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Masterchef Australia – Rick Stein The First Of The UK Chef’s This Week

Well if Matt Preston ever needs a career change he could always consider entering those professional eating competitions possibly starting with the iconic hot dog eating competition in Coney Island. Last year’s winner ate 62 hotdogs with the buns in 10 minutes. I think Matt with some training could give it a good shake.

However in the picture above Matt Preston was just trying Andy’s Sang Choy Bow from the mystery box challenge. But should he have been?

The mystery box was to showcase the one egg they were given and this time the judges would be tasting six peoples dishes one from each bench.

However Andy was not the one selected to have his dish tasted it was best buddy Ben. However even though Gary Mehigan liked Ben’s Thai prawn salad he clearly got the cooked prawn as after Matt and George tasted they decided they wanted to taste Andy’s dish as. Using the excuse that they had not selected the best dish on the bench.

And even more unfair was they tasted Andy’s before they sent Ben back to the bench.

Now if this is the case of ensuring they had tasted the best dish on the bench, why after tasting Andrew’s gluggy mayonnaise didn’t they ask to try Dalvinder or Audra’s dish.

This decision by the judges did give Andy’s bench an advantage as he was deemed to have the third best dish of the day.

The other five that were picked were Kylie with a nice twist on Floating Islands with meringue in a chocolate custard, Mindy with her “daughter-in-law eggs”, Andrew with his prawns in egg white batter and mayonnaise, Jules with her Spanish Style Egg, and Amina with her Beef Mince Tagine.

Nice to see Jules actually get her food shown as was Mario’s who looked like he was going OK with his Green Eggs and Ham until he peeled his egg and it collapsed. Still no idea what Wade cooked. Is he going to be the one that floats under the radar until the top ten?

Most of the top six dishes received great feedback apart from Ben’s which was then swapped for Andy after they had tasted his, and Andrew’s whose was not swapped with anyone.

Kylie was deemed to have the best, then Mindy, Andy, Jules, Amina and Andrew. And this order was important in the following challenge.

All teams wanted to perform well as it was Rick Stein and it involved seafood. In fact Kylie looked like she was so excited she almost curtseyed.

Rick was a great addition to the Masterchef kitchen, relaxed on camera and he gave great feedback about their food without any melodrama.

The invention test was to cook in teams which were the two other people on their bench. This suggests there was never going to be an elimination in Tasmania.

The team captain had to select a seafood and a country’s cuisine to cook it in.

Kylie had first pick and she selected crabs and France, Mindy selected Thailand and Fish, Andy picked mussels and Spain, Jules cleverly picked prawns and Morocco to stop Amina in her tracks, who then had to select octopus and India, and Andrew was stuck with Bottarga and UK.

Andrew, Dalvinder and Audra were on the back foot from the start. It was a bit unfair that the sixth seafood was bottarga (dried mullet roe), as it was not like they had run out of types to choose from. There could have been squid, scallops, or shellfish.

They made mushroom and bottarga pie, with a parsley salad and bottarga, and chips. The criticism of the pie was that the judges could not taste the bottarga in it.

Kylie’s team did crab in narge, and crab roasted on aromats this also drew criticism from the judges as they felt she had not done enough with the advantage they had. Rick pointed out that as she selected french cuisine she should have selected fish.

Mindy with her team stumped up three very good dishes even with Beau dumping a load of fried fish on the floor. Props to Minday for not freaking out.

All the teams bar Kylie’s and Andrew’s received great feedback and it could have been any teams win, however Jules and her team of Tregan and Alice won, with their Moroccan Fried School Prawns and Harissa prawns. They will all have the chance to win an immunity pin, which we know they will be up against Jamie Oliver. It is the UK chef invasion this week.

Conversely Andrew, Dalvinder and Audra will be fighting it out in the pressure test  tonight. Audra wept and said she basically knew from the start she would be in there as there is no way you can overcome the hurdles of a dodgy ingredient and cuisine, with a captain with a poor track record in challenges.


1 planb { 06.11.12 at 8:33 pm }

“Every time I see Andrew in tv, I think of his comment on on ‘Bosnian coriander’.”

But he was cracking a joke!

2 Moonstruck { 06.11.12 at 10:03 pm }

Dalvinder hated the taste of the bottarga and she hated her first taste of clavier so it’s no wonder they did not put a lot in the pie.
I wonder what Jimmy thought about the comments that she cooked the best Indian they ever tasted in MC!

3 Kristi { 06.12.12 at 12:36 am }

Moonstruck – on Jimmy’s Twitter account he was disappointed Dalvinder got eliminated and thought her food looked amazing and better than his. Thought that was sweet of him!

4 Moonstruck { 06.13.12 at 5:56 pm }

Yes it was sweet of him. She really did doubt herself. Some people are not cut out for the stressful environment of a professional kitchen. Especially as she has children. Going around markets is more suited to her life situation.