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Guest Post: Masterchef Australia – This Week’s Odds

Paul had sent in this week’s odds and there have been a few changes.

Over to you Paul:

$3.50 – Audra

$7.00 – Mindy

$9.00 – Amina

$10.00 – Kylie

$13.00 – Andy, Jules, Alice

$17.00 – Debra, Julia

$21.00 – Tregan, Sam

$26.00 – Ben

$51.00 – Wade

$81.00 – Andrew, Beau

A few changes this week. I’ve relented to public opinion and moved Amina up in the market even though I can’t help but feel that her inexperience with pork and her lack of fitness might cost her in the end. If it wasn’t for those two factors she would probably be almost favourite.

Alice, Debra and Julia have also firmed up whilst I have slid Tregan, Sam and Ben out with all three showing signs that maybe they are not quite up to going all the way and winning.

I’m struggling to get my head around where Kylie, Alice and Jules are at. All three have barely made a mistake but none are standing out either. However, the golden rule with Masterchef is the one that makes the least mistakes wins – Consistency is rewarded.


1 EH { 06.22.12 at 10:47 am }

Thanks for compiling the odds, Paul.

Lack of fitness a factor of not winning? I am thinking of the huffing & puffing from Julie Goodwind.

Amina is still my favourite to win. Audra & Mindy are strong contenders and they consistently plating up dishes that please the judges palate, although not sure if Audra winning odds will be affected by her catering business.

Jules is a quiet achiever. Need to see more of her cooking.

I know there are a lot of hypes about Kylie desserts but she delivered another disappointing dessert – jasmine brûlée tart. Her dessert for Kate mystery box challenge didn’t win praises from the judges.

Don’t think the rest of the contestants have a chance to win.

2 brain dead dave { 06.22.12 at 11:02 am }

It’s true – Julie Goodwin carried a massive weight to win and sweated up before every race. Amina’s a much, much better cook than her.

I thought the catering scandal might not be good for Audra’s price.

3 Joseph Skyrim { 06.22.12 at 12:07 pm }

What!? How dare you put Andrew at the bottom! He’s clearly the BEST when it comes to consistency! ;p

Hypothetical time, in a dessert challenge who do you think would win of the first 7 names up there (up to the $13 mark)? Kylie is supposed to be good at em but I agree, she hasn’t really made any stand outs so I just thought I’d put the question out there.

4 planb { 06.22.12 at 12:32 pm }

Amina is a heavier woman. This does not necessarily indicate a ‘lack of fitness’. But how on earth would a ‘lack of fitness’ preclude a win?

If you mean ‘fit’ as in sexually attractive, as the term is now used, then how did Kate Bracks win last year?! Neither Adam or Julie were ravishing, or remarkably slender. Please explain!

5 Paul { 06.22.12 at 1:08 pm }

Hi planb,
Just think with the amount of The Amazing Race type challenges that being unfit has to be a disadvantage at some point or the other.

However I do take your point about Kate – and by extension Julie.

FWIW, I really like Amina and it would be great to see her win.

6 Culinary Boner { 06.22.12 at 1:46 pm }

Can we have odds for which chick George and Gary will drool most over and which guy will be most likely to cop one of their vitriolic bollocksings?

7 Disha { 06.22.12 at 2:21 pm }

Love this blog! I live in chicago and if i miss the latest masterchef episode this is the place to come. like the bits on the personalities of the contest. great going!

8 Jruth { 06.22.12 at 2:30 pm }

Leaving aside the fitness issue, I’m not sure I agree about the consistency issue either. I think Julie G was not a very consistent cook in series 1 and she was certainly in the most eliminations. Some of most consistent cooks seem to go home after what is really just a bad luck day, like Jonathan and Marion in series 2. At this stage, it’s still almost anyone’s game…

9 Georgie { 06.22.12 at 2:50 pm }

Disha – welcome to the blog. I’m surprised that MCA is being telecast in the US. Is it in line with the episodes being shown in Aus?

10 Sioux Denim { 06.22.12 at 7:35 pm }

I really dont like Audra and agree with BDD about the catering business…….

Amina is my fave and can see what you mean Paul about the fitness level, hopefully they dont have to go running through markets again – hopefully though she can produce in the kitchen as she shown over and over – she really hasnt had a bad dish has she?

I know Deb copped a lot of flak from the Dim Sum challenge, sure, not everyone is a natural leader, but I think her food has been probably the most consistent and the judges really like it – I am hoping to see her in the top 3.

11 Marie { 06.23.12 at 12:54 am }

Amina for the win! I haven’t seen her struggling fitness wise much more than anyone else though I think the running to get ingredients have been delegated elsewhere. She is a nurse though so she has probably got a high level of endurance and emotional/physical stability in the face of exhaustion.

I would like Amina to win but she will be a success no matter what. Failing that I would much prefer mindy to Audra.

12 littlepetal { 06.23.12 at 11:15 am }

I also like Amina to win. She is soft spoken, has a sense of humour and is not a one dimensional cook.

13 Andy Pandy { 06.23.12 at 11:26 am }

Amina for sure! She has something different to offer and is a nice person. If Audra wins I will be so annoyed!

14 Daze { 06.23.12 at 12:18 pm }

Sorry don’t know where to post – just want to mention re Friday’s masterclass – George again said to Julia ‘gee you’re tall’ and her comeback ‘gee you’re short’. Silence. kthump!! And Gary snapped at George for burning the croutons for the French Soup – lol

15 Georgie { 06.23.12 at 12:32 pm }

Love Julia…

16 EH { 06.23.12 at 12:44 pm }

Thanks for the laugh, Daze! Just started to watch masterclass … Geeez, Gary is using Italian Parmesan cheese in his classic French onion soup.

17 Daze { 06.23.12 at 12:47 pm }

@EH, way too much I thought for those small bowls. Say Cheeeeeze

Julia must get that all the time (duh) why state the obvious ‘gee you’re tall’, I’d be like grrrr

18 EH { 06.23.12 at 1:33 pm }

Just discovered from the masterclass that Amina can speak fluent French. Does it increase her chance of winning?

19 Daze { 06.25.12 at 7:05 am }

Amina Sam and Andrew, bottom 3 of Dude Food challenge – who is going home? Hopefully with Amina in the mix, will lift or show up Sam and Andrew’s skills

20 WD { 06.25.12 at 9:36 pm }

Didn’t realise that the Masterchef viewing masses valued a high level of fitness in the winner of a cooking competition, but you’re right. Julie Goodwin was an absolute specimen of physical fitness and Adam Liaw and Kate Whatsherface were prize athletes. Too bad, so sad Amina. Come back next year when you have abs.