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Masterchef Australia – Afternoon Tea AKA The Julia Challenge

For the first time ever I was hoping the team with the worst food would win tonight just to wipe the smug look on Julia’s face off.

The challenge of making afternoon tea for 100 people was right up her alley, considering she bakes for her market stall each Saturday. Does this still make her an amateur chef if she is making cash from cooking?

The teams had to split into two with Amina captain of the blue team and Andrew captain of the red.

The teams then had to decide who will stay behind to mill the flower with mill expert ‘the dude’, and who would go on the roadtrip.

Filippo ran for the mill not just because he has a bread fetish, but because he knew what it was like being on a road trip with Amina. However this time she did manage to find the strawberry farm, but the time spent there meant they did miss getting apples and plums.

Julia was directing the menu and decided to do the Melting Moments again. Will this become the repeated dish on Masterchef all season, as was Rocco’s chocolate mousse on My Kitchen Rules?  Personally I think once you have made a dish it should mean you cannot replicate it. The other advantage on having Julia on your team is she is used to baking in bulk.

The blue team managed to mill 30 kgs of flour but had an issue of grinding the stone mill together which had the risk of wrecking the flour. ‘The dude’ castigated Filippo who looked pretty upset and shame faced.

However conversely when Tregan clogged up the sifter and broke the strings he was much kinder to her, he was probably disappointed that she was not single.

The red team ended up milling 50 kilos of flour.

They were then off to Launceston to cook in Tassie Polytechnic which had some slick equipment. If former Treasurer Michael Costa was watching he would have been pleased to see that is where New South Welshman’s GST dollars go into….

Amina is a great captain she was firm and in control. She made sure that there was a test batches of scones to see which recipe to use and that everyone knew what they were doing.

Julia was doing mini eclairs and she had Mario making her melting moments recipe and declared “I am going to be watching him like a hawk”. They were also making apricot tarts with creme patisserie and Audra was oversighting these.

Andrew was not so good as captain, as we had seen in the Salamanca Market challenge. His oscillates between being the key decision maker about the menu then not supervising that much in the kitchen. Does anyone else think that Gary Mehigan does not like Andrew very much as he is quite snarly when he talks to him?

Ben was in charge of making the scones for red team and he was making it from his grandmother’s recipe after some tweaking they looked OK.

The blue team were grilled about how they were going to set their jam as they did not have any fruit to use as pectin. Gary even gave the dire warning that the worse thing you can do is over cook it. Props to Debra, who was making it, for standing her ground and refusing to blitz it, and not taking it off the stove and turning out a great jam, whereas Sam’s was still a bit sloppy.

The Red team made an apple tea cake, profiterole, jam dodger, and scones. The jam dripped out of the biscuit as well as being far too large for an afternoon tea. The tea cake was deemed to be too boring by the judges.

The only downside for the blue team was the piece of plastic in the apricot tart. Also they were criticised for keeping the skin on the apricot making it a tad difficult to eat.

At the winner’s announcement Andrew was criticised for not testing the dishes, therefore he could not ensure they were perfect.

Amina was only criticised for not getting enough produce, but she was praised for her leadership skills which may be the best in the competition. Just I love how Amina’s hijab and religion is completely irrelevant and she is probably doing more breaking down stereotypes then any speech in parliament or worthy doco on SBS. The same with Mos and Moe from last year’s The Amazing Race Australia.

The winner was announced and it was a landslide with the blue team getting 60 votes to the red teams 12. So there were not 100 people there but 72 or maybe the judges ate for 28 people. Considering the red team in their post challenge interviews looked so dour it was no surprise they lost.

Interesting that the red team did not look at Andrew or console each other, and you got the feeling if this was tribal council – Matt Preston would have been saying “The tribe has spoken”.


1 Dr T { 06.07.12 at 6:57 pm }

“How come Andy got to stay?”
“Its no AndrewS…. we’re allowed to have one”

2 brain dead dave { 06.07.12 at 7:02 pm }

Andrew copped a serve from Jowl$y a couple of weeks back , too along the lines of “don’t ever serve anything like that up again while you’re here”. Andrew’s journey has by and large been mi$erable because the judges have reacted to him like a turd in a swimming pool..

I hear you Andy Pandy.

3 JStar { 06.07.12 at 7:19 pm }

@DR T – (post 27) – Sorry, been offline. Yeah, just highlighting an earlier episode (I think first immunity challenge) where George displayed his maths skill. I couldn’t believe no one in the peanut gallery laughed at him.

As for Ben going on about Tasmania and his grandmother, I actually got the feeling when watching it last night that all those comments seemed to have been recycled from earlier episodes and just spliced into last night’s episode making it sound like that is all he talks about. Could be wrong though and maybe he really has nothing better to say now that he is single.

4 Reality Raver { 06.07.12 at 8:52 pm }

Dr T – Keep us posted about the Falklands sounds like an interesting place for a holiday.

5 Moo { 06.08.12 at 7:18 am }

Anybody else think that the piece of plastic was planted or set up in some horribly ineffective attempt to create “suspense” over who would win?

Knowing Channel 10, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

6 Jen { 06.10.12 at 10:40 pm }

Where is Debra gone???

7 Moonstruck { 06.10.12 at 11:13 pm }

Jen Debra hurt her finger and she was going to hospital. My question is will she be in elimination on Monday seeing as how she got to sit this one out?
I remeber last year someone had a cold and they had to do an elimination.

8 Dock-sta { 06.13.12 at 10:23 pm }

yu guys have al lost da plot. get a lyfe lozers