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The Amazing Race – Racing In Istanbul

Paul and Steve set off from the the pit stop first in Istanbul and made it to the turkish bath to scrub each other down to reveal their next clue as it was in the soap.

After being initially shy they got into the traditional turkish way of washing.

Michelle and Jo said it was some peoples fantasies to have to two twins scrubbing each other. Also they met Sam and Sticky fantasies and Sam suggested they swap partners. They declined, however Sam made sure he was going to get a good eyeful as he was being scrubbed. I note they did not suggest a swap when the italian sisters arrived at the baths.

Grace and Joseph said it was awkward but they got on with it.

Once the soap had been whittled away it said there was a detour.

The choice was between shine or design. Shine was to polish ten customers shoes for four lire each, and design was to identify a pattern on a rug in a carpet shop.

Suffice to say most teams chose Shine.

Paul and Steve were there first and had a hard time finding customers however they did finish before anyone else arrived, but they then hit an intersection where they had to wait for the next team to arrive to complete the challenge.

Karma came and bit them as they had earlier yielded Michelle and Jo.

The girls had made up the time on the challenge as they had turkish men lining up to have their shoes polished by blondes. Grace was not having quite as much luck as she thought her flirtatious manner might work. She probably did not realise that she looked Turkish and the conservative country may not have liked to have seen one of their “compatriots” acting in that way.

At the carpet shop the coppers found Sticky and Sam’s rug and showed them. They in turned stayed and helped until the coppers decided to swap tasks

The italian girls were opportunistic were wanting to do some quality perving and they thought the shine challenge delivered. It is a wonder her head didn’t explode when she saw the guys oiled up for the oil wrestling challenge. They are a lot of fun.

Finally James and Sarah, and Tarryn and Ross got to leave the pit stop after their four hour penalty for not completing the roadblock in the last episode. Tarryn and Ross would have to come first in the leg, which was looking unlikely, or get a 30 minute time penalty at the pit stop.

Sarah and James were having fun at the bath house, and I did notice Ross was caught on camera ogling Sarah in her bikini.

The cheerleaders got to the intersection and decided not to have a crack at the boys about being yielded and just got on with to the oil wrestling challenge. Where the four of them were oiled up going head to head against wrestlers to grab a genie lamp.

This was always going to be a tad dangerous and Michelle got belted around the neck and went down injured. This time the camera man did get the money shot of the hit.

It was off to the Roadblock where they had to twirl for five minutes. Jo thought it was going to be easy as it was a twirling dance. Steve did it for Paul and he was quite smart as he kept his eyes in one spot to stop getting dizzy.

Jo fell over and had to do it again.

Steve finished first and got to the pit stop first and won a Bing Lee package.  Jo finished twirling and looked like she was about to puke but they did manage to make it to the pit stop second.

Tarryn and Ross got out of the detour before Sarah and James however had to wait for them at the Intersection and this was the nail in their coffin.

1. Paul and Steve

2. Michelle and Jo

3. Joseph and Grace

4. Sticky and Sam

5. Lucy and Emilia

6. Shane and Andrew

7. Sarah and James

8. Tarryn and Ross were eliminated.



1 TickledPink { 07.03.12 at 3:36 pm }

I loved that Sticky & Sam stayed back to help the cops.. good karma!!
I still cant believe how good the Italian girls are going.. good on them.
was an entertaining episode, cant wait for next week

2 Daze { 07.03.12 at 3:58 pm }

Yes, I’m realllllly enjoying it. Not as contrived as MCA and a genuine nice bunch of people. Loved seeing Dubai and Instanbul, a trip down memory lane. I’m for the Italian Girls and Sticky and Sam and the Twins and the Cops – all my favourites and so down to earth.

3 Georgie { 07.03.12 at 4:23 pm }

I got the impression from the word go, that Ross and Tarryn were carrying a lot more baggage than their backpacks.

4 EH { 07.03.12 at 6:00 pm }

Love it! There are many lol moments, especially during the twirling dance.  

So much better when the episode is not all about bitching of Paul. We get to see more of the other contestants. 

 Loving the new 7:30pm time slot means the family can watch the show together. Although it is rated PG, it was a little awkward watching the Turkish bath scene with young kid around.

 It has rated 1.1M. Well done! 

5 Daze { 07.03.12 at 6:19 pm }

@EH, yes that’s what I thought, and what about 2 mates washing each other (Paul Sticky Shane duos) and a dad and daughter ewww (who writes these scripts?)
No wonder Ross got the lamp, the burly Turkish wrestlers where too busy goggling the boobies, lol.

6 EH { 07.03.12 at 7:39 pm }

Yes, it was an awkward moment when my miss 10 turned to her dad with a serious tone, “There is no way I am going to scrub you on national tv.” lol.

7 Bec { 07.03.12 at 9:09 pm }

It was virtually impossible for Ross and Taryn to avoid being eliminated as there were no opportunities to make up significant time this leg. The Intersection guaranteed they would be paired up with James and Sarah and there was no way to get ahead by half an hour when the twirling only took 5 minutes (and mustn’t have been that hard as only Jo fell over – all other teams got straight through). I know they were lucky to not be eliminated the previous week, but the outcome was very obvious and seemed a bit rigged.

8 Davo { 07.03.12 at 9:10 pm }

Disappointed in this leg. Usually after a 30-minute penalty for a non-elimination there is travel involved to help the last placed team catch up. That way at least there’s some drama as to whether they can win the leg and avoid the penalty. There was no chance of Ross and Tarryn ever getting close in this leg.

At least Paul was a bit less douche-y.

9 Sioux Denim { 07.03.12 at 10:32 pm }

Love, love, love this show and definitely love it a little bit more with the 7.30pm timeslot too!

I was talking to my brother tonight and we both agreed that we dont really care who wins it at all – even Paul – they really have again managed to get a great group of people.

Sarah even came across as a lot more calmer and caring this episode – I am really getting to like her.

Would be astounded if the Italian girls got up to win but there is not much you cant like about them – hialrious, good fun, good friends – great to see….

Great karma too from Sticky and Sam, reckon that will hold them in good stead – am actually surprised that the coppers are doing better than they are………….

10 AnonyMousse { 07.04.12 at 9:32 am }

Normally I don’t put stock in the conspiracy theory that the non-elimination rounds are rigged, as the American version has to setup challenges in the next country and there wouldn’t be time for that. In the Australian version though, there are no speedbumps to setup which makes me wonder if the non-elimination round was supposed to be the week before, but couldn’t be used then due to the last team never arriving at the mat (they probably can’t get non-eliminated if they don’t ever reach the mat, after all).

11 Reality Raver { 07.04.12 at 10:22 am }

Anonymousse – At first I thought you were on the money on your conspiracy theory. However if you have an intersection you have to have eight teams and if it had been a non-elimination leg in Dubai – one would have been eliminated in the previous episode and there would have been only seven.

The intersection has the advantage of bringing a team too far at the front back to the pack, but conversely as Tarryn and Ross found out it meant they had to wait for the last team. In hindsight the intersection was a bit of a pain for them. However in theory if they had managed to leap ahead of another team and they would have had a buffer there for the last group to form.
Maybe the producers had not counted on two teams taking a four hour penalty.

12 KatInEurope { 07.04.12 at 10:29 pm }

Loved Jo’s face after the spinning – she was a goner.
The Italians are TV GOLD.
But yes, the casting has been brilliant, can’t wait for next week!

13 AnonyMousse { 07.05.12 at 1:37 am }

Reality Raver – no, that’s not right. If Dubai (3 episodes ago) was the non-elimination round and that team that got lost had instead found their way (resulting in no teams eliminated that episode), then a team would have instead been eliminated after that pillar puzzle the next episode, resulting in the same number of (even) teams ready for the intersection.

14 AnonyMousse { 07.05.12 at 1:46 am }

What I meant in the above post was:
As it happened:
1 team eliminated 3 episodes ago, 0 teams eliminated 2 episodes ago, leaving 8 teams for the intersection 1 episode ago.
If Dubai had been non-elim and no people got lost (ie all teams made it to the mat):
0 teams eliminated 3 episodes ago (non-elim), 1 team eliminated 2 episodes ago, leaving 8 teams for the intersection 1 episode ago.