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Masterchef Australia – Well Here Was The Controversial Elimination

Well Marco-Pierre White is a frigging genius apparently he is a tad psychic “In a very short while I will know exactly who you are by the way you hold your knife, by the way you touch food, and by the way you put it on your plate.”

He did not at that stage announce who was going to be eliminated.

Actually he was just mind f**king the contestants and of course play acting. Even with all his over acting shenanigan he was a great guest judge.

Also with his knife holding antics women viewers could not help but have Fifty Shades Of Grey fantasies about him.

It was a double elimination and and the six from the blue team had to cook a three course meal. However if your entree was judged to be the top three then you were safe and did not have to cook the next two courses. Wade was made safe at once when the judges tasted his Brussel Sprout and White Anchovy Salad. Audra’s Sashimi also got her through, and Debra’s more rustic Brushcetta with tomato and goats cheese also saw her grab a top ten position.

It appeared Marco’s advice to the contestants was right keep it simple, and Debra’s big flavours got her through.

Amina’s flavours in the entree of Ocean Trout Capaccio were too big as Marco said the dressing overpowered the “salmon”. This appeared to be code for too much chilli.

Something she decided not to put in main course.

Andy had to cook again because he burnt his fish, and Jules’s Prawns with Tarragon Butter Sauce with asparagus did not hit the spit either.

With only Jules, Amina and Andy left the pressure was on.

Ben was moaning on the balcony how the top ten would  not feel right unless Andy was there. Thankfully he did not run down and offer to swap places with him.

Jules, Amina and Andy had to make a main course to be served in 45 minutes with a dessert to be served 15 minutes after that.

Amina was making a blue eyed trevalla tangine there were gasps from the judges when she poured in a jar of passata. Clearly they are not a sponsor. George thought there would have been time for her to chop up her own tomato. I wonder what Gary would have said if she had put in the Masterfood Moroccan Spice Mix in.

Jules was making Fennel, Mint and Grape fruit Salad served with a piece of Ocean Trout.

Andy was making Duck with Braised Red Cabbage. He was not going to start his dessert until he finished his main. Did he mishear the instructions? He could have started cooking it the first 45 minutes like the girls did.

Marco Pierre was wandering around advising and also creating a bit of tension. Andy just finished but did not get a chance to wipe his plate.

Gary thought the plate was mucky but he liked it. Marco said the duck was better than he thought it would be.

Gary thought Amina’s dish was perfectly cooked but he thought the dish lacked flavour.

Jules dish looked nice and fresh. George thought it needed more seasoning, however he thought in terms of flavour it was delicious.

For dessert Amina was making Rice Pudding with Orange Blossom and she was blitzing it to try and make it glutenous as it normally takes two hours to cook. However the judges liked it but said it was undercooked.

Jules made a Mascarpone Trifle with a Macadamia Crumble it looked great.  George thought it was a great finish however Gary thought the cream was a bit heavy.

Andy made a simple Grilled Figs with a Honey Grape Dressing. Gary said it was not his cup of tea but gushed over how wonderfully Andy had quinnelled his cream.

Gary told Andy he was safe. He also told Amina it had been a narrow margin and how they had wanted her to stay in competition basically saying Jules was never in it.

On last night’s cooking Amina’s dishes were not the stand out ones, so definitely should have gone home if that was the criteria. However I am not sure Andy’s were either.  Or maybe the judges including Marco as his opinion was sought was turned by the pretty face of Andy.

Jules was basically never in it, however I thought her food looked the most appetising. Maybe they did not want to have seven women in the top ten.

Anyhow we now have a top ten, and they are Audra, Mindy, Alice, Julia, Kylie, Debra, Andy, Beau, Ben, and Wade.

Everyone was sad that they left, but then the judges made the big announcement about Italy. Everyone went wild and hugging well except for Kylie with Debra, when she went in for the hug Kylie appears to push her away. Thanks Heath for the tip off.

Poor Deb looks like no one will be wanting to sit next to her on the long flight to Italy.


Jules is currently working in two high end restaurants in Darwin, and Amina is working on a sauce, spice range including labna balls. She is also looking for finance to open a cafe. Amina will be one of the contestants from this year to be successful.

Should Amina have been saved because she is the better cook of the three or should it have been judged on the best food of the challenge? Who do you think should have been put through to the top ten.


1 she-dragon { 08.30.12 at 7:31 pm }

I think Amina’s elimination was controversial indeed, Gary is biased and this is absolutely ridiculous. I personally don’t have anything against him but he along with the other judges was highly unfair. Never letting her fight for immunity even though her dishes out stood every time. What a pity, this show is going Dowwwn for sure.

2 misterfoodfly. { 12.26.12 at 10:12 pm }

Sighhhh….if only people knew.
1) it’s NOT about the food.
2) It’s about making television for viewers to watch and make Shone Australia some mulla.
3) Don’t judge what you see. Imagine what happened, that YOU DIDN’T SEE.
4) Judges have favorites and are at times seem plainly mysogynistic towards some contestants.
5) That list of foods the contestants claim to not have ever cooked before? Umm its true.
6) As a judge, you can have anyone eliminated, keeping your faves on the show? All you have to do is claim the food tastes like sh*t. No one will ever know otherwise.
7) As a Producer, you can have anyone eliminated, keeping your faves on the show? All you have to do is whisper in the ear pieces the judges wear and order them to claim the food tastes like sh*t. No one will ever know otherwise.
There. Your show is born. Don’t get emotional people. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. It’s made for TV….T.V.

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