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Masterchef Australia – That Was Almost Embarrassing

Well one of this blogs conspiracy theories is true, the judges do have favourites confirmed by Sam who was eliminated last night in this article in The West Australian. He claims George did not like him. Thanks EH for finding this.

Maybe he found him too alpha male.

In other news I was told yesterday regarding the Masterchef Pop-Up restaurant the Masterchef alumni will be designing the menus but will be more in the dining room meeting and mingling with guests. So that could be fun,  particularly if you want to a specific person. However I think most sessions are selling fast so get in quick.

One person’s food I would not bother eating is Tregan’s. The immunity pin challenge was an embarrassment with none of the courses looking particularly fabulous.

She was up against Daniel Wilson from Huxtables in Melbourne. However the only way he was going to lose was to plate up something that was burnt or undercooked. He didn’t.

Tregan stuffed up in the tactics. She was told she had 90 minutes to cook and Daniel 60 minutes, however if she let him select the ingredient he would only have 45 minutes.

The choice was between Rum and Raisins, and considering if she had let him pick she would have had a fifty per cent chance of him selecting the ingredient she wanted she should of taken the gamble and reduced his cooking time.

She didn’t and she picked raisins as her core ingredient.

Tregan interestingly picked Jules and Julia to cook with her. Matt Moran obviously was not confident with the team has he was “mentoring” more than usual.

Tregan was making Goats Cheese Tortellini, and she had not made tortellini before which meant she had difficulty getting the shapes so then turned it into ravioli.

She melted down in the kitchen saying “My head space is not great at the moment”. Tregan is not good under pressure surely she cannot make top ten.

Jules was making stuffed Chicken Maryland with raisin stuffing and raisin sauce. Matt Moran suggested adding anchovies to the sauce, but he also suggested she poach  it, something she had not done before.

It exploded. Tregan freaked out and said go get the lamb. Both Matt and Jules had a WTF looks on their faces, and talked her down from the ledge and kept with the chicken. Jules stuffed the chicken breast and pan roasted it. It must of been dry The raisin dressing on the side looked like cat sick.

Jules was upset about stuffing up,  but does she seriously want Tregan to win an immunity pin? By the looks on the other contestants faces they didn’t want her to either. Clearly the competition has kicked in.

Julia may have been a bit more subtle with her mistakes. The pastry on her frangipane tart was too thick and to get it cooked on time she must have had to turn up the oven and it burnt a bit on one side. However the chocolate ice cream she served with it got great wraps the tart itself was thought to be good not amazing.

Matt Moran also went and told Daniel that it was chaos on the other side, which must have boosted his confidence, but then if he had lost it would have been extremely embarrassing to him.

However he was getting help from the balcony. Kylie decided she should be giving a highly regarded chef advice on how to win the challenge.

“Make sure you have those raisins singing through that’s where they pull you up.” I am surprised he did not yell back “Sweetie when you have done an apprenticeship and worked in the best restaurants in Australia get back to me.

Team Daniel made Cauliflower Salad with Salmon with Saffron Yoghurt. The judges thought the cauliflower salad was one of the best dishes they had tasted this year on the show. Gary loved it with the salmon, Matt Preston would have preferred it with lamb.

However “one of the best dishes” did not win. It was beaten by Tregan’s ravioli. How did that occur?

Daniel’s main of Duck Breast With Raisin and Verjuice Sauce and Couscous Salad won the main as did his Fig and Ricotta dessert.

No one was surprised by the result. However when Tregan does leave the show, her food dream is both achievable and admirable. She wants to set up programs to teach underprivileged people how to cook. A skill that could have a huge positive impact on their lives.



1 littlepetal { 06.27.12 at 9:01 pm }

Now Wade thinks he can cook!!!!

2 brain dead dave { 06.27.12 at 9:08 pm }

Jowl$y- “The team that scores the most points will win”. Really? Just get on with it.

Wade doesn’t get that $hine only want him for his eyebrows.

3 Reality Raver { 06.27.12 at 9:13 pm }

Blame Neil Perry for the beautiful he started it off years ago on his food programs, picked up by his protege kylie Kwong.

4 EH { 06.27.12 at 9:29 pm }

Ok. Smoke machine is on the list. Both hot & cold, BDD & Andy Pandy. Last season was about the sous vide machine & this season is the year of smoker.

Not just ‘beautiful’, also the word ‘little’. “Oh, look at these beautiful little…..”. I was eagerly waiting for Mindy to utter the word “velvety”. That would conclude she watched way too much of Kylie Kwong cooking show.

Littlepetal – all Wade did was the cucumber gazpacho lol. Didn’t Emma cook the same dish? Oh well, the judges won’t worry about finding a hair in it this time.

5 Georgie { 06.27.12 at 9:36 pm }

I suppose it would have been an eyebrow they found this time?

6 Jess { 06.27.12 at 11:01 pm }

Oh, Kylie Kwong’s pet word is “herbaceous.” I’ve never even heard anyone else use that word, and she uses it so frequently. Argh.

I’m iffy on smoke machine being on the list. I mean, it’s not a common household appliance, so it’s entirely understandable that a contestant wouldn’t have used one. For the sake of completion, sure, have it on the list. But in terms of…”let’s mock the contestants who went on a cooking contest without basic food knowledge/experience,” I don’t think it deserves a place there.
Dalvinder hadn’t tasted caviar before. The Andrew/Audra/Dalvinder team hadn’t worked with botargo. But they’re delicacies…so my expectations weren’t really raised for that.

7 EH { 06.27.12 at 11:32 pm }

Well said Jess, I was in two minds trying to please everyone but agree since it started as a mock list with basic technics & equipments, I should just stick to the principle of it. Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated.

8 Dunbi { 06.27.12 at 11:54 pm }

Gary – “Fresh and clean”

9 down with an ear infection { 06.27.12 at 11:57 pm }

Georgie- I liked ye eyebrow coment.
But how unfair was it for the yellow team and Alice`s facial expression reminded me of puss in shrek where he took the hat off and made his eyes all big and droop.

10 down with an ear infection { 06.27.12 at 11:58 pm }

Georgie- I liked ye eyebrow coment.
But how unfair was it for the yellow team and Alice`s facial expression reminded me of puss in shrek where he took the hat off and made his eyes all big and droopy. Oh so sad for blue team but well done to Beau that chicken looked yummai.

11 littlepetal { 06.28.12 at 12:10 am }

Its pretty unfair to the yellow team to cook in that house.

I am sure those dumplings are on Audra’s menu.

Look like Mindy didn’t use her pin. Must be confident that she can cooks better than the others.

12 Jill { 06.28.12 at 12:27 am }

These comments are more interesting that watching immunity challenge last nite. Thank goodness I made dinner first then fast forwarded the unnecessary parts. For those who are interested I cooked rice on the stove with a claypot. It works similar to the absorption method and it gives me 2 serves for hubby and I. Figured it was the most efficient way as the rice cooker use electricity. Prior to the claypot experiment, was cooking w the microwave and figured the way to prevent the spillage is, not to use the lid as all( which was on the instruction fr the microwave container purchase fr Safeway). By the way, learnt these tips before I was trained as a chef. I cooked rice for the family since 8 with the rice cooker but didn’t start cooking anything else until college at 16. So it’s definitely never too late to learn a new trade, started cookery after my first degree to fast tracked my Australian residency application( which I received in 3 months) after graduation.

13 Marie { 06.28.12 at 12:31 am }

Laughed at Deb giving us a rundown on what Julia, as the leader should be doing. That said, she was a rubbish leader. That said, they had the short straw in that challenge.

Due respect for Alice for getting that salmon done really well.

I was also amused by Tregan nastily pointing out Deb had done the entree and Alice had done the main but Julia on the other hand, had messed up the dessert. Um Tregan, all that did was leave me wondering what you had done all challenge other than stress people out and pull Gumby like expressions.

14 Jill { 06.28.12 at 12:37 am }

I have trouble editing my post at 62.The contestants I like this Season are Audra, Amina and Julia. For Season 2, I barracked Marion, Adam and Alvin from the beginning.

15 Jill { 06.28.12 at 1:26 am }

For EH
I’ve never made creme brûlée tart before-Kylie in the first group challenge

16 Picnic { 06.28.12 at 8:18 am }

Culinary Boner – re your comment about The Renovators, I do think there were some contestants who had never held an Allen Key before!

17 PollyB { 06.28.12 at 8:33 am }

Mindy beautiful is beautiful giving beautiful me beautiful the beautiful craps. Fantastic.

18 Suit { 06.28.12 at 9:52 am }

You guys were so observant noticing that Ben and Audra were out of the team challenge – just from the promos. I hope Shine realises that people do notice these things and doesn’t do that again. Watching the first part of the show last night it was clear after reading the comments here that those two would be the winners of the first challenge.

Did Beau make pizzas for that challenge? Not much skill involved there (unless he made the bases).

19 Jruth { 06.28.12 at 10:00 am }

I’m with you Suit. I was really annoyed when I realised how the first part of the challenge was going to play out, knowing that it must mean that Audra and Ben would win the first challenge. Not happy about spoilers, Shine!

20 JStar { 06.28.12 at 5:53 pm }

Random thoughts on episode. Adam’s pep-talk with Wade the other week worked and he is practicing like crazy in the kitchen. His pet name is Margaret? He chose Kylie first – (continuing on with my showmance rumour). He chose Andrew over Debra – (continuing on with my other showmance rumour in case he bats the other way). Boy is Debra unpopular, but we already knew that from what the other aliminated contestants said about her.

Andrew saying that he was glad to be on the red team because everytime he has won, he wore red. WTF? Until this episode, red has only won once. Andrew has been in almost every losing team challenge!

Audra and Julia putting George in his place. Always fun to see contestants not fall for the mind-f***ing the judges do. George shirking at not eating the eyes of the prawns. Um, George. You insist on making chicken nuggets out of sheep brains. People in glass houses…..

The Yellow Team were doomed from the start with having selected a house that looked like it was supposed to be on the next series of The Renovators until Shine cancelled the show. Cooking in the dark with an oven out of the 1920s? Seriously? The fact they got something up was a miracle!

Predicting a shock tonight. I think either Andy or Debra (because suddenly both of them got a lot of screen time). Julia and Jules are followed close behind. And thanks to my damn EPG, I now know which colour will lose next week’s team challenge AND the twist in the elimination. D’oh!

21 Sioux Denim { 06.28.12 at 5:59 pm }

Wow Jstar – does your EPG tell ya that? Is it because you set it up in advance or just went browsing?
I cant help myself now – gotta go look!

22 JStar { 06.28.12 at 6:32 pm }

Yeah. Had a little squeeze as was wondering when Italy week begins. No spoilers! And yes, slack in Survivor recaps but will be sending Episode 9 tonight so enjoy! :p

23 kess { 06.29.12 at 1:39 pm }

Newsflash Treagen – neighbourhood houses/community centres, and various charities, all over Australia are already providing those cooking skills for adults from useless backgrounds… workplace every monday they can come and collect fresh produce and learn how to cook it.