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The Voice Is Heating Up And I Am Not Talking About The Singing!

The Voice is the hottest show on TV at the moment, but that is not all that is apparently sizzling on the set of the show.

News in that the sultry Emma Louise Birdsall is having a romance with hottie Adam Martin.

The Sunday Telegraph is reporting they were seen publicly “canoodling” in the city this week. This was supposedly confirmed by this comment “They’ve become very good friends, and they’ve started spending time with each other outside the show”.

Now if that means they are dating then this must be the case for other The Voice contestants Sarah De Bono and Lakyn Heperi as it has been reported they have been spending a lot of time together on and off set. The latest sighting being at Westfield Bondi on Thursday.

However Lakyn apparently has a girlfriend so where there is smoke there may not be fire.

However this would not be the first romances to blossom on TV this year with My Kitchen Rules contestants Carly and Rocco falling in love on the set.

The other rumours on the set have around coach Delta Goodrem, who has been linked with everyone bar Keith Urban, see previous blog post saying maybe Delta Just May Not Be Shagging Anyone. 

However maybe Delta will address these rumours on 60 Minutes tonight.

The Voice screens on NINE on Monday nights at 7.30pm.


1 brain dead dave { 06.03.12 at 2:35 pm }

60 Minutes?

Six minutes with five and a half minutes worth of ads will be more than enough to cover Delta. Delta could hook up with Altiyan but she’s a bit old.

2 DESDEMONA { 06.03.12 at 3:17 pm }

omg who cares???

3 sue N { 06.03.12 at 8:21 pm }

I don’t believe Delta’s comments on the Voice, or behaviour on or off it are any more fatuous (far less in fact) than Seal’s- so why so much animosity towards her, and not him??? grrrr :(

4 Georgie { 06.04.12 at 10:45 am }

“The other rumours on the set have around coach Delta Goodrem, who has been linked with everyone bar Keith Urban,”

Ahh – something smelling fishy? Red herrings perhaps…

5 brain dead dave { 06.04.12 at 11:58 am }

Delta’s in love with …herself.

6 sue N { 06.04.12 at 2:54 pm }

and Seal isn’t (in love with himself)????? that is my point- so much vitriol about Delta, so little about that creepy man!!!