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Masterchef Australia – So That’s What Fishing In A Bucket Means

It was still in Tasmania for the Masterchef contestants and the blue team from yesterday were fighting it out to see who would have the opportunity to win an immunity pin.

They had to cook with Tasmanian salmon but first they had to catch it. From last night’s previews you would have thought they were off game fishing. However they stood over  some netted water that was the size of 2 metres by 1 metre and had to hook them out. It was literally like fishing in a bucket.

The twist was you the amount of time you got to cook was dependent on the size of the fish you caught. Sam had the most time of 43 minutes and Kylie the least at only 20 minutes.

Sam did pan seared salmon with beurre blanc sauce which he overcooked but was deemed to be the top two dishes of the day.

Ben kept with his Mexican bent by making a ceviche however he did make a salad with it with the non-mexican ingredients of fennel.

Mindy made a thai curry and Kylie did not complete her Vietnamese Salmon Tartare. Her tears made the judges sympathetic towards her.  Amina won with a Japanese Sushi Salad.

Did anyone else notice the hug  between Ben and Kylie at the end of the challenge? Will they be the Rocco and Carly of Masterchef?

Amina finally gets to cook for an immunity challenge for herself, and they change the format. It is back to the old one, with Amina cooking off against chef, Philippe Leban from The Source  the restaurant at MONA. She had to cook one of his signature dishes however she had an extra 15 minutes and mentoring from Matt Moran.

Being back to the old format is better, however it meant for Amina that she would not have the opportunity to win an immunity pin off the back of someone elses dishes ala Mindy style.

The dish was Orange Chaubois with Pistachio Creme Anglais and Chocolate Mousse. The tasting was meant to be blind but it would have been obvious which one was Amina’s as she had over beaten the egg whites of the Chaubois. However even though she had stuffed up the main part of the dish she still scored seven’s and eight’s, however Phillipe scored three points more and won.

Expect this immunity format to be a one off and when they are back in the Masterchef kitchen the three against three to continue.



1 Injera { 06.06.12 at 8:07 pm }

Oshada – I’m still laughing at Matt Moran/Ser Ilyn Payne!

Agree, Joseph, that it’s more difficult to remember (real)MasterChef contestants, but that’s kind of the point of (real) MasterChef… it’s to find good cooks, not the next Channel 10 afternoon TV host!

2 Dr T { 06.06.12 at 8:17 pm }

Hmmm… the orgasm shot of George and the eclair was a little off putting tonight

3 forced to watch dave { 06.06.12 at 8:56 pm }

Very little innovative cooking and fair challenges too many pains in the arses sums up this series

4 Reality Raver { 06.06.12 at 9:19 pm }

Dr T – LOL George even looked at the camera in a way to ensure they got the money shot.

5 littlepetal { 06.06.12 at 10:26 pm }

George just love food. What so secret with Julia’s recipe. It’s up on the MC website. Actually it would have been funny if she said it’s a secret recipe and I can’ t give it to you.

Look like the other dessert queens, Kylie and Emma were no good. Teacake looked more like muffin.

6 Pollywaffle { 06.06.12 at 10:29 pm }

Did I mishear or was tonight’s episode was filmed at fat-attack gorge