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Masterchef All Stars Is Coming Soon

In sensational news Network TEN has been announced there will be a Masterchef All Stars to screen as soon as Masterchef Australia Season Four has finished. It will run for three weeks to be shown throughout the Olympics.

The show will bring back some of the contestants from the previous three seasons to see who will be “best of the best”.

And the cast looks a cracker with two past winners and two runner ups.

The are competitors are:

Julie Goodwin [winner], Poh-Ling Yeow [runner up], Chris Badenoch and Justine Schofield from Season One, Callum Hann [runner up], Marion Grasby and Aaron Harvie from Season two and Kate Bracks [winner], Dani Venn, Hayden Quinn and Kumar Pereira from Season Three.

Great casting with a mix of old favourites and some controversial ones as well. However would have loved to have seen Jonathan Daddia from Season Two back giving a bit of his attitude with some great cooking.  I am presuming Adam Liaw was unable to be on the show due to his other TV commitments.

Can Marion win the title that a lot of people thought she had in the bag in Season Two? Will Kumar learn to cook under pressure and be a surprise under dog winner? Will Chris Badenoch smile? Will Dani Venn be able to stand the heat in the kitchen?

The contestants will be competing on behalf of their favourite charities as well as winning the Masterchef All Star title. Though one would expect their stipend would be more then they originally received when they were on the show!

George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and Matt Moran will also return on this series.

Masterchef All Stars is something that has been long discussed and wished for on this blog, so it should be a cracker as these contestants know the pressure of the show both with the cooking and the “reality” side of it.

Hopefully we won’t hear the line  when cooking a everyday dish “I’ve never cooked this before….” And if so they should be instantly eliminated.

Also hope to see a restaurant wars type challenge as seen on Top Chef and in a similar format on Masterchef in the past seasons.

What challenges would you like to see on the show? Are you happy with the cast? Is there anyone you would have liked to have seen return to appear on the show?

Don’t forget that this week on Masterchef is pretty big with Rick Stein on tonight’s episode, and Jamie Oliver on Tuesday night’s immunity pin cook off.

Masterchef All Stars to commence on Network TEN in July.


1 Morgan { 06.26.12 at 11:08 am }

Really excited for this!

I’m surprised Kumar is back, I loved him, but he didn’t even crack the Top 8 on his season and he wasn’t exactly a stand out. I’m guessing his huge fan following was what got him invited back.

OH DEAR GOD WHY OH WHY IS DANI BACK?!?!?!? She has to be the most annoying contestant ever and I still can’t believe she made Final 4 last year. Please be first out. Please.

Also surprised to see Aaron back, I liked him although there are other people from his season that seemed like better choices.

I would love to have see Adam, Jonathan, Queen Joanne (just for the LOLS), Skye, Alvin, Adam, Alanna and Billy take part in this.

Poh and Marion FTW! I’m drooling over the thought of them being the Final 2.

2 littlepetal { 06.26.12 at 11:24 am }

Morgan- you should be happy. Jono is the late addition to the All Star. Alvin not interested to go back to the MC house and also I guess he is working now and not easy to be away from work for so long. Adam has his own show to work on. Agree that Billy will be better than Dani.

3 sue N { 06.26.12 at 11:39 am }

tm me it’s simple: Kumar is back because he was loved, Danni is back because she was not! 😉