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Karise Eden On AN ACA Showcase Tonight

If you are a fan of The Voice winner then you will get to see Karise Eden singing on ACA on NINE tonight. She will be singing songs from her new album My Journey which is released on 26 June.

Karise has been immensely popular with fans who have been buying her songs. reports Eden, who has eight songs in the ARIA top 40, now has four gold plaques for Stay With Me Baby (No.1), Hallelujah (No.2), I Was Your Girl (No.3) and Nothing’s Real But Love (No.11).

However the other four finalists are also on the charts. states Sarah De Bono’s Beautiful debuted at No.4,  Darren Percival’s Damage Done also made it into the top 10, while his performance of For Once In My Life landed at No.17. I Believe also hung in the top 40 this week while his duet with Keith Urban of his song Without You put the original back into the charts.

Also Shooting Star, the song Rachael Leahcar penned for her coach Delta Goodrem, came in at No.31, with her rendition of Smile at No.34.

It is rumoured the other three finalists will also be signed by Universal.

The other interesting thing about Karise Eden is they have happened to muzzle her family and friends. They have been told not to talk to the press about Karise and her past according to the Sunday Telegraph. I wonder how long they will keep quiet for.