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Recipe To Riches – Another Reality TV Cooking Show?

Well reality TV cooking shows are still in vogue with news Network TEN may be commissioning a show called Recipe To Riches.

TV Tonight reports:

Network TEN is in discussions for a new food-based Reality series from FremantleMedia Australia, Recipe to Riches.

The show sees home cooks battle for the chance to have their recipe sold in a supermarket chain and nab a cash prize.

FremantleMedia (International) acquired the rights to the format in March. So far it has aired in Canada on the Food Network.

The series begins with food experts choosing finalists in food categories such as Sweet Puddings and Pies, Cakes, Appetizers, Main Courses, or Sweet and Savoury Snacks. The top three finalists in each category fight for a weekly cash prize with the winning product made available in stores nationwide, allowing viewers to taste the cast their vote to decide the ultimate champion.

Sounds interesting and a fantastic marketing opportunity for an aspiring cook who does not want to open a restaurant but to get their ideas and products out there.

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1 Joseph Skyrim { 06.21.12 at 3:51 pm }

Hmm I should get my Ma and Grandma to enter this. I doubt either will though as their recipes are totally secret business. Fine with me though, as long as I get to keep eating the yummy food. 😉

(yes I have the recipes but they’re not mine to share so… ;p)