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Guest Post: Dancing With The Stars – And The Winner Of The Mirror Ball Is….

Georgie has kindly sent in her recap for Dancing With The Stars Finale  and as she raises there was a spoiler in the ads for the show, also I understand there could have been a second one where they say they will be talking to the winner and only flashed up one of the pairs. Anyhow the big question is did the right pair win. Over to you Georgie:

It was the Big Mirror Ball (BMB) finish tonight and a three hour extravaganza to see it off. About one hour of this was new dancing and the rest was made up of ads (lots of them), rehashing past footage, revisiting eliminated dancers, mandatory entertainment and what I thought was a spoiler.

Zoe Cramond, Danielle Spencer and Johnny Ruffo were competing for the crown and the program included three dances:

  1. Redemption Dance – the judge’s choice to repeat a dance from earlier in the competition.
  2. Face-off – a Sudden Death Cha-Cha which was an elimination round. Scores to be tallied after this dance and added to the viewer votes to kiss one couple good-bye.
  3. Freestyle

Danielle and Damian were first tonight and the judge’s choice for them was the jive. They dressed Blues Brothers and danced to Everybody Needs Somebody. Good stuff.

Josh said the nerves were showing but that Danielle had really come out of her shell over the course of the competition. Todd said Danielle was a good technical dancer but was great when she was more relaxed. Helen thought their jive was an improvement on their first effort. They scored a total of 28.

Johnny and Luda were next out with a Foxtrot to This Business of Love. Johnny nailed it. After the dance Daniel MacPherson asked him how much his life had changed since appearing on X Factor last year.  Apparently he’d been a concreter in his previous life.

Todd told Luda that Foxtrot was the best choreography he’d seen on the show – he loved it. Helen said Johnny had taken command, had good posture and body movement. Josh said he was a great entertainer and a beautiful dancer to watch. He had also become more serious and focussed which had paid off and the routine was phenomenal.  They scored 29.

Zoe and Aric danced a Jive to Never Gonna Give You Up and half way through the routine she forgot a step and stumbled. Talking to Daniel afterwards she said she just had a blank.

Helen said she had started out brilliantly but missed that step – no kidding. Josh said Zoe looked like a professional dancer and everyone makes those mistakes but you have to recover and keep going and that’s what she did. Todd told her not to be disappointed, she was trying too hard and she should relax and chill-out – right! She got 23.

Next we had to endure a partial dance from all the previous contestants. The highlights were Brian Mannix dancing with three of the professional ladies and pointing at them he said to the camera – “how good is this”. KAK receiving a standing ovation and talking with Daniel about the cancer, the battle ahead of her and the support she’s getting. Her dance partner Carmelo Pizzino was fighting back tears and Brian Mannix shed a few. Final highlight of the revisits was Brendan Fevola dancing a Viennese Waltz with his wife Alex while their three little girls watched from the audience. Cute.

Then the mandatory entertainment started – time to go and make a cuppa. The line-up included Shannon Noll singing – boring. (He couldn’t do a revisit dance because he’s just had surgery on his back.) Then Olivia Newton-John sang Xanadu while she stood riveted to a raised target in the middle of the dance floor – more boring. What was interesting about Olivia was her tight, shiny, plumped up plastic face which looked really weird alongside her 63 year old neck and hands. Props to her though, she’s been involved in raising $190 million for breast cancer in this country. Wow…

Next up was the Sudden Death Cha-Cha to determine the first elimination. The routine included an intro piece by the three contestants together, without their partners, then each couple dancing in turn with their partners and finally all three couples dancing at the same time.

Next came the spoiler – I couldn’t believe it. Daniel announced that the winner of DTWS would be on Sunrise tomorrow morning and while he was saying it, they were showing a clip of two couples dancing – and they were wearing outfits I hadn’t seen before. It was obvious the missing couple were the ones about to be eliminated. Doh!

The judges feedback for the Cha-Cha was so much spin about the final being a celebration; how they all danced well together; Danielle should move her hips more; Zoe was very professional and Johnny danced without a shirt to make up for the shimmying dresses the girls wore? Zoe got 27, Johnny got 26 and Danielle got 27.

Now the elimination – with Zoe on a total of 50, Danielle and Johnny on 55, the viewer votes were added and the couple leaving the show was the couple missing from the Sunrise clip – Zoe and Aric.

Now we’re about two thirds of the way through this marathon and there’s more entertainment with Burn the Floor, an Australian ballroom dance troupe. I’m now getting very tired of this show and am glad it’s almost over for another year.

So the eliminated Zoe and partner Aric got to do their Freestyle dance and the music is Unstoppable by E S Posthumus.

Next is Danielle and Damian’s routine to When Love Takes Over. Todd sounds underwhelmed and then tries to back track to take his foot out of his mouth – saying Danielle deserves to be there. He didn’t sound convincing though – clue maybe. Not sure what Helen said but it wasn’t much. Josh told Danielle that she’d listened to them throughout the competition and taken all their critiques onboard. She scored 29.

Johnny and Luda hit the floor for their Freestyle – a brilliant hip hop to It’s Tricky to Rock a Rhyme by Run D.M.C. All the judges loved it but Josh got so excited he was jumping up and down. Johnny scored a perfect 30.

Fantastic, it’s nearly over – I can do this – just a few dozen or so more ads and then the winner of the BMB. Johnny is now on 85 and Danielle on 84 and the viewer votes are added. The winner is…

Johnny Ruffo, the King of DWTS for 2012 and his charity – Youth Off the Streets. Yay, yeehaa, yahoo and thank God it’s over.



1 Joseph Skyrim { 06.18.12 at 8:22 am }

Good recap Georgie! Woohoo for Johnny and Luda winning! The freestyle dance was rocking, more so when Todd and Josh went over the top announcing the scores. 😛

Also, Brian Mannix may not be able to dance but he certainly is entertaining! :)

2 sue N { 06.18.12 at 8:30 am }

thanx for recap Georgie :). now I know which bits to ff thru when I get around to watching it… 😉 do you think the right person won???

3 Isabel { 06.18.12 at 8:55 am }

Great Georgie! I was flicking channels and did catch ON-J being interviewed – and thought how awful she looked! Greasy, puffy face and what had she done to her lips!

Was the X Factor on Channel 7? If it was then that’s another of their ‘personalities’ to have won the glitter ball.

4 Georgie { 06.18.12 at 9:28 am }

Joseph Skyrim – thank you and yes that hip hop was sensational. I thought Todd’s yo-yo when he announced his score was a mickey take on Josh and then Josh joined in and gave him the high-5 – great work. Agree Brian being the entertainer – and for a non-dancer, he’s been a stand-out this series.

Thank you too sue N, if you organise plenty of breaks and cut out the crap when you watch it you should make it through okay. I have to say I was backing Zoe, my partner was on the Danielle bench but he thought Johnny would win – so between us we pretty much had it covered. In terms of the whole journey, I think Johnny went the furthest – from not very good to great and a huge attitude shift with it. So yes I think the right person won.

Isabel – thank you. What did ON-J do to her lips? I think by the choice of colour and the plumping, she was paying tribute to The Stones! Yes X Factor is a Ch7 gig so let’s keep it in the family.

5 Andy Pandy { 06.18.12 at 10:12 am }

Thanks Georgie, good job!

6 Daze { 06.18.12 at 11:22 am }

Fantastic Georgie – well done.

Yes ONJ agree too much plastic and she couldn’t hit the high notes – however, 9 years is a long time in the making of seeing her Wellbeing centre finally coming to fruition; amazing amount of money raised. ONJ having had breast cancer years ago, she’d be giving great support to KAK right now. Great show but the ff button is a godsend lol.

Glad the two Queens have kissed and made up, it has previously been so uncomfortable seeing them griping at each other

7 Joseph Skyrim { 06.18.12 at 12:45 pm }

KAK and ONJ could have been sisters methinks. I really couldn’t tell em apart when they were both on that dias from “middle” distance, and yes I was wearing my glasses. 😛

Also good to see Alex Fevola putting her previous dwts training to good use. ^_^

8 Georgie { 06.18.12 at 1:44 pm }

Thanks Andy Pandy.

Daze – with Helen in between, that makes 3 queens. I reckon you could make a reality show just out of Helen Richey’s outfits. She almost outdid herself last night with the hideous number she was wearing – looked like a flowerbed at midnight.

9 JStar { 06.18.12 at 2:39 pm }

Great recap Georgie. I hope you’re okay as I bet you are now catching up with The Voice finale (Part 1) and MasterChef all on the internet as we speak. Did you get some sleep? After reading your recap I can only conclude there was something like 30 minutes of dancing with 45 minutes of inane banter and another 45 minutes of advertisements. How you did not go insane is beyond me. I think I’ll just fast-forward through things on the hard drive tonight. Thanks for the forewarning! :)

10 Ruby { 06.18.12 at 2:47 pm }

Thanks Georgie for your great recap. Now I really need to watch the tape to see ONJ. Was she just saving some nuts for winter or did she have the full-on chipmunk look? Why do they do this to themselves? I guess cos if they don’t we’d all be saying ‘Hasn’t so and so aged?’ She’s in her 60s – take it easy, Livvie. No-one is expecting you to look like a child bride.

11 Daze { 06.18.12 at 2:56 pm }

yes Georgie, 3 Queens, lol – more embroidered sunflowers coming (apparently she makes most of her frocks to use a Queenish term) or maybe Josh/Todd assist? Aging gracefully, shame ONJ went as far as she did with pillowed cheek bones – she was beautiful the way she was – no wonder her daughter has issues, shame.

12 littlepetal { 06.18.12 at 3:02 pm }

Thanks Georgie for the recap. I thought ONJ face was very shiny and something was not right. I was close and personal with ONJ at the opening ceremony in the Sydney Olympics. She was singing and standing just in front of me and I did notice the wrinkles at her neck and hands but not obvious when you watch on TV. She was still lovely then.

All 3 finalists were great. It’s a shame Zoe stumbled in the first dance. I wanted Danielle to win but Jonny did a great job.

13 Georgie { 06.18.12 at 5:45 pm }

Thanks JStar – the show was 3 hours and that’s about how much sleep I got last night. I don’t have a recorder so took notes during the show, then typed it up while it was still fresh in my mind. Emailed it sometime after 1am and was so wired by then that I couldn’t sleep. Up again at 6.30am. Truly, I don’t know how RR does it. I haven’t been watching The Voice so am not bothered catching up and I can pick up the MC threads from the thread.

Ruby and littlepetal – thank you. ONJ’s work looks extensive, I don’t think it’s going to wear off in a hurry. Agree, I don’t know why they choose to do it – everyone still knows how old they are, so know it’s not natural. Don’t these people have mirrors? Must have been special at the Olympics littlepetal and being so close to Aus showbiz royalty – did you ask for her autograph?

Thanks Daze – now I know Helen can’t blame the wardrobe department for her shock frocks. Agree ONJ’s daughter must be a source of heartache for her. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it – most do.

14 littlepetal { 06.18.12 at 6:09 pm }

Georgie – I was one of the volunteers at the Olympics and she was singing just in front of me. No, didn’t ask for autograph. Was just soaking up the atmosphere !!!! It was a memorable moment.

15 brain dead dave { 06.18.12 at 6:45 pm }

Re ONJ’s skin-you have to believe this is magic.

16 Georgie { 06.18.12 at 7:22 pm }

Grotesque is the word that comes to mind when I see the results of this kind of intervention bdd.