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The Amazing Race Australia – Must Watch Reality TV

The Amazing Race Australia was probably the best Australian reality show on our screens last year. It not only was a good as the iconic and long running US version of the show it was better. The casting and challengers were top notch.

So please watch it to give it decent ratings so it does not get flicked.

Season Two starts tonight and again the cast looks highly entertaining. The first episode is set in the Phillipines. The show will again be hosted by Grant Bowler.

Now let’s look at the cast:

Dane and Adam – are cousins and the first indigenous contestants on the show. They look like doing for indigenous Australians what Mo and Mos the two Islamic contestants on season one did for their cultural group.

Sarah and James – Sarah is the 32 year-old cougar to 24 years-old James. She is a beautician and says their relationship is on/off. Obviously this means conflict. Will they be the Chris and Anastasia of the series?

Joseph and Grace – are siblings, however he appears to think he is the boss. He says that he said:

I’m the driver and decision maker and she’s the information feeder slash secretary,” says Joseph.

“I pay attention to details and he’s probably a bit ignorant in that area,” says Grace. “But maybe he’s right. Sometimes I do talk too much and I need to learn to shut my mouth and let him make the decisions.”

Actually maybe they will be the Chris and Anastasia of the series.

Kym and Donna – The rockabilly couple who are 46 and 42, have been dating for less then a year. They are hoping to have fun on the show. However don’t discount this older (in reality tv terms) couple as both have trained as special ops officers in the army so must be a bit fit and co-ordinated.

Lucy and Emilia – these thirty something sisters who live at home with their sick mother. They look nice but not sure they are going to last that long in the race, will be relying more on brains then brawn.

Michelle and Jo – are two cheerleaders and look like they could be cast in the US version of the show. Obviously people will expect them to be ditzy, as we did the two blonde models, Sam and Renae, from last year. But their fitness will help, maybe they need to make an early alliance.

Paul and Steve – are work colleagues from a building company. Paul who is described as arrogant is an accountant and into body building and Steve does physical labour. They look like they could be a team to watch both for competitiveness and entertainment value.

Ross and Tarryn – are father and daughter, however don’t think of this guy as an old codger he is a former professional athlete who played for Fitzroy.

Shane and Andrew – are crime scene officers who say they have a good eye for detail. Yes expect that to be thrown in their faces at some point of the series. They do seem like good fun as Shane won Australian Sing Star competition in 2008. So if this doesn’t work out he can always audition for Australia’s Got Talent.

Sticky and Sam – are best mates from Tasmania. Sticky has only one arm, however don’t expect that to be too much of a liability as he is hoping to be selected for the paralympic team for the Olympics.

Sue and Teresa – are the kumbaya hairdressers and mums of the cast. Not sure they will have the killer competitive instincts but they look like they are fun.

Here is the official website to check out the video clips of the contestants.

The Amazing Race Australia starts tonight on Channel Seven at 9pm and will screen each Wednesday night.


1 Gidgit { 05.30.12 at 4:57 pm }

I enjoyed last season, I just hope this season there are a few couple to ‘like’ – because from the promo everyone seems quite naff or ‘staged’. I know that last year two or three couples were obtained through agencies – so very curious about this season. I can spot ‘fakes’ a mile off!

2 Sioux Denim { 05.30.12 at 6:51 pm }

Agreed Gidgit – that mornon with the top 2% IQ comes across on the ads as such a knob ……………..
Loved last year’s series so will definitely be plugging this in the recorder for tonight!

3 Jason { 05.31.12 at 9:03 am }

Haven’t watched it yet but if that cougar is only 32, then I must get my eyes checked! Either that or she has had a very hard life!

4 Amy { 05.31.12 at 10:05 am }

Damn, 7 didn’t do a good job advertising when this was starting! I didn’t realise… I’ll have to track down the ep. This was my favourite reality show last year!

5 kess { 05.31.12 at 3:32 pm }

We need to worry about a couple of the teams that got lost before they left Oz – we may never find them again.
But damn that was a tough start, the icky baby birds straight up, everyone must have said they are terrified of food challenges.
And that last water leg – I though most of them would take a time penalty, they all looked like they might die.
Great start sorted out everyone into likeables/unlikeables; idiots/etc; physically fit/unfit.
And the villian got his in the end.

6 PollyB { 05.31.12 at 4:06 pm }

Agree with all Kess. Mr Alpha Male is the only one I’m not liking, although I think Cougar will step up rather quickly.
The challenges were pretty full one, especially eating aborted birds. Ugh. So glad Footy dad & his girl kept the sisters in. Looking forward to next ep.

7 Reality Raver { 05.31.12 at 4:26 pm }

Sorry guys recap now up. It took forever due to multiple interuptions and commitments.

8 Reality Raver { 05.31.12 at 4:27 pm }

Amy – watch it online on the website. Well worth it it is fantastic.