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Guest Post: Masterchef Australia’s – The Odds – The Top Ten

The competition is heating up now we have a top ten. Amina has given her opinion about the Top Ten in the Herald Sun. However I think Paul’s assessment of the Top Ten is more on the money. After this week I thought Kylie might be a winner, but will agree with some commenters on this blog that I can’t see a dessert person winning two years in a row.

Over to Paul:

$3.50 – Audra

$5.00 – Mindy, Kylie

$9.00 – Andy, Julia

$15.00 – Alice

$21.00 – Ben, Wade, Debra

$41.00 – Beau

Final Ten Formguide

Audra – Never puts up a bad dish and seems to be the best all round cook. Questionable sometimes in team challenges and will losing Amina impact her ?

Mindy – Probably not as talented as Audra but a strong competitor. Desserts could be a weakness.

Kylie – Seems to be thriving as the competition goes on. Great in team challenges. Not as consistent as Mindy & Audra but probably has more scope to put up a really outstanding dish if required.

Andy – Doesn’t seem to do anything wrong, but not sure how he would go in a one on one challenge against either of the top 3 girls.

Julia – Best competitor left. Extremely focused and that could carry her a long way.

Alice – Popular but frankly I haven’t really seen enough of her cooking !!!!

Ben – Don’t think he’s good enough to win it all.

Wade – Improving and determined but not enough variety in my opinion.

Debra – Great cook but her temperement is debatable and I can see that letting her down sooner rather than later.

Beau – Good bloke to have a beer with but can’t see him winning.


1 JJ { 07.13.12 at 8:36 am }

In the herald sun article about Amina and the Top Ten….did anyone else notice they’ve called Beau…Wade.

Yup, Wade’s on there twice and poor Beau (again I think) gets missed out.

Also on Amina’s views on them…she says something nice and a bit personal about everyone, except Debra, who she just states ‘She wants to do this, I think she could’….guessing the tension isn’t just for camera.