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Masterchef Australia – Audra versus Hamish Ingham

Regular commenter Fides wrote yesterday “They should amend the rules to say that if you assist in an immunity challenge 3 times, and win with your dish each time, you get a pin.”

Absolutely agree. Again Amina smashed it out of the ball park with the dish she made for Audra, which makes it three out of three she has won. Unfortunately for her the one time she was up for a pin she was cooking in Tasmania in the chef’s own kitchen so he had home ground advantage of the kitchen and the recipe.

Tonight Audra was cooking against Hamish Ingham who looks about 25 years old but must be older as he has been cooking for twenty years. He is the owner/chef at Bar H in Surry Hills Sydney.

I really liked him and his team and it gave the episode a nice dynamic. All three of them, Hamish, Renee or Alexis would be fabulous on a Masterchef Professionals or Top Chef series. Yes I know I am a broken record on this topic.

Audra picked Amina and Kylie to assist her. The ingredient was tea. Audra’s team had 90 minutes to cook, Hamish’s 60 minutes.

Amina who was making Tea Smoked Duck had to redo her duck breast as she overcooked the first one. I still don’t quite understand the rationale behind these immunity challenges. Yes Audra or who is the person up for the pin supposedly supervises but they are always so busy with their own dish that it looks like everyone is cooking individually within the team challenge.

All the food looked great tonight and the judges confirmed it.

The first dishes to be tasted were the Tea Smoked Duck by Amina and Green Tea Tuna Sashimi by Hamish’s team.

Gary thought the Sashimi was delicious. But George said it was beautiful but could not tell it was a tea inspired dish. But how much tea do you want to be tasting?

Amina’s duck was thought to be a “cracker” by Matt Preston. Gary wanted two pieces of it but George told him he did not need it.

The main couses were done by Audra and Hamish.

Audra did Tea Master Stock Chicken which looked similar to Hainan Chicken. Both George and Matt thought it was delicious.

The Tea Smoked Quail looked interesting and the way it was served up as whole quails was not very elegant, but the judges loved the bold flavours.

Kylie’s dessert was Tea Creme Brulee Tart Gary said pastry and brulee was delicious but the custard was not as creamy or the right texture. It did look a bit runny.

Matt Preston loved the plum and tea that accompanied it.

The Jasmine Tea custard from Team Hamish was as Gary said “just wonderfully cooked and just holding itself it is as light as a feather.”

Amina’s duck won the entree, and Team Hamish won main and dessert. Kylie felt bad that she had not delivered for Audra, but then Audra had not won with her dish either.

Gary spent more time placating Kylie when he saw she was upset. He also said that he had been hoping that when he cut into the tart it would be oozing.

Anyway if Amina sticks around she is going to be exhausted by the end as she will be selected each week to be in the immunity pin challenge as her track record is too good to ignore.


1 Old Spice { 06.20.12 at 11:46 pm }

I agree that Amina was shafted with her own attempt at immunity – it was on the back of the fishing challenge, with no overnight get yourself rested and ready opportunity. My other issue with immunity challenges that whilst the contestants get more time the professionals get that time to plan (even if only in their heads). Seems a bit unfair.

2 Joseph Skyrim { 06.21.12 at 8:12 am }

I liked the part where Ben swore silently when his team lost, and where Julia missed the pot from point blank. That’s happened to me, though not while making s-mashed potatoes. I also liked the part where Audra was totally freaking out after spilling one of her trays and Andrew was the calm one saying they had made spares.

Did anyone catch the “I hate you, don’t tell me what to do” stares Audra was giving Andrew as they were loading the cart though? Yikes.

@Marie – I don’t think Julia was intentionally being offensive, I think she was just trying to say prior to potato mashers – how did people in India mash potatoes? By violently throwing them into a pot perhaps. Something like that.

3 Georgie { 06.21.12 at 8:20 am }

Joseph Skyrim – or throwing them violently against the wall a la chickpeas!

4 brain dead dave { 06.21.12 at 9:27 am }

Beige Ben’s nanna should have put some concrete in her scones to harden him up a bit. He was ready to go the blub when Jowl$y delivered the bad news.
The nauseating culinary chivalry tonight? Send both Ben and Emma home with a box of tissues and spare the soap,$hine.

5 Daze { 06.21.12 at 12:51 pm }

George looked genuinely shocked when Ben announced he would not compete with Emma. MC has had 3 of these bombs they didn’t see coming. Kevin with the pasta naming challenge, two favourites head to head in Tassie (Sam and Andy) and now this? If he does bow out, he’ll kick himself for ever, wondering ‘what if’ and ‘how far could I have gone in the show’ etc.