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Masterchef Australia – Debra Was Not So Zen

Well apparently high energy Mindy was not ying to Debra’s yang in the yum cha challenge on Masterchef Australia.

Debra the “hippie” of the group was surprisingly inept at managing a team. Her excuse she had never had yum cha, but surely she has seen a spring roll?

The teams were selected by fortune cookies as were the captains and Debra was not happy to be the team captain, whereas Beau who drew that role for the blue team was quite calm about it. Well he looked OK with it, but then he only appears to have one facial expression.

The blue team looked a bit weak, until the two captains had dumpling making competition with Debra’s looking like it had exploded. Beau won and immediately swapped young Matt for Audra. In one foul swoop he strengthened his team and fatally wounded the red team.

Kylie was gushing that Beau’s trade skills helped with the dumpling challenge. Interestingly back in the day before chefs became the new rock stars many entered it thinking it was a trade!

The challenge was to make five yum cha pieces three of them were the same for each team, the vegetarian spring roll, the pork roll, and the prawn and pork dumpling. All learnt from a special yum cha masterclass.

The red team then decided to do chicken wings, and a sweet spring roll. A sweet spring roll goes into the category of dessert pizza – something that should not happen.

The blue team did panko crumbed prawns, and a banana fritter.

Even though the blue team appeared to be going smoothly they were not without their troubles. Audra forgot the wonton wrappers, and they ran out of canola oil so the banana fritters had to be fried in olive oil. Andy also dropped a bottle of fish sauce, but I was not sure what that was meant to be used for. Or was TK who is Vietnamese getting her cuisines mixed up.

Mindy on the red team was taking over, with Debra bumbling around trying to assert her authority over the side at inappropriate moments. Her team mates were barely containing their eye rolls. As TK said “Debra’s looking confused and the rest of us are following Mindy’s directions”.

Alice, who was practising her audition for Play School, was doing her best to keep the energy up of the waiting crowds. Finally the red team started getting some food out.

However the blue team were pumping out the prawns which is always a crowd pleaser.

Filippo was close to losing his King of the Dough title as Matt Preston described it as cheap white bread.

Even if Filippo had done a great job, the blue team would have still flogged them. Β They get to enjoy a lunch at Bathers Pavilion.

And it was not long before the recriminations started.

Debra said “It was a tough day for me and it was quite challenging to work with Mindy as well, to be honest I didn’t feel supported.” Not surprisingly Mindy’s jaw hit the ground.

She continued “If I am leading the team and more then half the team are completely ignoring me it makes it really hard from the start.” I note she she had not realised that when you hand over your authority you then tend to lose it.

I expect Debra had a very lonely night in the house after that challenge. However hopefully Deb won’t be eliminated and young Matt will be shown the door.

I know we have talked about the peen balance in the cast, but I would like to see an age balance.


1 JStar { 05.24.12 at 11:42 pm }

Yeah, just got home and logged on and found out who went home. Oh well. But as a fan of reality tv, I think the editing gave it away. Haven’t heard a peep about someone and then all of a sudden in the “next time on MasterChef” preview, we get a confessional? Kiss of death!

My thoughts on yesterday’s challenge (I know I’m late). Echo everyone else. Debra was hopeless. To give Mindy the responsibility for the cooking and then to blame her when the team lost, is poor form. To paraphrase the Soup Nazi, “No dim sum for you tonight!” Notice that most people turned around to console Mindy?

TK, TK, TK. Silent during every episode bar eliminations, now suddenly we get to see this wonderful cheeky side. A little bit of playful banter with Andy. Showmance anyone? The “yell at me one more time and I’ll stab you look” was priceless. The shock that the blue team won so comprehensively? Gold. The “we all blame Deb….just a little bit” – reality tv gold. Not sure if you can cook TK but hey, as RR pointed out, you still gave us three more expressions than Beau.

Buscemi, tut, tut. Even I could tell that your dough was just wrong from my couch. But I forgive you only because I don’t want the same fate to befall πŸ˜› upon me from those who cross you in Fargo and Boardwalk Empire.

I think it was bdd that mentioned about Wade’s eyebrows. Thanks, I thought I was the only one! Given that I’ve been advocating the PBC (Penis Balance Conspiracy)this season for a future boys vs girls challenge, I guess our former PM, John Howard, will have to wait just a little while longer until his eyebrows are returned.

As for Audra being selected because she was half-Chinese/Singaporean, that is so off the mark. People, she was chosen for this challenge because she happens to be a half-Chinese/Singaporean who lives in Sydney and visits Chinatown every weekend for yum cha whilst driving her Toyota Camry a minimum of 20 kilometres per hour less than the recommended speed limit in the right-hand lane. And she also happens to be a mature individual – (I forgot about that Beau, thanks!)

And RR, I think Alice must be a kindergarten teacher. “Why Grandmama, what big glasses you are wearing.” “All the better to see you, hear you, and eat you my dear.” Love her! More Dippy Alice please. We even caught a snippet of Kooky Kath screaming as she crossed the street in Chinatown – (must have heard some of the karaoke from one of the nearby establishments). Love their zany personalities!