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Masterchef Australia – The Heston Invention Test Did Not Really Blast Off

It was a flurry of fandom in the Masterchef kitchen when food wizard Heston Blummenthal walked in.  None more so than Alice who fell instantly in hipster love.

To be honest not sure if it was the post The Block low or whether the food combinations were just too strange but this episode was not as entertaining as I thought it would be.

Because you can’t have a straight forward make a curry challenge with Heston it had to be kooky and involve dry ice.

The challenge for the contestants was to pick one of six ingredients which was blue cheese, bacon, caviar, cauliflower, beetroot and Vegemite and then they would find out what is was paired with. The reveal showed that they all had to cook with chocolate.

The smarter ones picked ingredients that could go with either savoury or sweet.

Fast forward to some bizarre combinations. Most went for a dessert, though Amina was in a world of pain trying to combine caviar and chocolate. She had this huge lump of white chocolate mousse mixed with caviar on top of salmon. It looked unpalatable however Gary kindly said “Combination should work, but the texture was too sloppy”.

The problem with these food combinations is that it would have required a top chef to make it palatable.

Wade was first to be judged. By the way Wade fans would have liked the early shot with him getting out of bed with his jock straps on.

However fans would have been disappointed that he burnt the crust on his Chocolate and Hazelnut tart with Vegemite Pastry. “Weird but good weird” said Matt Preston, “If you like Vegemite and peanut this is the type of dessert you would go for”.

Julia’s Macarons with Vegemite and White Chocolate had George Calombaris gushing, “inspired, familiar and I love that addition of raspberry as it cleanses”.

Beau’s was a disgusting Deep Fried Cauliflower with Chilli Chocolate Sauce. He also made White chocolate and cauliflower sorbet/yoghurt to go with it.

“It is kind off like diving in to a swimming pool in the dark, you have no idea whether there is water there or not. ” Matt P Said. He thought the sorbet was the stand out. However he did not like the fried cauliflower.

Chocolate covered bacon with avocado ice cream was Mindy’s dish – “something wrong with the choc bacon bit ” said Gary. Like those slabs of bacon covered in chocolate?

Alice made White Chocolate Ice cream with Beetroot Jelly – Heston enjoyed it though it did look a bit of a mess on the plate but then if that was served to you at a high end restaurant it could be called art.

Debra made Chocolate and Beetroot Cake and beetroot and white chocolate ice cream. It was enough to keep her safe.

Jules made White Chocolate Mousse and Vegemite and Citrus Caramel. The judges were very impressed by the caramel on a early tasting. However they said the mousse was very rich.  Heston said nice and clean and needed a bit more acidity to cut through the mousse.

Andrew made Chocolate and Blue Cheese Sponge – George did not like it as it left a funny taste on his palate. Heston said very ambitious and great effort which was code for it sucks.

We did not get to see Ben, Andy or Audra’s dishes.

Kylie made Blue Cheese and honey sundae with chocolate fudge sauce. Very exciting dish all round said Heston. It did look the most appetising. It was no surprise she made top three with Julia and Jules and also no surprise when she won.

Bottom three were Andrew, Beau and Amina. Amina looked surprised. It was her eighth time in an elimination.  Andrew who appears to have a mortgage on Monday night pressure test spot said the black ninja is coming tomorrow. Surely he cannot last another one?


1 EH { 07.02.12 at 2:27 pm }

I like to see what the other contestants cook with the cauliflower chocolate combo besides Beau. Interestingly Ben & Andy are the other two who picked cauliflower & they didn’t show both of their dishes.

Last night challenge was like playing Russian roulette. Pick cauliflower or caviar and you are almost as dead as a dodo. Not a fair competition, more like a game show, luck plays a big part in winning. 

Agree with RR, Heston episode didn’t have a wow factor like last season with the bubbling milkshake & burger. We have already seen the  liquid nitrogen ice cream trick by Andrew & Emma on MKR.

Kylie should to be crowned wacky food queen with her quirky winning bacon marshmallow mayo doughnuts & blue cheese + chocolate concoction. Can she cook normal food though?

Amina got a lot of air time last night & she was mentioned several times on MC official tweets. I don’t want her to go but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Emma cries and talks at the same time. Anima usually wipes her tears and then talk calmly. It is less irritating.

In my opinion, beetroot & bacon are the safest option. I have made beetroot brownies before & they are delicious.

Interesting to see if Mindy is going to help Beau or Andrew.

Joseph Skyrim #15 – Thanks. Beau said I have never made sorbet before.

CB #21 – Business class for Amina will do. Doubt the 3 judges can fit into cattle class. 

Littlepetal #38 – Interesting! Why do you think Shine want a male winner? Is it the female, male, female, male theory? RR also predicted a guy will win.

Sioux denim #39 – Vincent Gadan is a pastry chef. He had to cook a roast pork against Hayden for immunity challenge in S3.

Sofi #43 – Seared scallops with white chocolate foam topped with caviar?

2 Andy Pandy { 07.02.12 at 2:28 pm }

LULU, I agree with everything you say, I wonder if these comments ever get back to George and company that we do notice how rude they are to some contestants and fawn over others that they like? One day Andrew is going to tell them where to stick it! There’s no need for it. Also, I prefer good wholesome food than the pretentious, expensive stuff served by Heston B. any day.

3 Isabel { 07.02.12 at 2:40 pm }

Can’t Boil Water: maybe I read CB’s entry wrong! I just thought 11 seats must mean 2 for someone …… and who would need 2 seats .. now I’d better stop before I get accused of being derogatory. I call George and Gary Grumblebums ….

I think I read somewhere that the judges travelled separately to the contestants – probably so it wouldn’t look too bad if they were sitting up front and the rest down the back. They obviously didn’t stay in the same accommodation because they didn’t get the gastro problem!

4 J-Ko { 07.02.12 at 3:21 pm }

I’d hate to see Beau go as I like him, he’s cute in his own bogan way :)

5 kess { 07.02.12 at 3:31 pm }

Do you think Julia and Andrew have already told George to get stuffed off camera?
Of the peeps I first liked, only one is still likeable – Amina.

Used to like Mindy, yuck she’s a – more you know her less to like; same with Audra.
Well maybe being favourites doesn’t help.
Mindy should be in the this elimination.
This shouldn’t be an elimination at all – really, what a joke, science experiment everyone – but just have fun.

6 EH { 07.02.12 at 3:35 pm }

If MC raised their winning prize as high as The Block, I am sure we will see better amatar cooks on the show. They might even spend time to practice basic skills.

7 Culinary Boner { 07.02.12 at 4:11 pm }

Guess I’m a just a literal sort of guy, so you can read my comments about airline seating requirements (and Channel 10’s stinginess regarding buying seats for any of the amatas in the pointy end of the plane) as they appear.

I quite like Amina in terms of both her cooking and personality but would be really shitty if either she or Matt P were crammed next to me on a long-haul cattle class flight.

Though factoring in Gary and George as well, perhaps this is the option Ten eventually went for:

Thunderbirds are Go!!!

8 Baz { 07.02.12 at 4:19 pm }

Every time Fat Gaz was spazzing out over Kylie and her chocolate covered bacon, I wanted to punch someone. Vegemite and chocolate? Bacon in desserts? Blue cheese and chocolate?! It’s all been done before zzzzzzz. Get with the times Gaz. And another thing big boy, it’s MACARONS not MACAROONS. For fuck sake get it right especially in front of Heston. And that goes for all the bogans on twitter who was shitting on Julia for saying macarons.

Btw can we just kick off Alice already? She’s getting a little paedophile-creepy and she’s making my balls shrivel.

9 JLP { 07.02.12 at 4:23 pm }

All the best Amina I will be praying with you.

10 Culinary Boner { 07.02.12 at 4:43 pm }

littlepetal, thanks for the Ajay link.

Now if only she’d progress from Dial-a-Star to Dial-a-(celeb)Shag.
Oh well, one step at a time, I suppose.
Not only is Ajay a Love Goddess Extraordinaire, but she’s a creative genius and has come up with her very own twitter hashtag – #Twiet!!
As in “Twitter Diet” –

No wonder she gives me the horn.

11 JStar { 07.02.12 at 4:55 pm }

Editors must have known this episode was not as exciting as it should have been so it was padded out with gratuitous sexy shots of Wade, Andy, and Ben in their underwear. So why no loving for the sexy underwear shots of Julia, Mindy, and Kylie? Surely George has a lot more power to demand such a show! LOL!

12 brain dead dave { 07.02.12 at 5:02 pm }

Beau’s looks a goner. Wouldn’t surprise me if he thought sorbet was some kind of toilet tissue.

Beige Ben making the top 3, just the idea of it makes me feel $ick. Ch 10 should burrito their heads in shame if that comes to pass.

13 Bolders { 07.02.12 at 5:18 pm }

Baz #58 – thanks for putting er, your finger on it. I knew there was somethinga bout Alice creeping me out.
And BDD # 62 – Tee Hee. Sorbet!

Disclaimer: nothing in this post is intended to cast unlawful aspersions on anyone for anything at anytime. I am not a cyberBully!
I just dont like anyone on TV anymore.

14 Adi { 07.02.12 at 5:39 pm }

Another one getting tired of George trying to bait Julia. “Do you think you’re safe?” What is she supposed to say? No?

15 EH { 07.02.12 at 5:46 pm }

CB – Billy & Alana flew business class to NYC last season (for winning some challenge or cooking some of the best dishes of the week?). So you never know……. They will find a way…….. :p

16 lulu { 07.02.12 at 6:07 pm }

Haha, beige Ben – yes, he’s so boring … and not even good-looking enough to warrant it.
Also curious as to why everybody’s Hestonesque muck wasn’t tasted; especially that of catering queen, Audra. Why not, is she a protected species?

17 Morgan { 07.02.12 at 6:36 pm }

I’m not getting the Ben hate. I think he’s good. =/

Lulu – I’m sure Audra’s was tasted, it just wasn’t aired.

18 fairybreadgirl { 07.02.12 at 6:48 pm }

There is definitely at team challenge on Wednesday as the information page on my dvd recorder tells me which colour team loses and is in the elimination episode on thursday.

19 Reality Raver { 07.02.12 at 6:55 pm }

FairyBreadGirl – Thanks for the heads up much appreciated and thanks for not giving the team away, as some people like to watch without spoilers.

20 robbo { 07.02.12 at 7:29 pm }

And it further says that it is two of the five person losing team that is going home. I guess that means it is a two part challenge with the top two again missing out on being placed in a team.

Would expect that they would be looking at a six/four split in the ten going to Italy therefore I predict there will be two girls and one boy going home this week. Eight/two possible but less likely IMHO.

21 Culinary Boner { 07.02.12 at 8:30 pm }

The smart contestants chose beetroot.
As they say, ya can’t beat a root.

22 Georgie { 07.02.12 at 8:37 pm }

But if you’re not careful when marrying it with chocolate, you can root a beet.

23 littlepetal { 07.02.12 at 8:47 pm }

Some fiery tweets from Adriano Zumbo regarding the remark from Masterchef :

#MasterChefAU Pressure Test from Vincent Gadan – the patissier who trained Adriano Zumbo – is on the cards for Andrew, Amina and Beau!
Zumbo tweeted:
@MasterChef_Aust I just want to clarify that I was not trained by Vincent Gadan , and im very dissapointed to of found out via national TV

@MasterChef_Aust as a Chef its disrespectful to the people who actually trained me.

@littlerenee @MasterChef_Aust I was trained by sam campisi and dean gibson , and the further education I did in france

Maybe Channel Ten ploy to get publicity for MC

24 WilyKayute { 07.02.12 at 9:54 pm }

Simone (18), I don’t know why you’re whining about Amina involving you in her religious practices for, it’s not like she was yelling ‘Allahuakbar’ and encouraging you to convert to Islam, she was just sitting on the floor of her room with her rosary beads in her hand. Get a grip, gf.

25 EH { 07.02.12 at 10:00 pm }

Gary chipped in: @crispycracking He didn’t actually train Adriano. But there’s a lot of mutual Respect..!

And they edited out the promo conversation between Matt P & Beau.

Think it was a genuine mistake.

Does it mean we won’t see Zumbo this season? He is more likeable & camera friendly than Vincent Gadan.

26 brain dead dave { 07.02.12 at 10:42 pm }

Okay , the show should be over in Perth.

Beau , I am in awe of your skill to keep the tears and the firey story under your hat for so long and play it just at the right time. The $tooges bought it big time.
Plus to “never have tempered chocolate before” and then pull that out of your ****.

Oi Oi Oi!

27 littlepetal { 07.02.12 at 11:14 pm }

EH- Another one for you. I have never tempered chocolate before

28 Red { 07.02.12 at 11:55 pm }

@ Simone 18

Well to be honest she’s quite a good sport. Dunno how I’d feel about being taped during such a private moment not to mention being interrupted for an impromptu interview…
Also Amina and the others don’t choose what goes on air. I def agree that Mindys dish looked awful and Inedible. She should have been in the bottom maybe instead of Andrew…

29 Simone { 07.03.12 at 7:46 am }

@Wilykayute, I’m questioning the need for the inclusion of religion in a cooking show. In what way is it relevant? I’d ask the same questions if we followed another contestant into a Protestant church or watched someone setting up their Wiccan circle. I’m interested in what they cook, not which mythological entities they worship.

30 EH { 07.03.12 at 10:42 am }

Thanks Littlepetal #77.

Simone, Wilykayute – MC has done it again & again. Dalai Lama copped them a lot of flack last year but apparently they didn’t learn the lesson from it.