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The Amazing Race Australia – Taxigate

The third wave of feminism appears to have by-passed Grace who again thinks that if a wife can’t cook what else is she good for and she meant it. Grace seems to think that being flirty and stupid is going to get her everything she wants in life, and maybe it will but she needs to be careful what she wishes for as who wants to have a husband who wants your main attribute to be your cooking skills.

Grace was involved in the other big controversy of the episode where her and brother Joseph took James and Sarah’s taxi in a deserted industrial area of Paris. Now people pinching cabs in the race is nothing new, but actually paying off the taxi metre and taking their bags out of the car is. It did not put them in a good light and I wonder if they asked themselves the question would Paul and Steve do this? I wonder if they would.

Grace was justifying it as part of the race, and that she wanted them out. She admitted she would not have done it to some of the other teams. Sarah was upset and James just hung back not saying a word. I don’t blame her for being angry with him. They should have opened the boot and taken out their bags and had a rumble at Rungis markets.

The leg started in Istanbul and it was off to Paris. The Italian sisters were excited as the eldest one actually spoke and taught french.

Paul and Steve and the cheerleaders were on the first plane out, then Sticky and Sam, the Italian girls, and Joseph and Grace were on the next one. Finally James and Sarah were three hours behind the pack getting on an early evening flight. By the way the cougar will need to find a new toy boy as they have now broken up.

There first challenge was at Le Cordon Bleu the famous cooking school for a Roadblock.  They had to cook a grand marnier souffle. For the early arrivals they had to wait until the allotted cooking time to start which enabled teams from the second plane to catch up.

It took Grace two hours to make her souffle but she wasn’t the last out.

Steve was the first one to finish and he passed the taste test.

They were off to Rungis Market find the cheese and deliver it to a specific cheese shop.

The Italian girls who were running at the front of the pack for the first time ever were second to finish the cooking challenge. Michelle had to go back and make another one with left over mixture as she had under cooked it.  The last out was Sarah but now they were only 15 minutes behind.

However that did not last long because after Grace and Joseph took their taxi they were stuck at the wholesale food market as it was in a taxi dead zone and had to wait for another team to arrive. There was a lot of tension between them and as Sarah said this was not a the city of love for them.

Then the teams had to go to Debilly footbridge to find a painter where they were told they were off to Cuba. It was a fleeting visit to Paris they spent less than 24 hours in the town.

All teams were on the first flight to Havana except for Sticky and Sam, and James and Sarah.

They had to get to Club Tropicana to get their next clue in some old clapped out cars and it ended up causing chaos. It took the cheerleaders half an hour to get out of the airport, and the Italian girls had to change cars and in a bad strategy move they also did not have a map.

Cars were braking down and teams were getting lost. Grace got a group of guys to jump start the car but then later on the car started having smoke seep from the hood. Hopefully that was karma.

The Cheerleaders also got assistance with a jump start and then a local helped with driving. Smart move or breaking the rules? Should they receive a penalty for that the pitstop?

The policemen were again cursed by transport with their car breaking down as well. Andrew at least was trying to fix it as Steve was having a hissy fit.

Paul and Steve were the first team to arrive at the Hotel Nicolau however it was fake pitstop and the teams had to continue racing.

At this stage it is anyones guess who is going to be eliminated as a lot of the teams are in difficulty, but one scene that will be entertaining is when Sarah confronts Grace about her pinching her cab.


1 PollyB { 07.10.12 at 7:39 am }

I loved this ep. Instanbul, Paris & Havana all in a day or so. What a lark.
God help us if Grace represents the current crop of young women in this country. I’m truly perplexed. It used to be ‘cheerleader’ who were stereotyped as the bimbo, not in this show.

2 EH { 07.10.12 at 8:35 am }

This episode is super awesome!!

Though Paul is cocky but so far they have won their race fair & square. The same can’t be said for Grace. If I were Sarah, I will get in the taxi & won’t budge.

Have Sarah & James broken up? I thought she was joking. 

Can’t wait for next week when Sarah confronts Grace.

3 Reality Raver { 07.10.12 at 9:05 am }

EH – I would have hauled their bags out of the car. The break up was in the newspaper on the weekend.

Polly B – LOL you are right about the stereotypes but those cheerleaders are doing a fantastic job. I hope they win.

4 Dr Geoffrey's Ready Anytime { 07.10.12 at 9:10 am }

‘Grace who again thinks that if a wife can’t cook what else is she good for’


“Hey Brynne, can stop walking around the house naked? Now put on yer apron and whip me up some squid ink gnocchi, will ya luv?”

5 Bolders { 07.10.12 at 9:35 am }

I am starting to think that Grace is a little, er, simple. Which is scarier because it means that this little performance she is putting on is no act.

I know it’s been commented before but I can’t get past that woman’s eyebrows. Does she KNOW she looks like that? Or was it an accident? Every day, the same accident.

6 Chunks { 07.10.12 at 11:17 am }

Why the hell would you drag them to Paris and then spend less than 24 hours there. Talk about robbed. And now it looks like they’re already heading back to Australia. Run out of cash maybe? I’m with you RR, I’d love to see the cheerleaders win but would settle for Sticky and Sam. Hoping karma will bite Grace and the cougar. Both awful.

7 Gy { 07.10.12 at 12:12 pm }

I decided to do a quick search on Wikipedia and found this place:,_British_Columbia

Just speculating but considering that they’re already in the Americas, it could be where they’re headed next.

8 Sioux Denim { 07.10.12 at 12:21 pm }

Wow – I would have biatch slapped Grace and hauled her and her luggage from the car…….. I actually didnt get much from Joseph but I wonder if he did intimdate James and that is why he didnt say anything. Hope Sarah gives her a right bollocking in the next episode.

Never have seen a US version of this so at first thought it was against the rules to steal their cab but obviously it has been done before…..

Love the Italian girls but dissappointed they lost ground in Havanna – hope they stick around for a while.

Agree RR – would love the see the cheerleaders (or Italiaan girls) win this!

Good call Gy on The Americas – you probably spot on!

Was bit of an anti-climax with the fake pit-stop – is this also a regular thing?

9 PollyB { 07.10.12 at 1:18 pm }

I was only pointing out the difference between the twins & Joey’s sister. I hope the twins do well, along with the sisters and Sticky and Sam, well all of them really, except Joey & his sister!

10 sheng { 07.10.12 at 4:12 pm }

whos everyones pick to win it so far?

the italian sisters are surprising me each week though i dont think they can win.
sticky and sam who have had equal most wins (2 same as paul and steve) are now trailing behind with james and sarah.
the two cheerleaders seem to be the most consistent, but they havent won a leg yet.

11 Sioux Denim { 07.10.12 at 4:18 pm }

I’m gonna say the Twins!

12 EH { 07.10.12 at 7:19 pm }

Gy – I think you may be right because the preview showed Sticky & Sam say, “DRIVE yourself to Australia.” It must be a very long drive………

13 jeremy { 07.10.12 at 9:20 pm }

The taxi act was really low in my opinion. Grace is quite a nasty person so far as I’ve seen. I didn’t like the way she targeted Paul ‘for entertainment’ in an episode a while ago – it was a classic example of bullying. Her flirtiness really irritates me – very much in line with the silly cooking remark though.

14 BS { 07.10.12 at 10:48 pm }

Australia is the name of a town about 150km south-east of Havana.

15 KatInEurope { 07.16.12 at 7:57 pm }

Agreed on Grace and also the eyebrows.
Also like the the twins for the win, I love it Italians, hope they get more chances to perve 😀

16 Sioux Denim { 07.16.12 at 11:02 pm }

Aw, sad with tonights result – would have much preferred that horrible Grace to go – how fake is she??? Well played James & Sarah too for getting their act together for once……

17 PollyB { 07.17.12 at 2:43 pm }

Yeh, sad to see Sam & Sticky leave. Would have preferred Grace. Spoilt princess bitch is she.

18 Reality Raver { 07.17.12 at 2:44 pm }

Doing the recap now got sidetracked by the other two.

19 Ash { 07.18.12 at 9:12 pm }

Each time I watch the race now I want Grace to totally crash out. Stupid B**tch. She is so fake and I wish Sarah had side swiped her. Lets hope she gets sent home in the next episode.