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Please Marry My Boy Tammy-Lee Gluyas Gives RR An Update

One of the more memorable and controversial contestants on Please Marry My Boy was Tammy Lee Gluyas. The show shown on Channel Seven was extremely popular. The premise was the mother got to pick the girl her boy should marry.
For Tammy Lee, Alva, Tony’s mother did not select her but she was the one that Tony wanted. They dated for a while after the show finished filming, however they are no longer together.
Tammy-Lee kindly agreed to an interview to talk about the show, the opportunities the show gave her, and Tony.
1. What made you decide to go on Please Marry My Boy?

I received an email for a casting of the show in 2010.  At that stage the show was named the dating show, at which point I was single, so I decided why not I have nothing to loose.

2. What things did you like about being on the Please Marry My Boy?

 The whole experience was an amazing one that I feel very blessed for the opportunity. I loved getting to know and be welcomed into another family home, the catering was great and I certainly miss that once being home.
3. What things did you dislike or had not liked about being on the show?
The fact that during shooting the series we were not allowed to have mobile phones or allowed to talk to anyone about what we were doing. I certainly felt shut off from the world outside of the show.
4. In the end you did not win on the show but you did get the guy. Did it frustrate you that Tony’s mum Alva did not like you because of the way you looked? 
Yes, it did hurt but it was just a show and at the end of the day it is Tony’s decision. I respect Alva’s choice and her personal values, although I do think her opinions are quite old school, not all people with tattoos are criminals and people with breast implants are bimbos.
5. Do you think there is still a pervading view that you marry the “nice” girl but just date the “fun” girl?

Definitely! I find it hard for people to take me seriously at times because of the way I choose to look.

Hence why I am still single. It’s definitely discriminatory and hurtful. Those views are based on looks and I feel it should be about what’s on the inside and people that take the time to see beyond my exterior will find I’m not all I’m portrayed.
6. Do you think Tony was fairly presented on the show – or is he like that in real life?
Tony was portrayed a bit of a womanizer and I don’t believe he is. Tony has a great heart, and has no intentions of playing the field, he like all of us wants to settle down and be happy.
7. Do you think you were fairly edited on the show? 
To a certain degree,  except it’s a show and things are edited out. Overall I can’t and won’t complain. I think the audience could see I am honest down to earth not a bitch or jealous and that’s all that really concerns me. The girls may have tried to put me down but that’s there own perogative
8. What opportunities have arisen for you since you have been on the show?

I have been extremely lucky, after the show I received an endorsement deal with a clothing label. I’ve been offered contracts with sporting companies to represent them in ring sports, I’ve had small parts in movies, as well as interest with music and offers for photo-shoots for magazines.

It’s definitely opened up doors for me.
9. What are you currently doing?
I’m primarily focusing on my modeling career which keeps me busy, I also host nights at a nightclub, and I’m also getting together the final stages of a pilot I’m shooting.
10. Have you been dating since Tony? 
I did meet someone a couple of weeks ago and have been on a couple of dates since then.
11. Are you in touch with anyone from the show still?
Yes, I still talk to Tony weekly, I also talk to Matt, Sarah, Liz and a few of the girls from the speed date episode.
12. If you could go on any reality TV show (regardless of talent) which one would it be?
Dancing with the stars… I love that show!
You can follow Tammy-Lee on Twitter @tammaralee


1 Barry D Bag { 05.29.12 at 5:06 pm }

Tony’s mothers name is ELVA not ALVA.


2 Daze { 05.29.12 at 5:42 pm }

Good to hear from Tammy-Lee. Too often, they (reality contestants) just disappear. Nice to stay in touch with the others and that the show has opened more doors. Nice girl.

3 sue N { 05.29.12 at 9:09 pm }

“don’t judge me on my looks”, but make sure that is what is noticed by the way you dress, makeup, fake boobs, etc etc etc… is this girl for real????

4 George & Gary { 05.30.12 at 12:33 pm }

Pssst…. Hey Tammy-Lee.
Wanna join us on MasterChef. We reckon you’ll do great.

5 Georgie { 05.30.12 at 1:02 pm }

You’re funny CB!

6 Tammy lee { 05.31.12 at 10:43 pm }

Please follow me at Tammyleepmmb Tamara lee twitter account is not me. Thankyou

I’d love to be on Master Chef x

7 Micha { 02.21.13 at 9:52 am }

Tammy is a fraud what about Heath tammy ya lying cunt

8 pauagirl { 08.11.13 at 9:15 am }

hey Tammy
i have just watched the please marry my boy in new zealand
i really enjoyed it
i think you were great on the show ad i see you as genuine and beautiful…i hope you find a man who is wonderful and kind in your life ,,a real man ,,not some mummys boy lol