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Now Casting For The Great Australian Bake Off

If you think you are the next Julia, Kylie or Kate Bracks and can’t be bothered practising your sous vide technique for Masterchef,  then The Great Australian Bake Off could be the reality TV show for you.

This baking reality TV show, to be shown on NINE later this year, is looking for Australia’s best amateur baker. Go here to apply . Take note that they are asking about your skills on pies, cakes, tarts, pizza, pastry and bread so start practising.

Also since it is Australian I would also practice cooking lamingtons and vanilla slices….

I think there will a huge amount of applicants. There has been no announcement on who the host is or what the prize will be, but expect at a minimum a book deal.

The show is based on the format of The Great British Bake Off so if you want to check that out there are episodes on YouTube.

The Great Australian Bake Off will be seen on Channel NINE later this year.


1 Culinary Boner { 07.06.12 at 11:59 am }

I’d prefer the “Great Australian Fry Off” chico roll challenge – cooking them AND eating them.

2 Georgie { 07.06.12 at 12:00 pm }

“Also since it is Australian I would also practice cooking lamingtons and vanilla slices….”

And scones RR.

This show sounds like it’s made for Flippo – I hope he applies.

3 Andrea { 07.06.12 at 12:19 pm }

Neenish tarts, finger buns, sausage rolls, anything from the CWA cookbook.

Expect to see Julie Goodwin on the show due to her TV deal with Channel Nine. And the AWW cooking team (Pamela Clark etc).

4 littlepetal { 07.06.12 at 12:27 pm }

So finally Channel 9 is jumping on the bandwagon. It’s a bit late but I like the idea at this stage. Will definitely watch.

5 Sioux Denim { 07.06.12 at 2:03 pm }

Sounds good – will def be watching this…………

6 EH { 07.06.12 at 2:04 pm }

Since it is a great bake off, not a show like Top Chef: Just Dessert, I assume it won’t be any “Essence of a woman” type of dessert challenge? Come to think of it, was there any baking element in that dessert at all?

7 Culinary Boner { 07.06.12 at 2:12 pm }

EH, I was going to make a crack about half-baked and the very essence of women.

8 EH { 07.06.12 at 2:18 pm }

CB – Woman & essence aside, may be the contestants have to bake a 3D dude cake? It is rated PG, right RR?

9 Morgan { 07.06.12 at 2:19 pm }

Might give it a watch, but it dosen’t sound too interesting, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are looking for a Julie Goodwin-type contestant to win, seeing this is Channel 9.

10 Jess { 07.06.12 at 7:31 pm }

Having seen parts of the British version, I must say…it is not a very exciting show. Then again, they might MasterChef it up and make it more exciting.

11 Jruth { 07.07.12 at 7:02 pm }

This is the sort of show where we won’t be wantingto hear:
* I’ve never made scones before
* I haven’t baked a cake in years
* This is the first time I’ve made lamingtons
* I don’t usually cook things with vanilla essence…

12 EH { 07.07.12 at 7:08 pm }

Or I have never used an oven before.

13 Andy Pandy { 07.07.12 at 7:42 pm }

People such as Fillipo, Julia and Kylie should have waited for this show instead of going on Masterchef, it would suit them down to the ground.

14 Morgan { 07.07.12 at 7:44 pm }

Bet you $50 there will be one person who’s never baked a loaf of bread before.

15 littlepetal { 07.07.12 at 7:56 pm }

What about ‘I have never used flour in my baking before??’ or ‘I have never used a piping bag before?’

Come to think of it, I think Wade said he has never used a piping bag before. Another one for you, EH

16 EH { 07.07.12 at 10:40 pm }

Good one, Littlepetal!

The possibilities are endless….

I have never used fresh yeast before
I have never melted chocolate before
I have never tasted macarons before
I have never used a sugar thermometer before
I have never made caramel before
I have never iced a cake before
I have never made chocolate ganache before
I have never baked with sugar before because the only cookbook I read is written by Sarah Wilson

The show stopper will be the judges confront a contestant about their failure & they finally confess, “I have never baked anything before, never ever, in my entire life.”

17 Jruth { 07.08.12 at 1:58 pm }

I love it EH and Little Petal!

18 littlepetal { 07.08.12 at 4:16 pm }

We are getting our hopes high, girls. This is no Channel 9 and hopefully they are read the feedback and blogs on MC and MKR, they won’t make the same mistakes as MC.

I do think the producers do get feedback from the blogs. I don’t see those irritating ad breaks any more. The one where they come back from an ad break, show you 10s of the episode and then go into another ad break. Unless I have missed them as I usually get up and do something when the ad is on.

19 jane walken { 09.10.12 at 4:53 pm }

I love the sound of this, hope an older guy wins it for once, i like seeing men bake :)