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The Amazing Race Australia – Did The Aura Spray Run Out?

As always when the teams are racing through countries that are chaotic it is entertaining, as the contestants are so out of their comfort zone. And this was the case as they continued to race in India.

During the pitstop rest period the teams were bussed down 5 hours to Jaipur, I think they must have had a 24 hour rest break as they left at 9.00am in the morning.

Sticky and Sam were first to leave the pit stops to head to the Red Elephant Temple. But the driver got lost and the cheerleader twins got their first, where they got blessed and were given their next clue.

It was a Roadblock and it was a driving challenge, how no one was hurt on this one or an animal ran over is total mystery as it was chaos.

The plot lines about the contestants continued.

Theresa from the dippy hairdresser team thought she was home in India and she was still spraying that aura spray.

Paul was cementing his reputation as douche of the series. He said he was here to win but he didn’t want to the others to know that as he thought that could be detrimental.  It was ironic that he did not realise the other teams already knew this. Isn’t everyone there to win, well except perhaps the Italian sisters who continued to run at the bottom of the pack and never look like they are going to move up in placings.

The Policemen continued to get taxi drivers who get lost, Sarah doesn’t stop talking nor flashing her boobs  though it did distract a tuk tuk driver in the latest episode.

For once it was not a “blonde” moment for the cheerleaders who were looking confused at the driving school as who could understand the rules of the Indian instructor.

Sticky again showed he could do most thing and he drove a manual quite safely with his bung arm.

Theresa got the aura spray out probably to keep herself calm in the traffic.  However I did wonder the way the girls were spraying it around whether it would last the whole race.

Alpha dude Paul, well in his mind, was having difficulty driving. Also he was being a dickhead at the traffic lights trying to drag race with the rockabilly couple but Paul stall, left in the exhaust pipe fumes of the Brisbane pair.

The cheerleaders finished first and made it to the next challenge which was to stack 75 pots on a cart and deliver them. The catch if they broke more than 15 pots they were given a 15 minute time penalty at the drop off point. I thought the penalty should be greater for the more pots you broke.

Paul continued to be a tool and with his back pack on bumped the pots on rockabilly’s team. He maintained they bumped into them. Not sure I would want to work with this guy.

Most people broke more than 15 pots, except for the father and daughter team Tarryn and Ross. The father seems ultra competitive.

Sarah got her bum pinched by a kid and she told him if he did it again she would tell his mum. They also managed to not get a time penalty.

Then it was off to the next roadblock where Sticki had to do it again. It was at a temple and the person had to go down 41 steps and then up 10 to get to the person to get the next clue. Some people finished this easily and others had difficulty. There also appeared to be a few different ways to achieve this as they were running down both sides of the building.

Tarryn’s father was lacking in confidence with her thought he was the one who should have done the roadblock as he thought she would having difficulty. She didn’t.

Sticki and Sam were out of there first and they were first to the pit stop, however they did not have enough money for the tuk tuk and had to beg for money. Which of course seems so much fairer to the Indian people than selling their goods to them as the indigenous guys got penalised for last week. Anyway rules are rules.

They were still first there as they were last week, with the cheerleaders showing they were a strong team coming in second again.

Paul finally managed to live up to his hype and got the challenge done in one go. Which elicited the comment by him of “That I am not arrogant that I do back my skills.”

The rockabilly couple were again getting cursed by Paul and Steve as when they were leaving the temple the boy’s tuk tuk in front of theirs.

The hairdressers were having difficulty with the challenge and even the aura spray was not helping. Teams were passing them. Joseph got it in one go, and Grace his sister was glad she did not do that challenge as she does not like to use her brain. I had liked her up until that point.

James got it which Sarah thought was “unbelivable” so clearly she is not with him for his mind.

It was the Italian sisters and the hairdressers battling it out for last place, however the sisters managed to make it to the pit stop and the likeable hippie hairdressers were eliminated. Hopefully their aura spray will hit the shelves of shops soon…


1 Georgie { 06.17.12 at 9:08 am }

It was hilarious watching those kids walking along behind the cart (can’t remember whose), knocking the earthenware jars off. If you were an enterprising contestant with enough $ to spare you’d pay them to do this to all your rivals.

2 Ingrid { 06.17.12 at 10:05 am }

I thought this was a cracker episode, the challenges are really out there (driving in India is just madness) and the casting is so great. I am sad the Aura ladies are gone but at least they left in their spiritual country.

Some observations about the cast: I feel that Tarryn is too scared to fail in front of her father and it’s all about him. I think Grace can hold her own but her brother is letting her down. The twins are hilarious, love James & Sarah, Sticki is inspirational and Paul is quite the tool.

3 kess { 06.17.12 at 4:32 pm }

That was one of the best TARs ever.
From Sticky freaking out that driving instructor, the actual driving signs lesson, botox lady flashing the next driver, sassy sister, botox lady doing anything……….and the gorgeous Italian ladies.
It was on so late, I thought I was dreaming when botox lady did the cab flash.

4 Sioux Denim { 06.20.12 at 5:41 pm }

Great epsiode – am really loving this show – Paul is a total tool and I will cherish the moment he gets eliminated – loved the karma comment from the Rockbilly’s – they seem like a cool couple.

I really enjoyed the friendship that was shown from the hippies – they seemed like great friends – although the one climbing the stairs may have had enough of the other’s encouraging !!

5 Davo { 06.24.12 at 3:06 pm }

Another week closer to Paul getting eliminated. Absolute douche of a bloke who seems to think he’s the Stephen Hawking of mind games but is so patently awful at it.