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The Amazing Race Australia – Lucky For Paul He Doesn’t Want To Be Popular

Does Steve speak or has he worked out the best strategy in dealing with Paul is to just shut up and nod your head? Paul continued his reign as the Reality TV Douche of the Year he managed to push over Grace, and also boast about his very high IQ. He also revealed that he had been bullied at school but I am not sure that is a reason to now treat other people with such contempt.

Also Steve must be now realising what it was like to be Hitler’s personal assistant. You can’t quit because of the situation, and you just have to put up with the ramifications that occur because of the behaviour of the other person.

Sarah and James were the first to leave the pit stop at 5.47am in Dubai and they had to a marina to get their next clue at the Dubai Pearl which was a boat. Sarah as always was sensitive to the Islamic country she was in and was wearing a tight mini skirt. But to be fair the cheer leaders and Grace were also wearing lycra.

Grace who sees herself as a princess could not be classified as a feminist, she said she has to learn to shut her mouth and her brother Joseph agreed. He said she had now realised that everything she did was wrong and everything he did was right. She likes to play the princess role, and he the arrogant brother. It is a wonder him and Paul are not BFF’s.

Sarah is overbearing and treats James as a child and chided him for helping the other teams. There are tactics when to help teams, and when it is a time they are all going to catch up as was this case. Also she does not listen to him at all.

The policemen started the leg having another disaster with taxis and were heading off in all directions. They thought there luck should change soon.

Conversely the Italian girls were again lucky as they left the pitstop at 9.42, four hours after the first team and now they were not going to be too far behind as the other teams could not get their next clue until 9.30am.

At this point Grace was being a dick and was teasing Paul about reading the clue, and he took it the wrong way and exploded at her. Neither of them were shown at their best.

It was time for a Detour. They had the choice between – Count ’em Up  and Price ’em Up. Count ’em up was counting a sack of dried limes and Price ’em Up the team had to a jewellery store and then arrange seven pieces of jewellery in order of price.

Most people did the counting however the jewellrey didn’t appear to be as bad as first thought. Though it stumped Sticky and Sam for awhile.

Paul got the limes counted in one go as did the coppers but everyone else did it twice, with some teams quitting and swapping tasks.

The cops then managed to beat Paul and Steve to the U-Turn and U-Turned them which meant they had to go do the jewellery task. But because Paul as an IQ in the top 2% of the country, something he must have been busting to get on camera, he did it easily or so he reckons.

It was then off to Turkey. All the teams were on the same flight. James and Sarah and the Italian girls got very lucky as the Emirates flight was delayed and they managed to get on.

When they got to Istanbul and going towards the Blue Mosque, Paul was running along and Grace was knocked over by him. Unfortunately none of the cameras caught this “money shot”. He said it was an accident and she was yelling “Are you that threatened?

They then had to go to the Hagia Sophia for a Road Block which was a memory one.

Paul did it and completed it first go, as did Jo from the cheer leaders. This meant Paul and Steve were the first to the pit stop winning a Rally experience.

However Ross and Tarryn, Emilia and Lucy, and Sarah and James were struggling.

Tarryn was shocked that her father was fallible, in fact she said what was hard was knowing her father was a lot smarter than a lot of the other teams that got through. She really needs to get him off a pedestal.

James and Sarah took a four hour time penalty for not completing the task, and Lucy and Emilia solved the puzzle and managed to come in at team number six. Tarryn and Ross also took the four hour time penalty as well however lucky for them it was a non-elimination round.

Their penalty in the next round is a thirty minute time one if they don’t come first in the leg.

Pit stop placing

1. Paul and Steve

2. Michelle and Jo

3. Sticky and Sam

4. Joseph and Grace

5. Shane and Andrew

6. Lucy and Emilia

7. James and Sarah

8. Tarryn and Ross


1 par3182 { 06.26.12 at 1:14 am }

Four camera crews on the scene and not one caught the incident a week’s worth of advertising has exploited. I hope someone got fired.

2 Pangus { 06.26.12 at 6:18 am }

“the Italian girls got very lucky as the Emirates flight was delayed and they managed to get on.”
What airlines will do for the Amazing Race.

3 PollyB { 06.26.12 at 7:04 am }

Grace’s attitude got me thinking about parents. As young’uns we were encouraged, by both parents, to have opinions and stand up for them. Mum may have been sorry for that at times! Last night I was wondering, and not having a clue, what it was like for Grace growing up in her family home. Seen and not heard for the females only?
Anyhoo, got a good look at Sarah’s arches last night. Is she kidding?!?! Her ‘friends’ aren’t very honest!
I’m glad Emilia & Lucy have a good head start on the last 2 teams. They’re funny.

4 librarygirl { 06.26.12 at 7:49 am }

Polly B, I love Lucy and Emilia. They have fun whatever happens.
Really enjoying this series. I like the new time slot too – means I can watch a half hour of Masterchef while they cook in the pressure test, watch AR, but switch back at 8.00 p.m to see who has been elimiated and miss all the stupid drawnout judging. Of course I have the recap here on MC to catch up the part I missed.

5 Jo-anne { 06.26.12 at 8:42 am }

Paul is such an nasty competitor. I am sure that he will get his comeuppance in the end. All evil little men do. I feel sorry for Steve. It’s a wonder they are friends at all.

6 KJ { 06.26.12 at 9:19 am }

In Paul we have the ultimate chicken and the egg question. Is he an a***hole because he was bullied, or was he bullied because he was an a***hole? Am loving the show in any case, great casting, and I hope ratings pick up now that it’s in a better timeslot.

7 TickledPink { 06.26.12 at 9:44 am }

I love the Italian girls attitude to everything, seems like they just laugh it off and aren’t taking things so seriously – good on them!
Paul is such a piece of work..

8 Daze { 06.26.12 at 10:01 am }

Am enjoying this show, having accidentally tuned into the repeats on weekend. Now of course I’ve missed an episode because I didn’t see who got eliminated with the broken pots (Aura spray girls?) or why Tatt lady got eliminated.

As for Paul, he reminds me with all his bragging, like Jason Coleman in Celebrity Apprentice ‘ I’ve chore’d 468 shows this year alone’ lol. But boy, he did give up easily on the raft challenge and wanted to throw the towel in –

Am enjoying the sisters, the twins and Grace – all great personalities; as for the cougar, oh please! All I see is a hammer banging away at her toy boy’s brain

And it’s ironical how all the flights are always “delayed”, yeah, right.

9 littlepetal { 06.26.12 at 11:03 am }

Can’t stand Paul. Waiting for him to embarrass himself on national TV.

10 PollyB { 06.26.12 at 11:43 am }

I think he’s well and truly embarassed himself, littlepetal!

11 Bolders { 06.26.12 at 11:52 am }

This is the first season I’ve watched and I am enjoying it. It’s not as annoying as I feared. I was concerned that they were going to be like the Americans with their yelling at locals and frustration that the whole world doesnt speak English nor ready to help them win some tv show.

Agree the Italian girls are a hoot. They are good value with a great sense of humour.
I did like Grace earlier but she really was a dick to Paul.. She is one of those people that don’t know when to let things go and allow people to cool down. I hate that pick picking away until they get the comforting response they crave even after THEY’ve pushed the person beyond the limits of a joke. I think children have a better perception of others than Grace showed.

I really don’t hate Paul. There are many boys I know of different ages, who, for whatever reason, don’t like to be teased, or humiliated. They tend to grow out of it later on but they are just serious dudes that’s all.
Grace should have kept her mouth shut after the 10th whiny “read the rules”.

12 Old Spice { 06.26.12 at 12:10 pm }

“I did like Grace earlier but she really was a dick to Paul.. She is one of those people that don’t know when to let things go and allow people to cool down. I hate that pick picking away until they get the comforting response they crave even after THEY’ve pushed the person beyond the limits of a joke. I think children have a better perception of others than Grace showed.

I really don’t hate Paul. There are many boys I know of different ages, who, for whatever reason, don’t like to be teased, or humiliated. They tend to grow out of it later on but they are just serious dudes that’s all.
Grace should have kept her mouth shut after the 10th whiny “read the rules”.”

I agree Bolders – Grace admitted she was winding Paul up for her own entertainment, which is classic bullying. I actually warmed to Paul after this because I saw that he really is quite vulnerable. What the people often focus on is the reaction of the victim rather than the action that provoked the response. Anyway loving the series but sad that the Indigenous boys were eliminated so early on – they were my favs.

13 Marepoppin { 06.26.12 at 12:22 pm }

I’m with you, Old Spice. Boulders is right, Grace bullied a humourless individual into a threatening response. She’s a complete imbecile— all I have to do for the whole race is not talk and we will win—-. I too wish the cousins hadn’t been eliminated so early. Not really warming to this seasons cast; much preferred last years

14 Sioux Denim { 06.26.12 at 12:23 pm }

Thanks RR for this weeks recap – spewin, my tuner didnt record!! I know I could have watched in online but far more entertaining reading it here…. Really should have followed your lead Librarygirl – MChef is so drawn out I could have just flicked back to it – oh well!

Agree with all – love the Italian girls – they probably dont have a chance of winning without that competitive streak but heh, they enjoying every minute of their adventure…..

Was really disappointed last week with Kym & Donna getting eliminated, they must have been driving round Dubai for at least 6 hrs – they were so gutted – I still dont understand why they didnt just ask someone for directions – I didnt see any other teams with maps so they all seemed to find the racecourse….

Paul is a goose – having not seen the incident though I cant really comment – but I havve thought he was a goose since day 1!!!

15 Chunks { 06.26.12 at 1:25 pm }

I’m loving this show. Never would have thought you’d get such great competition between Aussie contestants. Usually we’re too busy being nice to each other to ramp up the angst. As much as Paul is a deluded dick, he makes for great television, as do Grace and Sarah the Eyebrows. Can’t decide whether I want Sticky and Sam or the Cheerleaders to win.

16 Mahlia { 06.26.12 at 4:11 pm }

Paul is the greatest anti bullying message you’ll ever see!!

If he was bullied!

17 ex essex { 06.26.12 at 4:14 pm }

I love the Italian Sisters. They are a total craic. What lovely, happy attitudes. I can’t imagine them being too bummed out when they get eliminated. They just seem to laugh at the entire situation

18 Warble { 06.26.12 at 4:49 pm }

I disagree. I think Grace was merely taking the opportunity to give Paul a taste of his own medicine and he couldn’t hack it. Let’s face it, he admits he’s evil and winds people up – he is also intimidating. I’m not going to feel sorry for a bully when he gets back some of what he dishes out.

19 Leodoggone { 06.27.12 at 1:23 am }

@Warble. Did not notice Paul purposely winding anyone up. He may be accused of many things (egotistical, aggressive, not friendly to other teams, playing the game tough) but bullying or bad mouthing other teams is not one of them. Grace on the other hand is a repressed female (“I have to keep my mouth shut”) who takes it out on Paul because her brother (maybe family) is such a mysoginist. At the end of the day, Paul is a serious individual who does not cope well with being humiliated and I have seen these types. I have friends today who were similarly bullied in school turning out just like Paul. They are not bad or mean spirited. They are just coping with what happened in school and all this aggression and ego is a cover for their vulnerabilities.

20 EH { 06.27.12 at 12:09 pm }

Agree with Leodoggone. Yes, Paul is arrogant but he is good at what he does – numbers, photographic memories  and puzzle solving although he did crack during the making of the raft. 

I notice the American version (I am a big fan of TAR) doesn’t go to the extreme to villainise an individual or a couple in almost every episode. They might have some annoying couples, ill mannered individuals but I have not seen so much focus / attention being put into editing to villainise a certain individual. I feel uncomfortable watching the episode this week. It did raise my attention whether they really didn’t get the money shot or they didn’t want to show us the incident because it was too obvious that Paul knocked down Grace by accident just to polarise our opinions?

I remember seeing the rockabilly couple’s pots (in India) being knocked down by Paul’s backpack last week. It did seem to me that the two carts were so close & it was unintentional as Paul back was facing the rockabilly couple cart.

Paul is a little different from Richael & Joel where they were beyond competitive, unfair play & their chantings were annoying.

I know this is controversial but I have seen many Asians growing up in Australia, being smart and all at school and were singled out and bullied by the average joes purely because they were different. Some would crack under the pressure and some grew up with a protective nature that almost come close to being anti-social behavior just to protect themselves from being hurt. They thrive to be best and care less about how others feel because of their past experience (no one cared about me & why should I care about them). I am not saying this to justify Paul’s behavior/mannerism but I feel the editing had gone too far to focus on villainise Paul to make it a talking point rather than focusing on other fun aspects of the race. 

I watched the latest American TMR season 20 that ended no long ago, the celebrated the brotherhood of Bopper & Mark. They are the stars of the episode. There are many positive parents & kids, siblings, friendships, relationships moments that I can remember,  but I don’t remember much about any stand out villains, perhaps the lesbian couples on season 17 & the winning couple of season 19, Ernie & Cindy. Cindy is a bit like Paul, competitive, smart, come across as being arrogant and self-centered but the season didn’t portray on her as much as Paul, Chris, Joey & Richard being d$&@ heads. 

I like the American version because  there is always positiveness come out from the racing experience. Yes, there were ‘Jersey Shoreness’ of Joey “Fitness” & Danny in season 20 but they didn’t exploit them like they did with the cougar – the boob shots, g-string…. 

The constant bickering between couples (cougar, Chris & Anatasha), the talk of bullying, over villainising certain individuals seem have gone a little overboard and overshadow the overall racing experience. TMR is one of the most successful RTV in American history & I hope the Aussie version will follow suit. 

21 KatInEurope { 06.28.12 at 12:37 am }

I <3 the Italian Sisters, they are quality.
Sarah Eyebrows is just madness, think is between Cheerleaders, StickyMate and maybe the coppers for the win?
Shame Aura Spray went out early – they were top telly.

Paul? There are no words.

22 Davo { 06.29.12 at 9:01 pm }

Paul is classic comedy gold. Inside his own mind, he’s God’s gift to the world and simply cannot understand that other people think he’s a douche.

But he’s the star of our Amazing Race drinking game. Whenever Paul using F instead of TH (like last week, he said they were a massive FREAT not THREAT), you have to take a drink. You’ll be completely hammered by the pitstop.