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The Voice Australia – And We Have Our First Winner

Well Joel Madden and co won’t be swinging the US Presidential election result this year, as it appears with the whole “will their social media clout swing the result” scandal turned out to be bollocks as Sarah De Bono was the first of the contestants to be eliminated and favourite Karise Eden took out the title.

Will people take the time to vote for someone they don’t know.  Obviously not. This was the same as the DWTS finale last night. Danielle Spencer husband Russell Crowe has huge twitter followers but she did not win. Probably not helped that Zoe Crammond and her were splitting their voting demographic as they are so similar.

There were no surprises on The Voice tonight, Lady Gaga didn’t turn up, and just when I was wondering why Prinnie and Mahalia Barnes were the only two out of the remaining twenty to sing along popped out Jimmy Barnes. One of the shows highlights was Keith Urban was grooving away on guitar with them. This was on top of his duet with Darren which was lovely.

Seeing Mahalia looking very sexy must have made Joel regret his decision to dump her ahead of Prinnie who never connected with the audience. Not only does Mahalia have a great rack under those mui mui’s but she is also a life saver, with Darren Percival giving her a shout out for saving his life. Not sure what the story was there.

Sarah De Bono was the first eliminated, then Rachael Leahcar. There was some tension on who would win and for once I hoped there would be some crazy tie, but as expected as her songs were at the top of the iTune charts she won.

Karise’s interesting back story captivated the nation, and hopefully she will have a successful career managed by supportive people. Her foster mum and mother were in the audience tonight. It was her foster parents that nurtured her talent and gave her the first guitar.

She now signs with Universal, and I expect three of the four to be signed as well.  However the runner ups won’t go home empty handed, Sarah will get $10,000, Rachael $20,000 and Darren $30,000 according to the SMH.

The final will have rated extraordinarily well and they announced auditions for Season 2. Go here to apply.

The official NINE Press Release outlines what Karise can expect of her immediate future:

As The Voice of Australia, Karise wins a recording contract with Universal Music Australia, $100,000 and a Ford Focus. Karise performed her debut single, You Won’t Let Me, for the first time tonight. The single, penned specifically for Karise, will be available on iTunes from tonight and launched to the Australian media at the same time.

Karise Eden’s debut album, My Journey, will be released on Tuesday, June 26. It is a collection of the songs she performed on the show, the winner’s single, as well as newly recorded tracks. PRE-ORDER NOW  @

Her new single, You Won’t Let Me, will be available physically in stores this Thursday, June 21.

To celebrate the release of her debut album and to meet her fans, Woolworthspresents Karise Eden live at Westfield shopping centres nationally. Karise will be performing and signing copies of her new album, plus T-shirts and posters. See full dates below and more details at

It was a great first season of The Voice and Channel NINE must have been thrilled how it captured Australia’s imagination, however as I looked at the final 24 on stage I did think how lucky that all these people had good looks and a voice.



1 Another Adelaide bogan { 06.19.12 at 11:37 pm }

That’s ok Georgie. You still sound like a Chihuahua so I think we picked the right breed there.
According to Dr. Harry ill tempered Chihuahuas can be easily provoked to attack which might explain why you get on so well with Pitbull BDD.
Just a thought….

2 Georgie { 06.19.12 at 11:39 pm }

Meany, meany!

3 Oz TV Reviews { 06.20.12 at 12:40 am }

RR You are probably right, I had to look up vexatious. But I still feel I had to defend the accusations of being fraudulent and my site being a host for viruses. Both of which I consider defamatory.

I’m sorry it started all of this squabbling on here as a result.

On another subject I am just listening to some of Darren Percival’s earlier material from before the voice and I think I know why he struggled for a larger audience. Some of it is kind of hard going, but there is a track called Sometimes I Wonder that a lot of people would like you can find it on MySpace under Mr Percival

4 Georgie { 06.20.12 at 1:16 am }

Good night Betty.

5 cadman { 06.21.12 at 10:06 am }

I’ve just heard another new track called Naked Soul with Karise’s beautiful singing voice. Its by a guy named Roni Francois. I’m loving this full-on ballsy dance track. This girl is a Diva! Check it out on Youtube

6 Daze { 06.24.12 at 7:27 am }

Go Karise !
“Karise Eden has matched a record held by The Beatles since 1964.”

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