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Guest Post: Dancing With The Stars – The Final Three

Regular commenter Georgie kindly sent through a recap of last night’s Dancing With The Stars  which was the penultimate episode before the big grand final next Sunday.

Over to you Georgie:

With Brian Mannix eliminated last week, there were four couples remaining and they were vying for the three places in the Grand Finale next week – Zoe Cramond and Aric Yegudkin, Danielle Spencer and Damian Whitewood, Johnny Ruffo and Luda Kroitor and Brendan Fevola and Jessica Raffa.

All the couples had two dances to perform this week. The Argentine Tango was a given, but their second dance was either a Jive, a Salsa or a Rumba.

Johnny and Luda drew the Jive and were first on the floor. They did a little pre-dance theatre to set the scene and Josh was the only judge to comment on it. He said he doesn’t normally like that kind of thing but he loved it this time? They scored 25.

Next up was Zoe and Aric to do their Argentine Tango. Josh loved it, Todd thought she over-danced it and Helen, who was impersonating a chandelier tonight, thought it was a little flat. Zoe scored 26.

Brendan and Jessica were next doing a Salsa. Brendan missed a step and threw his footwork out of whack. The judges were pretty harsh about it and he explained they’d had to change the choreography at the last minute because he’d dropped Jessica on her head during practice and she’d been in a neck brace. He scored just 15 for his efforts.

Danielle and Damian did the Argentine Tango for their first dance and all three judges were unenthusiastic about it saying it wasn’t her best dance so far in the competition. That apparently didn’t mean much because she managed to hit the front with 27 points.

Dame Edna made a guest appearance mid-show and was assisted on to the set by a couple of MIB. I saw Barry H on TV a couple of months ago saying that he and the Dame were signing up for Jenny Craig, but by the look of her tonight she hasn’t been going with him!

Second dance – Johnny and Luda doing their Argentine Tango, which I thought was very good but what would I know. He was criticised for not leading Luda more and leaving her on her own. Call me stupid if you like but I would have thought this was something to do with the choreography, which Luda was responsible for? He only managed 22.

Zoe and Aric did their next number which was a Rumba and the judges loved it. Todd praised Aric for his choreographic skills saying he has become a man (look out Aric, Todd’s a tart and I don’t think he would care that you’re married). Zoe scored a perfect 30. She’s so gorgeous and talented – I hope she wins this because she definitely deserves it IMO.

Brendan and Jessica’s second dance was the Argentine Tango and although it was better than his Salsa it certainly wasn’t worth the 27 points he got for it. Todd went on and on about how much everyone loved him and how he was the only one of the remaining four who didn’t have a musical or acting career to help him with his dancing. After hearing his score I’m thinking, “Okay so this is a marked man and your generous scores aren’t going to make any difference to the final outcome, right!”

Final dance for the evening was Danielle and Damian with the Salsa. Right through this competition (and tonight was no exception), I’ve thought there was something weird about Danielle’s feet – like they look too big for her body or something. Imagine my surprise when Josh said, “There was something wrong with your feet tonight”, then I sing out “yes, that’s what I think”. Then he clarified his comment with “you seemed to be clunking them down in your steps”. Okay! Todd gave her a big rave that if she was to leave the competition at this point she should be very proud of her achievements etc, and generally adding a bit of fuel to the elimination announcement fire.

At this point I was flipping over to MC to watch Rick Stein (and unfortunately George C too), taste the fare.

Back to DWTS and the elimination announcements and it was down to – yes you guessed it – Brendan and Danielle. Of course it would have been criminal if the undeserved score of 27 they gave Brendan meant Danielle got shafted, but thankfully they must have known there was no saving him and he was sent home.

Back to MC to watch Rick Stein announce the winner of the challenge and Gary to give the gong to the losers.

Then back to DWTS and I just caught the very end of an appearance by Russell Crowe, who’s been conspicuously absent throughout this series, nervously saying something about being back from London.

So next week it’s the dance off for the big mirror ball and DWTS glory.



1 Daze { 06.11.12 at 8:27 am }

Well done Georgie! DWTS is getting a bit yawnsville and Todd going on and on about ‘if you make it to the finals’ to Danielle, as if she wouldn’t. Id love for Zoe to win but I think Mrs Spencer will; she has fluidity where as Danielle is stiff in her movements.

Enjoyed MC last night; the challenge was different, winners were captains and team members in 1st challenge to go into Round 2, don’t think they’ve done that before. Thought Andrew may have had a chance with Audra/Dalvinda on his team but unfortunately the pie didnt work. Im tipping he is next to go. Shame Rick didnt have much air time, he’s pretty much a legend.

2 sue N { 06.11.12 at 9:22 am }

thank you for this post :) :) :). haven’t watched it yet, but happy to see a post on it – yay!!! (childish I know ;-))

3 brain dead dave { 06.11.12 at 12:15 pm }

Thanks Georgie. Sad to hear on The Circle this morning that the real star of this show KAK has breast cancer and wish her the very best.

4 Georgie { 06.11.12 at 12:19 pm }

Yes bdd, I’ve just heard that too – very sad. I do hope it’s all caught in time and the prognosis is good. Having just been through this with my sister I know what’s ahead of her. On the positive side, there are many more happy endings than sad ones.

5 Andy Pandy { 06.11.12 at 12:38 pm }

Just reading about Kerrie Anne in the New Idea, she sounds very positive, hope everything turns out well for her, she is a legend and Channel 9 were stupid to let her go.

6 littlepetal { 06.11.12 at 1:04 pm }

My very best wishes to KAK. I know what she is going through!!!!! I am sure she will be fine. Keep smiling KAK. All will be good.

7 Alex { 06.11.12 at 1:06 pm }

The show has lost me.

I love Mel B, but she seems to be left out of most of the hosting duties and cant find her place in it and her personality doesn’t shine through. Such a shame, as she has plenty!

It’s constantly going way too long and the cross network promotions of other shows are becoming borh insulting and exhausting.

Lastly Daniel MacPherson, whilst I think a very competent host, is increasingly lifeless. After years of watching, I have no idea what what he would be like as a person, his smarmy grin and smug furrowed brow are becoming distracting and he looks like he’s trying to pick up my 17 year old daughter whilst delivering stale script. I can’t tell the difference between his ‘schtick’ and Darryl Sommers’.

Last nights ‘guest extravaganza’ was lost. Dame Edna, while fabulous in her own right, was steam rolling Daniel who looked like he had no control of the show, and the Russell Crowe appearance was excruciatingly lifeless. 4 of the most uncomfortable minutes of tv i’ve ever seen.

I know it sounds negative, but i think im done with it now. Last night was the last straw.I won’t watch the final now. I feel like the show has well and truly jumped the shark.

8 par3182 { 06.11.12 at 2:56 pm }

Last night’s episode was especially ground-breaking for showing the humble side of Russell Crowe – who knew there was one? His appearance completely overshadowed Fev’s last dance, which I was happy about as I’d seen more than enough of him lumbering about the dance floor. He was one of the worst footballers the show has had but, for some strange reason, he was completely overpraised throughout.

From this point forward it’s pretty much a popularity contest so I’m expecting the undeserving Johnny to steal the mirrorball from the fabulous Zoe and Danielle.

Imagine that – a popular Channel Seven male beating a far better female dancer!

9 littlepetal { 06.11.12 at 5:31 pm }

Thanks Georgie for a great recap. Didn’t realise you did the recap in the first reading. Sometimes I read but nothing register.

10 Fiona { 06.11.12 at 6:34 pm }

I think Danielle’s problem is her shoes have a much lower heel than the other girls’, so she is not looking as elegant and on her toes. This was not her best week but she definitely deserves to be in the GF, as she is not a natural dancer like Zoe and Johnny. Sweet when all her boys came on, everyone got so starstruck! He looked really proud of her which is cute.

11 Daze { 06.12.12 at 10:23 am }

Knowing what we know now about KAK’s recent news, (wishing her all the best, btw) I remember Judge Helen saying to her, on her last night prior to elimination ‘you’ve lost confidence’ and it would have been about the same time as she found out about her
lump – so it’s no small wonder she wasn’t at her best but being the trooper she is, she carried on. Go KAK !