you are my favourite singer in this competition”.

Keith was starting to look peeved with the other judges as they just don’t shut up. Once he finally got his say Keith said he could feel there was a bit of weight in the pressure in his voice.

Hopefully he is safe, but his performance was not that memorable.

Team Joel – Prinnie Stevens – Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj

She looked as sexy as hell, but her high notes were a bit off, unless that is how that song is meant to be sung.  However the judges all love her and Delta thinks she is in her own lane, meaning there is no one else like her in the competition.

It was interesting to see that they gave her a fair bit of choreography in the routine compared to others which did make the performance pop a bit more on stage. Matt Lee from So You Think You Can Dance is the shows choreographer. He is doing a good job – adding to the performances not overpowering it.

Team Keith – Adam Martin –  Lonely Boy

He reminded me of a young Chris Issak. Will he and Lakyn be battling it out for the teen vote? He told Seal he felt more in his comfort zone. Seal said that he connected which was Seal’s buzz word of the night. Keith said you won’t be a lonely boy and he thought the routine had the right swagger and he hopes Australia agrees.

Team Joel – Sarah De Bono – Listen

Darren McMullen introduced her as Brittany Cairns? I hope that was not an omen for her. However he did apologise for it after she finished singing blaming it on the Brittany army that was in front of him when he was announcing the song.

She did sing well however expect there is going to be an amazing performance emerge from her at some stage if she gets to stay in as she has the voice. Joel said Australia witnessed the star that you are.

Team Keith – Jimmy Cupples – Sweet Child Of Mine

Jimmy doesn’t like taking direction well and was playing more up to the live audience then to the one at home.

However his voice is unique and very much like Axel Rose the lead singer of Guns and Roses, also considering he is a rock singer he was hitting a few less bum notes then some of his colleagues.  The cameras panned to his parents in the crowd and they are probably hoping their son may finally make a decent living out of music.

Seal was critical of him for missing rehearsals because he was sick, which apparently he has been all week. Seriously was he meant to come and risk contaminating the other 12 contestants? The only person he disadvantaged was himself. Seal was hinting his work ethic was not great.

I get the feeling that Keith won’t be saving him next week with his comments “You have the voice” and “I commend you on making artistic choices”.

Team Joel – Ben Hazelwood – Lego Man

Delta loves Ben apparently maybe she wishes she had him on her team.  The performance was not memorable, and Joel wished he had connected with the crowd more. He is in danger of going.

He also got his first tattoo influenced by Joel which shows he is not real bright either.

Team Keith – Taga Paa – Fight For You

He started off strong and then slipped a bit. He would be great in a boy band but not sure he can carry off a solo performance. His likeability factor is high but with all the other heart throb boys singing tonight he might find it difficult to find a voting niche.

Seal thought he delivered tonight.

Team Joel – Laura Bunting – Somebody I Used To Know

Laura is one singer I really want to like and she was one of my favourites after she sang Kate Bush at her audition, however tonight she should have ticked all the boxes but it didn’t quite get there for me tonight She looked rather demonic and it was overly dramatic or a bit too much musical theatre in it.  Delta thought it was the perfect song  but thought it was a little aggressive.

“Not sure the people watching understand you as I understand you,” said Joel. Laura is starting to fall behind the front runners.

Team Keith  – Diana Rouvas – Love On Top.

Why hello Diana. Stand up and take a bow, while your at it what about an encore? What there are time issues with the live shows? They are running late? Before tonight she unknown, but she seized her opportunity and today Sports Bet must be ringing off the hook with people wanting to place money on her to win.

If you missed it go here to check it out.

Team Joel – Lakyn Heperi – Forever Young

The Voice’s answer to Reece Mastin, however Reece did have better stage presence. Lakyn was a little bland. However with the amount of  squealing girls he would not matter if he had not sung at all and it looks like he will be safe this week.  It was one of the worse performances of the night.  Seal thought he looked a little disinterested.

Team Keith – Brittany Cairns – Different Worlds

She looks like she has a little crush on Keith Urban, but she would not be alone there. Great voice, but still a little beige for me. She has been given the pimp spot as Rachael Leahcar was last week, so they obviously want to see her get through.

Predictions to go:

Team Keith – Jimmy Cupples and Taga Paa.

Team Joel – Ben Hazlewood


1 Trent { 05.22.12 at 10:00 am }

i Really hope that Laura is safe!
Joel just has no idea and picked the wrong song for her.. she has a great voice nobody can pull off Kate Bush! But Laura managed it. Diana was fantastic too though! Lakyn was horrible

2 EH { 05.22.12 at 10:19 am }

I had my money on Diana after hearing her rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. know It All” with Jaz Flower during the battle round. Her voice is unique and love her new hair cut. She was truly the stand out star last night!

It will be interesting to find out if Lakyn will get votes for being the Australian version of Robert Pattinson. Regardless, Joel will save him.

3 Chunks { 05.22.12 at 12:02 pm }

Lakyn needs a good boot up the bum after that performance. I know his whole schtick is the disinterested cool hipster but last night’s effort was woeful yet he has massive potential. Jimmy Cupples is unbelievably annoying and a one trick pony. Such a waste of a genuinely great voice. Diana was the performer of the night but I have to say I really loved Brittany. Interesting to see the guys going down first.

4 Chunks { 05.22.12 at 12:04 pm }

Oh and I think Laura will go. Shocking song choice.

5 Trent { 05.22.12 at 12:22 pm }

Laura probably will go but she does not deserve to!

Joel picked that horrendous song when you compare Joels song choice for Laura and “Wuthering Heights” that Laura chose they are miles apart.

Why cant the Contestants choose there own songs? The auditions are always better then the live shows!

6 Daze { 05.22.12 at 1:22 pm }

Agree, much better song choices than last week. Except I didnt think Prinnie did well with song choice.
And what’s with Seal’s glove shirt? lol
Disappointed Larkyn was so disinterested, he has a great voice as does Matt and BenH. Great that Seal voiced that opinion. It was so true.
Also agree Delta looked stunning last night – except she goes on and on and prattles. Joel Seal Keith very patient but they are nice guys!
Shame the ratings have dropped, wonder if that had anything to do with terrible song choices last week?
Over the screeching Cupples – I clicked on mute, bliss!

7 Mel { 05.22.12 at 2:00 pm }

Song choice, song choice, song choice – so important. This week there were too many ballad-y numbers. Sometimes less is more!
I think the right people were eliminated at the beginning, and refreshingly nice to see that Delta didn’t feel pressured to save Ben (I’ve got such a silly name) Bennett just because he might keep the hormonal teenage girls happy and watching the show. Seal keeping Chris Sebastian was lame and a total cop-out but I’m hoping Chris might have used up his last lifeline.
I’m also hoping that was just a terrible song choice for Prinnie because that was underwhelming for mine, specially given the big production efforts they went to. Twitter (when I checked) was going a little mad for Sarah de Bono but personally I felt the same as for Prinnie.
Adam singing Lonely Boy was my highlight and at least made me turn up the volume on the telly. Lakyn nearly put me to sleep, and really, despite how interesting he might potentially be, there’s only so long he can keep up the shy introvert thing.
I’m hoping (thinking) that the three to go next week are Taga, Ben and Jimmy – nice as they may be, none of them look like winners.

8 brain dead dave { 05.22.12 at 2:07 pm }

No doubt about it, Jimmy Cupples has an appetite for destruction.

9 Georgie { 05.22.12 at 2:09 pm }

I’m setting up a game of ‘platitude bingo’ to play during the judges feedback. With their limited ‘praise vocabulary’ it won’t take long to fill the card.

10 jord { 05.22.12 at 4:04 pm }

I was happy that the judges were a little more honest with Teams Joel and Keith instead of just blowing smoke up their arses like they did last week.

11 Gingerglaw { 05.22.12 at 8:24 pm }

Your editorial above is one of the best and most honest I have read anywhere about the contestants on this show. I think you’re spot on.

12 Arr { 05.22.12 at 9:18 pm }

Ben Hazelwood’s tattoo was awful– I was hoping it was makeup/temporary. Ah well, if he wins maybe he can have it lasered off

13 Oz TV Reviews { 05.23.12 at 4:32 pm }

I agree with your points about Carmen Smith and the advantages that some of the other competitiors have being more significant than appearing in a video. She should not have been booted off and I suspect it has more to do with record company tie ins and Guy Sebastian being on Channel 7

Seal’s comments about Jimmy Cupples were pointless, as you say. Jimmy at 47 must know when his voice needs resting.

I also think Diana Rouvas was the performance of the night, but I think there are better songs she could sing.

I don’t think Jimmy Cupples should go, but he may well do, because of the age thing. Taga Paa is now out of his depth and should go, Ben I would like to see stay. I thought his performance was pretty good.

I have reviewed the whole show too at

14 Kim Sampson { 06.12.12 at 12:02 pm }

What a shock that Diana is not in the final. Something smells really bad about this show, they must think the public are idiots. Diana is clearly a world class act. Why bother even putting this show on.

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