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The Voice Australia – Ten Things I Learnt From The Show

The Voice Australia finished last night with huge ratings and Australia is basking in the warm glow of Karise Eden’s win. Also Channel NINE and Shine Australia should be acknowledged and congratulated for producing a high quality and entertaining show that captivated the nation.

Season Two is now open for auditions and if it like any other reality TV show in the past 4 years it should rate even higher second time around. Universal are probably busy today signing up the talent that was presented to them on a platter over the past two months with a ready market awaiting their “product”.

While reality TV talent shows have received a lot of flack over the years about not being the “proper” way for musicians to make it it should be remembered these shows bring a level playing field. Would Karise Eden have had the contacts or know how to send a demo tape to the record industry? I think not.

And chances are they would have said too niche or even doesn’t fit with the look. Also Darren Percival would have be deemed to be too old. These shows give performers the opportunity to find an audience and develop a fanbase. Chances are even if Universal does not pick up artists there will be other companies circling to grab them. Hopefully Diana Rouvas will be signed up.

Now that The Voice Australia  is over  here are some things I learnt from the show:

1.There is not one ugly performer with a Voice in Australia or if there is this show did not find them.  All the top 24 contestants were attractive and coaches did appear to be picking on marketability. Also it was about the story or in reality speak “the journey”, charisma, as well as the talent.

2. Coaches choice on who was “the best” dovetailed with the public. The final four chosen by the judges were the same four that obtained the highest popular vote.

3. It was not about the four best singers getting to the final, it was the best singer in each team that got through.

4. Keith Urban wears Calvin Klein underpants and they became an internet sensation.

5. Nicole Kidman gained credibility with the Australia public by showing she picked a really cool lovely guy as her husband.

6. Conversely Heidi Klum credibility diminished as viewers wondered how she put up with Seal’s endless stream of consciousness for all those years.

7. Men can wear nail polish and still have girls swooning.

8. Like other reality TV talent competitions song choice is still key to connecting with the public and staying in the competition.

9. Spinning chairs will bring the viewers in, but you need the talent both with cast and performers to make them stick.

10. The entertainment industry is like other industries in Australia if you are female and doing the same job as the males you will get paid less.

What did you learn from The Voice?


1 Oshada { 06.19.12 at 5:51 pm }

On the contrary I’m now even more impressed with Heidi Klum!

2 brain dead dave { 06.19.12 at 6:10 pm }

That it’s possible to keep four million people in a coma for two hours with cheese and a few flashing lights.

3 sue N { 06.19.12 at 9:30 pm }

I learned that Seal really is that creeepy, that he loves himself an awful lot, that he CANNOT sing (at least- not well ;-)), and that Heidi has at last come to her senses!!! (but what the hell planet was she on to put up with him?!?!?!)

4 Mel { 06.19.12 at 10:49 pm }

Just a few things I learned:

1. Keith Urban was the only coach to reliably make sense, and he is WAY hot. He is even more sexy playing his guitar. Swoon. Nicole must be congratulated; I have a whole new respect for her taste in men.

2. A host can have a pretty low-key personality in his/her role and be almost invisible for the most part and THAT’S OK. (Channel 7 and Grant Denyer – take note.)

3. Song choice should never be underestimated. I think choices came a little unstuck with non-Australian coaches choosing songs that perhaps didn’t resonate with Australian audiences in the same way they might have at home. I’m thinking mostly of Joel, here. Prinnie, for example, was just one who I think was pretty ripped off in this department.

4. A good back-story can take you far. Potential contestants need to get cracking on that right now.

5. Tiresome and stupid cliches that come with performance-based shows like this irritate me intensely: ‘you nailed it’, ‘you owned it’, ‘tonight you delivered’, ‘you made it your own’, ‘you really connected’ being just a few of the worst. Perhaps next seasons there could be some sort of incentive-based scheme to make the coaches avoid them like the plague. The coaches are being paid a bunch of dollar$, perhaps they could invest in a few clever lines provided by a professional writer for goodness sake and spare us the banalities.

5 Joseph Skyrim { 06.20.12 at 8:47 am }

Lessons I learned:
1 – Keith is the best coach. He also rocks.
2 – Delta is the worst coach. She makes up for it by being pretty.
3 – Joel is funny. His hair is also a chameleon.
4 – Seal likes to talk, and speaks well (though in circles). He also always wears something yellow or with yellow.
5 – Can’t audition in track pants or non-socially acceptable attire if you actually want to make it to the final. Though having someone dressed as a grim reaper would be fantastic.
6 – Apparently a person with a normal, and generally happy past is far less entertaining than a person who has been abused and has had a tough time in life, regardless of their actual singing/performing quality.
7 – The blind auditions were the best part. Quality just drops down from there.
8 – Want to know who wins? Just look on ITunes since the voting is heavily geared in its favour
9 – The judges lack the balls to be critical. Delta lacks balls period, which is good – otherwise I’d be very concerned.
10 – People have such varied taste in music.
11 – They didn’t show David Campbell’s false-audition, no matter how awesome it was. :(
12 – BDD wants Jimmy Couples. Oh wait. No, I meant to type BDD wants to murder Jimmy Couples. *nods* 😛
13 – I spend too much time on your site RR. ^_~

6 brain dead dave { 06.20.12 at 2:44 pm }

Truth be known Joseph, after a while I started mimicking Jimmy Cupples’ voice and had worked up my own “$weet Child ‘O Mine” exerpt before he was mercifully culled. I need some Elf boots and mascara, but.

7 kess { 06.20.12 at 5:42 pm }

1. I’m more interested in the judges than the contestants
2. Seal is nuts, and it makes perfect sense he was married to a fruitcake – but he’s sincere & a reasonable coach.
3. The Maddens/Richies are very sweet – and I really love that Nicole is happy she was the talent in those hideous shows with that virus Paris.
4. Keith is just adorable, celebrities can be real and warm (Keith & Joel). The other 2 need to lift their game.
5. You can have a total dud 1st marriage with a pigman, recover and discover someone lovely, Mrs urban.