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Guest Post: This Week’s Masterchef Odds

While the recap is coming and I can neither confirm or deny whether it has a saucy dream about one of the judges, here is this week’s odds to discuss who has gone up and down in the cooking pack.

Thanks Paul – Over to you:

$3.20 – Audra

$5.50 – Mindy

$10 – Amina, Kylie

$13 – Andy, Alice

$17 – Debra, Julia

$21 – Jules, Ben

$26 – Wade

$51 – Andrew, Beau

And for a bit of variety:

$1.90 – Audra or Mindy

$1.90 – Anybody else


$1.12 – Female Winner

$5.00 – Male Winner

The top two have cleared out and they look the clear standouts at this stage in the competition. Jules has dropped out from being a contender with some weak dishes coming from her the last week. If there is a smoky, it could be Alice who so far has seemed to fly under the radar.



1 The Oracle { 07.02.12 at 10:22 am }

Amina and Beau’s looked pretty average too, so I think the judges got it right this time. Looking forward to the pressure test.