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Masterchef Australia – More Jamie Oliver Please

Jamie Oliver is like fine wine he gets better with age. He knows what makes good TV and he was magnanimous competitor and also gave a masterclass whilst he was cooking.

He is a delight and for someone who should have a ego he was not showing it. And as George said his food is about keeping it simple, which means there is no way he would cook a Deconstructed Greek Salad that was on Monday night’s episode.

Twitter went into meltdown, well the female fans did, as did the competitors on the show when Jamie hit the screen. In fact the producers milked the introduction for a full ten minutes, with Tregan just about laying an egg in excitement and Kylie in tears before he even walked into the Masterchef kitchen.

Viewers were not buying Kylie just happened to have that pinched Jamie’s Italian napkin in her back pocket….But who cared it made great TV. What was interesting was Kylie is serious about a career in food as she said she had applied to work in one of his restaurants but had then got the call up for Masterchef.

It was Jules, Alice and Tregan opportunity to win an immunity pin. They had to make an antipasti platter on a plank. They only had 45 minutes to do it in, and Jamie Oliver only had 30 minutes. With the quickness of Jamie’s prep I now realise why he thinks his dishes in his Meals in 30 Minutes cookbook can be made within that time frame. For the record a vegetable curry I made out of it took me two hours, I think an hour of that was chopping.

The gallery was yelling out encouragement but most knew that there is no way Jamie was going to be allowed to lose. Kylie realising this quickly and became Team Jamie’s biggest cheerleader.

Jule’s plank was the first to be tasted. Matt thought the food was delicious and thought there was a fair amount of chilli heat in this food.

Gary liked the artichokes, George liked the figs and prosciutto as there was probably no chilli in that dish. In fact it looks like Jules can indeed cook as it was the best of the contestants. She received a very respectable 25.

In fact Gary thought it was some of the best food they had eaten on the show.

Plank number two was Alice’s and her platter looked amazing, however the food was not as great. They did not like her peas and thought she could have prepped the figs better. She scored 24.

Plank three was Jamie’s which was over flowing with food. The judges loved it. Gary said that compared to other platters that the food it has been thrown together with generosity and confidence.

Tregan’s was last  and unfortunately one of her scampi’s was raw as was her squid.  George spat out the calamari. I know that the episodes budget would have been stretched to pay the appearance fee for Jamie, but can they provide the judges with napkins so George could have more discreetly spat it out.

His excuse was that it was “it has been given a little bit of heat but it is still a bit mooey, and it is slippery on the palate”. However even with her stuffing up her two main dishes she scored a seven from each judge, which shows the scores are a bit of a joke.

No surprise that Jamie won with a total of 27 out of 30.

However being the cheeky chef he is he said “I quite would have liked to be spanked by these girls” said Jamie and cyberspace again melted down with Jamie Oliver adoration.

The best immunity challenge of the series, in fact maybe of all the four series.


1 librarygirl { 06.13.12 at 8:39 am }

I thought Jamie was great, and I’m not particularly a fan ( Team Nigella here). He was very warm and lovely – a real gent.
Loved the look of Jules’ plank, especially the figs.

2 Jess { 06.13.12 at 8:49 am }

I think it’s actually “proper” table manners to remove food from your mouth that way. If it goes in with a utensil, it comes out with a utensil. If you use your fingers, then it should be removed with your fingers, too.
As requested by brain dead dave:

This episode was predictable. But that at least made it fun. You knew from the start that Jamie Oliver was going to win, so you could just enjoy the show without being too caught up in it. It also helped that it featured Jules and Tregan, who haven’t really been shown that much, so the investment was minimal.
Jules is apparently a good cook. Who knew? She was also the only one who managed to cook her steak medium rare in the elimination challenge, too. Maybe she’s dark horsing it…

3 Daze { 06.13.12 at 9:12 am }

I had a lol moment with your comment RR on Tregan nearly laying an egg! She was beside herself with excitement. Lovely to see. Jamie is a breath of fresh air and what Ive always liked about him, he doesn’t take himself seriously and often comes up with original one-liners. He’s just cute, full stop. And a great chef.

4 littlepetal { 06.13.12 at 9:17 am }

Love Jamie and as always he is just himself. Simple food at its best. At least the challenge is all about cooking beautiful food. But still think it was over the top with their jumping, crying etc over Jamie.

5 Andrea { 06.13.12 at 9:29 am }

Liked how they had to ‘plank up’ their food. Thought Kylie was too OTT over Jamie. Probably regretting choosing crab and French cuisine in the Rick Stein challenge.
Based on last night’s rules, then Amina and Audra should have received an immunity pin for their dishes in the previous immunity challenges.
Did anyone notice whether Debra was in the gallery cheering or was she still laid up with her damaged finger?

6 Daze { 06.13.12 at 9:33 am }

Andrea, noticed Deb was missing too. Read an article how she isolated herself from the rest in The House and often cooked her own meals – if she doesn’t like people, I don’t know why she joined up for MC when you are with people 24/7. Sounds like she is a loner. Anyhow I’m sure she wasn’t in hospital with a smashed finger, surely?

7 Isabel { 06.13.12 at 9:44 am }

I was very disappointed last night in that so much time was spent showing three very greedy pigs eating – what disgusting manners they all have.

But Jamie was fantastic as always – makes everything look so quick and easy – I agree about his 30-minute meals recipes RR!
Ditto how Kylie ‘just happened’ to have that napkin in her pocket.

On the previews for tonight I think I saw Deb in the kitchens, wearing red.

8 J-Ko { 06.13.12 at 9:44 am }

I’ve always loved Jamie Oliver, well up until he used the back of a sauce bottle to smash up the zucchinis in the pan in the last few minutes of the challenge. That just screams out “omg, where has that sauce bottle been?”. Ewwwers :(

9 Dunbi { 06.13.12 at 9:45 am }

Lovely jubbly!

10 Leighbee { 06.13.12 at 9:52 am }

Oh Jamie! I’m a big fan of the fella, and last night just confirmed to me why. He’s NORMAL! Unlike other celebrity chefs who let fame change who they are or start making crazy ass deconstructed food, he comes across as a normal guy. Charming, funny and self-depreciating, plus his cooking is simple and all about the food. His recipes are easy to follow and almost always come out like they are supposed to, unlike some of the other stuff out there. I’m looking at you George and your massacre of the Greek salad. It may be an ‘experience’ to eat it but it didn’t inspire me to cook it all, and that’s one of the reasons I watch Masterchef….

Thought the contestants reactions were sweet if a little over the top. Having said that though, if it had been me I’d had probably pee’d my pants!

Now I’m just waiting for Anthony Bourdain, my other foodie idol, to return to the show.

11 Chris W { 06.13.12 at 10:17 am }

One of the things I liked about MKR was that the judges were able to give bad scores to contestants and tell it like it was without being nasty or showing favouritism. Remember Thomas and Carly’s “soap” desert?

It was obvious that Tregan was overwhelmed and didn’t have a clue what she was doing. If it had been Andrew instead of Tregan, I suspect he would have been given a mark of two, told not to prepare it again, and then sent to the naughty corner!

On the plus side, I agree that Jules looks like she can cook. That dish she made in the egg challenge had me salivating. Who knows what Wade can or can’t do – maybe the editors don’t like his eyebrows? For some reason Emma has become invisible for the past couple of weeks as well. Maybe they don’t think she’s crying enough or don’t like her look without the hat.

Jamie Oliver is one of very few who has so much charisma that he can make an immunity challenge watchable even when you know the contestants don’t have a chance.

12 Gidgit { 06.13.12 at 10:25 am }

Last night was really fun to watch, which has been sadly missing from the show this season – and it was all due to Jamie Oliver. It was a fun challenge, and his ‘tv cooking chef’ chatting to the camera was highly enjoyable.
I am suprised not one of the girls looked directly over at Jamie’s ‘planking up’ so to speak (how he arranged all the food on his plank) and think ‘hmmm, that’s a good idea – might do that’. I would have!
Tregan really lost her lolly last night. I know she was in awe and practically melting into a puddle on the floor ala Amelie style – but not even knowing if her longestines were cooked or not showed a real lack of cooking skills on her behalf.

Agreed that ‘Bland’ – I mean Jules – might be a dark horse. Seems she really knows her way around food which was a suprise – although to be fair it’s still really hard knowing everyone’s cooking skills. Last night really showed we have not, as viewers, had the chance to really see each contestants talent. ‘Eyebrows’ seems to have just joined the crew and I have no idea if he can even boil an egg.

I don’t think it helps on these rounds where everyone cooks – but the judges only pick a couple to taste. It’s fine for them – but for us we need to see each contestants skill set – and am yet to see that.

And challenges like tonight do not really show much as they have pre set recipes and are told what and how to cook each meal.

13 Suit { 06.13.12 at 10:45 am }

I was pleased to see Alice wore slightly less ridiculous frames last night.

14 Reality Raver { 06.13.12 at 10:51 am }

Jess – LOL at the images.

Leighbee – Anthony Bourdain also knows what he has to do on these shows. I would love to see Bourdain actually cook, but then he has never set himself up as actually being a great cook. Though he should be able to do a decent steak and frites.

LibraryGirl – Made me look at Food Channel and TEN to see when Jamie’s show was on again.

Little Petal – Well I think they whipped them up into a frenzy what was interesting was that Andrew and Julia even looked excited. But I must admit I was excited.

Daze – where was the article where Deb she was a bit isolated in the house? That is interesting. I thought her and Tregan got on.

Chris W – I think Tregan would have accepted a five happily she knew she had ditzed it.

Andrea – maybe the finger was infected. Though interesting that she side stepped the elimination challenge. I am mixed about this as there needs to be consistency, however maybe it was that badly mangled and the accident may not have been her fault.

15 brain dead dave { 06.13.12 at 11:00 am }

Thanks for the screen shots of of Mr Calombaris regeorgitating calamari, Jess. The editors could have easily left that out.

Scores for Judges etiquette-

Jowl$y 3/10
Gary- 6/10
George 2/10

Comment: Oink,oink.

16 Bruiser Brody { 06.13.12 at 11:01 am }

those reactions were ridiculous! Kylie crying wtf? Alice’s “shoulder of giants” call, gimme a break – you’d think they were meeting Ace Frehley!!
Classic moment was turning to the gallery “who likes Jamie Oliver?” ALL hands went shooting up…except for Wade, like, “meh…he’s just a chef innit?”

17 Chris W { 06.13.12 at 11:12 am }
18 Chunks { 06.13.12 at 11:13 am }

How good did Jamie’s platter look? Of all the cookbooks I own I think his Italian one gets the most use at my place. I’m amazed that he really could put that together in 30 minutes. Puts anything I’ve ever seen in a restaurant to shame. They really should have him on more often.

19 brain dead dave { 06.13.12 at 11:38 am }

Re difficult Debra…If people love their dog (or their kids) so much , why leave them for up to six months to be on the cheese machine that is Ma$terchef?.

If one is a more of a loner, Ma$terchef is probably not a good idea but I agree with Debra that the idea that the amatas magically become lifelong friends after a few weels in this culinary coliseum is just insane.

20 Daze { 06.13.12 at 11:42 am }

Eh? Ace Frehley?? Never heard of him. Please Explain.

21 Joseph Skyrkim { 06.13.12 at 11:50 am }

Big fan of Jaime Oliver, and he didn’t disappoint. I loved they way his time started and just stood around for a bit more just thinking first, then proceeded to auto-slice stuff like a machine without even looking. :)

The judges totally loved his generous plank and couldn’t get enough of it in their mouths during the tasting. How could he lose? ;P

22 Andy Pandy { 06.13.12 at 11:50 am }

I don’t know who Ace Frehley is either, but I do know who Jamie Oliver is and he was great last night, wish he was on all the time! His food was open and honest, not like that awful deconstructured salad mess. Everyone seemed so happy and enjoyed themselves, one of the best episodes yet. Tomorrow, back to Surly Debra!

23 brain dead dave { 06.13.12 at 11:52 am }

Ace is the guitar player from Ki$$, Daze.

Thank God ,those swooning amatas weren’t around when The Beatles came to Australia.They would have crapped themselves.

24 Cheryl { 06.13.12 at 12:26 pm }

As I said to my husband when Jamie started talking, the really awesome thing about him, which is one of the reasons he is so successful IMO, is that he is a born teacher. He knows his stuff and he is able to talk about it without sounding stiff, unnatural or boring.

25 EH { 06.13.12 at 12:34 pm }

Agreed with RR that this is the best immunity challenge of all seasons. I like the format. It is fair as all three have a go at winning the immunity pin. The cooking challenge is fair and it is exciting to see what the contestants & the chef are going to create as oppose to the boring ‘cook the chef’s recipe’ challenge. I am excited to think they are finally getting it right!!

I still stick by my initial thought that the judges (producers) picked a 3-girls team to win to create the gushing, jumping, hugging, swooning… girlish sensation.

Eager to find out what is going on with Deb. Is she going to quit or she refused to be put in the next elimination challenge due to her absence in Sunday night challenge. Or the producer will bring her back as if nothing has happened? When are they going to let us know?

26 lulu { 06.13.12 at 12:42 pm }

What’s wrong with Debra? So she doesn’t gush and fawn like the others. Same with Andrew – he’s casual, dead-pan and a breath of fresh air. Same with the uber blonde automaton, Julia, love her. It’s great that these three don’t fit into the standard MC mould.
Much as I like Audra and Amina, enough already – or give them their own show. Amina is certainly, with her jolly demeanour, a poster girl for Islam, which obviously appeals to the producers.
Where is Emma? Does she cook anything or just stand in the background all the time looking teary and terribly concerned about something or other. Come on, bring her out … I’m sure she’ll be the new Dani. As for Tregan(?), can someone put her through a carwash – I wouldn’t eat anything from her. Clearly, she’s meant to look ‘cool,’ (standard social worker fodder) but just looks dirty.
Nice to see Jules … finally.

27 brain dead dave { 06.13.12 at 12:44 pm }

That’ll need to be one hell of a big poster…..

Don’t put a fatwah on me now, y’all.

28 kess { 06.13.12 at 12:48 pm }

Love Jamie, love his food, loved last night.
Can you imagine MC talking to Jamie about his challenge………..normally so concise and formal.
He’s so warm and inclusive, it was utterlty charming how they all went ‘shopping’ together, and he’s giving them tips.
Jamie treated this as a mentoring exercise, generous good soul that he is.

29 Daze { 06.13.12 at 12:50 pm }

bdd; ah, no wonder I didn’t know the name – also bdd I think contestants on the show actually do make long life friends, filming over 8 hrs a day (I imagine) living in The House ie in general together 24/7. Poh & Julie, Marion went to Adam’s wedding as did a few others in Japan, Ben/Andy are besties as will Audra/Amina remain close. And then there’s Deb.

30 Maryann { 06.13.12 at 1:02 pm }

I like Debra, Julia and Andrew because they do not appear to be easily manipulated by the producers. Why should they have to pretend they are soemthing they are not. They are individuals and that is what makes the show interesting. Plus Debra has proved on numerous occasion she can cook.

31 brain dead dave { 06.13.12 at 1:08 pm }

Yeah, I like Debra and Julia for the same reasons and secretly hope Debzilla is working on some Wicca to screw the other warm and fuzzy amatas up with.

Talk back to the three stooges by all means…they’re like a bad wine that as it gets older ,deserves to be spat out.

32 Dunbi { 06.13.12 at 1:18 pm }

Will be interesting to see the viewing figures for last night. What a great challenge – best episode from all the series.

33 Sue { 06.13.12 at 1:29 pm }

LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Best celeb chef EVER on Masterchef.

34 Georgie { 06.13.12 at 1:43 pm }

Jamie made the episode memorable. A refreshing oasis in a desert of mediocrity.

He loves good, clean food and obviously what he chooses to cook and eat doesn’t accumulate on his waistline. A great ambassador and teacher for the art of healthy living.

He even took all the swooning and gushing in his stride and handled it with suitable humility. Legend.

35 Kugelhopf { 06.13.12 at 2:19 pm }

Wonder what Jamie would think of George’s deconstructed salad. Yucky Jubbly?

Didn’t matter that this was a set-up — we all knew and probably the contestants too — that JO was going win. Lovely to see Alice’s generous plating, great to see Jules cook well and great see Jamie giving “Tre” some tips.

36 JStar { 06.13.12 at 3:03 pm }

I concur. Great episode. LOL RR about Tregan laying an egg. (“Been there, done that. At the Salamanca challenge.” Andrew responds). Loved how Jamie took everything in his stride but I reckon I saw that competitive/devilish devilish side when he went into the pantry with the girls knowing they would lose focus (particularly Tregan). I think it was BDD that said in another post that it was like One Direction walked into the room.

Did not see Amina or Deb in the Peanut Gallery. Obviously Amina getting more pocket money for doubling as the on-site medic. Lachlan Murdoch really unleashed the razorgang on Ten’s budget. Consistency definitely not one of MasterChef’s strength as last year Ellie was put into elimination after being ill and unable to compete in a Sunday night challenge.

As for Deb being a loner and not liked, I think we all saw how no-one in her team respected her during the Yum Cha challenge. Editing doesn’t hide everything as I think some eagle-eyed viewers noticed the disdain TK had towards Deb. Oh well Deb. You reap what you sow. You’re an excellent cook but just unpopular with your peers.

37 littlepetal { 06.13.12 at 3:35 pm }

Debra does has an attitude. When you spend so many waking hours with the contestants, I am sure you will have some mates that you can get along with and talk to. Especially in the MC environment. I hope in real life she has more friends. It doesn’t hurt to be friendly with the others contestants.

38 Andy Pandy { 06.13.12 at 3:38 pm }

Jules was a surprise, it was great to showcase someone different so we can see what they are really like. Alice was very likeable as well. It makes a big difference when we get to know the invisible contestants for a change. I would like to see an episode featuring Wade and Mario just to see if they can actually cook something! I agree with Littlepetal regarding Debra, it doesn’t hurt to be nice to each other. JStar, I fell asleep during Survivor, don’t know who was eliminated in the second episode so I’m looking forward to your recap!

39 CAM { 06.13.12 at 4:51 pm }

I love Jamie Oliver and last night was the first Immunity Challenge I have watched this season, purely for Jamie. I was not disappointed: he is such a lovely, normal bloke with no tickets on himself, what a legend. I thought Tregan’s inability to stand was a bit OTT though. Great episode…I drooled A LOT at the food too.

40 brain dead dave { 06.14.12 at 12:20 am }

Those girls at the Shangri Ooh La La Hotel tonight had me salivating. Wow.Yeah. Baby.

41 Reality Raver { 06.14.12 at 12:23 am }

BDD – Agree that hotel must have the best looking staff in Australia.

42 brain dead dave { 06.14.12 at 12:27 am }

No mutton birds at the Shangri La. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate long enough to make two minute noodles with those girls around.