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Dancing With The Stars Appears To Be A Positive Thing

Brendan Fevola is crediting Dancing With The Stars with turning his life around. In fact he is now back in the marital home.

He told the Daily Telegraph that he credits the dancing for this.

Kerrie Anne Kennerly is also crediting the show with finding her breast cancer, as she felt the lump whilst she was getting fitted for one of her costumes. Hopefully KAK will get well soon. (Source: Daily Telegraph)


1 Joseph Skyrim { 06.12.12 at 8:26 am }

Gotta admit for all the bad press Mr. Fevola has, he seems to be an ok dude from what I saw on DWTS. Still want Luda (yeah I dont care about the celeb :P) to win though but she’s got a tough fight with the other remaining 2.

2 sue N { 06.12.12 at 12:39 pm }

I want Zoe to win :), but I think Danielle may-Crowe money/voting, or Johnny- cute male factor plus he actually is quite a good dancer. I don’t mind Danielle, just find her a little bland.

& yeah, I agree that DWTS has shown Fevola in a different, & likable, light. He has a sense of humour, but I can see how he would get himself into trouble… 😉

Wishing Kerri-Anne all the best and a speedy and full recovery.

3 littlepetal { 06.12.12 at 1:57 pm }

Zoe is a great dancer and Danielle, without any dance experience is doing a great job. Both are deserving winners.

I was also surprise how Fevola came across in the show. I have never liked him but in this show, he has come across as quite a nice guy. Great to see that he is very close to his kids. It does show a better version of the Fevola we knew.

Good luck and best wishes to Kerrie-Anne. You will come out on top. Keep smiling, Kerrie-Anne and we want you to host the next DWTS!!!!

4 kess { 06.12.12 at 3:46 pm }

I don’t understand how Danielle has such bad hair.
Hubby has millions, and she’s got awful bleached grey looking hair. Is Russell too cheap to pay for a decent hairdresser?

5 Daze { 06.12.12 at 4:20 pm }

I actually love her hair kess and I think she has it just the way she wants – it looked exceptionally lovely the other night when it was straightened

6 Mia { 06.13.12 at 10:46 am }

Fev hinted on his post-elimination on The Morning Show that he and Alex would be dancing together on the finale show. I loved Alex on the show, and this series has certainly done wonders in rehabilitating Brendan’s image, so I’m looking forward to seeing their performance on Sunday.

I want Danielle to win. Yeah, she’s a little bland, but I prefer her graceful, ethereal style over Zoe.