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I Will Survive – Jason Donovan To Join The Judging Panel

Jason Donovan is continuing is career in reality TV land with news he will join the judging panel of TEN’s new show I Will Survive.

I Will Survive  aim is to find the next big musical male theatre star, selecting twelve  contestants  who will perform at iconic locations as they recreate the journey made famous in the hit movie Priscilla.

Network TEN and Fremantle Media have shown they are serious with this show with a $250,000 prize money as well as the film’s director Stephen Elliott on the judging panel.

Hugh Sheridan has jumped ship to TEN to host the show.

Jason Donovan last year appeared on UK’s Dancing With The Stars and is currently a mentor alongside former Spice Girl Mel C in the UK television production to find the next theatre lead for Jesus Christ Superstar.

The other prizes are:

  • An opportunity for a promotional performance on Broadway
  • One month’s accommodation in New York City to explore US opportunities; and
  • Representation with an established US agent

I Will Survive will be screened on Network TEN later this year.


1 sue N { 05.24.12 at 9:07 pm }

ummm, a blog on a yet to be seen show, a blog on Holden, a blog on Mary Murphy, yet not 1 recent blog on AGT or DWTS??????????????? It is semi-finals on AGT- I would have thought this is as valid a show to blog on as the Voice- especially given the recent “standards” on that show!!! ……

2 Andrea { 05.25.12 at 2:37 pm }

I completely agree Sue N, and also include Survivor in that. There’s been 4 episodes already, what’s going on? There’s also a new blog on Lara Bingle that hasn’t started yet!

3 sue N { 05.25.12 at 10:55 pm }

or the Block????? and yet we also have a blog on a yet to be seen show on bloody Lara Bingle! What gives??? is this now a website where only a few select shows get blogged?? Being unable to blog on CURRENT shows due to other commitments- I understand. NOT blogging on current shows, but finding time to blog on shit like Lara- nup, don’t get it…..

fast getting to the point where I find a lot of the content on here irrelevant or just not even on here… sigh, used to enjoy reading the blogs and comments on here…:(

4 midoripie { 06.10.12 at 2:08 pm }

The reason theres a blog on this show ladies is that it is being filmed right now! in small country towns and people like to know whats happening. they just finished filming here yesterday and the community has been reading and commenting on blogs. so stop complaining about stuff you arnt even informed about!!! and if you have that much free time to complain on blogs about how there arnt blogs about blah blah then make one yourself and stop complaining!!!