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Masterchef Australia – The Barilla Pasta Could Have Had A Bit More Heat

The huge Barilla Challenge was on, with the two teams battling it out to cook pasta dishes at the Barilla factory for 500 people.

What should have been a great episode was sadly a little lacklustre with even the alleged funny guy of the house Beau not even able to make me laugh, maybe the gastro and sunburn had knocked it out of him.

If this was the episode filmed after most of the contestants were wiped out with the gastro bug cooking for 500 people it would have not have been fun at all for contestants nor crew.

A few comments on the episode:

  • Again the prolific use gold leaf on the saffron risotto which would have then have been binned was a waste, and still think it as a affectation rather than something that adds flavour to the dish. It should be noted none of the judges appeared to taste it.
  • Ben had never made the Masterchef “death dish” risotto. Was he only practising Mexican prior to his entry in the house? Deb and Wade had only made it once.
  • Wade’s was “nearly at the point of being nicely cooked” said Gary it was deemed to be the best.
  • The best five made up the red team for the catering challenge – they were Wade, Audra, Mindy, Kylie and Beau. They made Kylie their captain.
  • The remaining five were the green team and they made Andy theirs.
  • The red team not only had the best cooks but had another advantage of selecting to two types of pastas they want to use first.
  • The drill was to make a lasagne plus two pasta dishes one dish having to be vegetarian, and one seafood and they only had three hours to do it in.
  • The Red team made a lasagne with pork belly and pork sausage, Pesto and Zucchini Pasta, and seafood dish with prawns and squid.
  • The Blue made a zuchhini, peas and mint lasagne, an Amatriciana, and Fusilli with Prawns;
  • Deb thought she had been pushed into a corner, “as usual” to grate up the cheese, however if she had looked over she might have seen Alice spending three hours prepping prawns.
  • No major disasters apart from being time poor some issues were chopping the pork belly to big for the red team, and belatedly adding a bechemal sauce for the green team.
  • Everyone kept their cool maybe because they were cooking in a reasonable size kitchen even when they were told they had an extra 200 covers to cook for. What happened there the factory didn’t know how many people worked there? Or was it twist to get the cooks to think on their feet either way we did not really see what they did to feed them.
  • The red team dishes were all thought to be great particularly the seafood, and the lasagne.
  • Green team’s were all good, except Guido Barilla the guest judge was not a fan of the vegetarian lasagne, however Gary was.
  • The red team won and will get to tour a cheese factory for Ben, Andy, Debra, Julia and Alice they will be up for elimination. Chances of Alice using her immunity pin is high.

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight?


1 Culinary Boner { 07.12.12 at 6:01 pm }

I also noted deep in the dark recesses of my male psyche* the exact same sentiment as Paul’s #17 comment, but am either way too PC leftist to make such a offensive sexist observation or, more truthfully, just gun-shy of drawing down the wrath of all the extremely clever and attractive female commenters here.

* yep, that’d be Culinary Boner’s boner

2 brain dead dave { 07.12.12 at 6:02 pm }

It isn’t clear if the gastro has hit, yet. We know Andy’s had a day off.

Dr T may have more to offer into how gastro is typically spread but seeing the amatas without gloves when there’s been talk of gastro has scared the $hit out of me, never mind them.

You’re on fire ,Georgie. As for Wade, he can get plucked.

3 Culinary Boner { 07.12.12 at 6:03 pm }

I also reckon Ajay doesn’t approve of sexist pigs, so don’t want to cruel my chances.

4 Jruth { 07.12.12 at 6:05 pm }

@EH (123) and @ CB (127) – if AJ wore my bikini, her cups would runneth over!

5 Culinary Boner { 07.12.12 at 6:07 pm }

Thanks for confirming that Jruth.
Nice to know this afternoon’s daydream had some grounding in reality.

6 Moo { 07.12.12 at 6:19 pm }

You just knew the red team was going to win through Andy’s copious use of negative, uncertain and emphatic language in his interview prior to the announcement of the winner:

“I feel PRETTY confident that the green team is gonna win today.”

“We put our HEART AND SOUL into that team challenge.”

“I THINK we COULDN’T have worked better as a team.”

I can pick the winning team 99% of the time by listening to the language they’re using. The viewers aren’t stupid.

7 Georgie { 07.12.12 at 6:19 pm }

Thanks bdd.

8 Daze { 07.12.12 at 6:24 pm }

Thanks Andy Pandy & EH

Still miss Amina and wish Yukio stayed (who?) he would have been very entertaining. Adam was the sleeping dragon, so I wonder who is the sleeping dragon this season
It just has to be a guy to win this year.

And a thing I like about Alice is she never seems to complain and always has a smile on her face. Her and Kylie are little eager beavers.

Good to see Audra behaving herself and no waist jumping in Italy! Oh mio dio.

9 brain dead dave { 07.12.12 at 6:28 pm }

No worries, Georgie.. I meant to compliment you on comment #68, too, You sounded just like a right wing,red necked , trolling knob jockey. You had all the alaments.

10 Georgie { 07.12.12 at 6:33 pm }

A boring one at that bdd.

11 Andy Pandy { 07.12.12 at 6:38 pm }

Daze, I miss Yukio too, he would have been far more entertaining. I don’t know why he didn’t get through, he seemed so eager to be on the show, he and Alice would have got on great I reckon! Maybe its a big surprise near the end, Yukio returns and wins the whole thing! He couldn’t do any worse than some of them!

12 Morgan { 07.12.12 at 6:48 pm }

I’m still angry Yukio didn’t get chosen (Seriously judges? Mario over him?). I hope he comes back next year but I’m not holding my breath, there’s always one person that would’ve loved to have seen make the Top 24 and hope they come back the next year, but they never do.

13 Dooba { 07.12.12 at 6:58 pm }

Urgh gold leaf.. might as well put plutonium into a dish.

The final ten are generally decent looking, with most of the hotter guys and gals getting in. Even Julia looked decent without her specs.

hoping Debra’s out.

14 EH { 07.12.12 at 7:02 pm }

Thanks Andy Pandy #136 & BDD #137.

Andy Pandy #150 – Will definitely include that!

Daze – I miss the always smiling, cheerful Amina. She adds a happy vibe to the show. The show lost its sparkle after she left the show. Ah… how I hope Yukio was selected! MC never seem to get the castings right!

15 lulu { 07.12.12 at 7:03 pm }

Paul’s just a baiter. Some of you take him seriously and feel the need to defend yourselves because you want to be nice people – well, you are all basically nice, and there’s no need to justify yourselves.
This is a little bit of anthropological sport for him….yes, sport.

I see Paul like this:
He’s an unemployed, Jabba the Hut-type character (no ‘better half’), lying on a bean-bag, computer on his considerable lap and empty fastfood containers strewn around him. He trolls around and chortles with glee each time he elicits a response … with half-devoured chips and saliva dribbling down his ample chins.
Much like Seinfeld’s Newman.

Too far?

16 littlepetal { 07.12.12 at 7:16 pm }

They predict Alice will be the winner!!!!

17 Georgie { 07.12.12 at 7:21 pm }

Don’t forget the farting lulu. That’s an important factor when you’re in a beanbag.

18 Calliegirl { 07.12.12 at 7:24 pm }

Lulu loving your comments No 165. Got him in one. I can’t imagine why people feel they even have to dignify Paul with a response. Plus I cannot believe the Winning Team from last night are so excited about their prize – a Visit to a Cheese Factory!!! Please spare me….

19 Anonymous { 07.12.12 at 7:25 pm }
20 brain dead dave { 07.12.12 at 7:30 pm }

Sure , I’m a hater. I hate being told what to think and what to write.

Thanks for your contribution,lulu.

“Better half” = cellmate.

Visit to a cheese factory? You mean $hine’s address?

21 Jess { 07.12.12 at 7:42 pm }

@EH 129
Ah, so it is. My mistake.

Hmm. What do you make of this from Amina’s post-elimination interview?
“I always knew that she would have every chance to win.”

22 EH { 07.12.12 at 7:48 pm }

Jess – Sorry for the repeated comments. They all went to the spam box & RR just flushing them out.

23 JStar { 07.12.12 at 9:04 pm }

@EH – It still hasn’t been confirmed by any publicity department but you said the EPG said the 25th is the finale. I have two views on the finale and both would confirm that there is a current production break.

1. The finale has been filmed already except for the last judging. So seeing Audra out and about now shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m expecting her to be one of the final 6.

2. To keep things secret, it is likely that only the penultimate elimnination has occurred (3rd place getter). The final cook-off will be filmed next week and everyone will reconvene (so to avoid spoilers and everyone will be in lockdown).

24 littlepetal { 07.12.12 at 9:09 pm }

JStar-It will be hard for them to film both the MC and the MC all star at the same time. My take is that they have filmed the Finale but have not film the final announcement (what they did last year). If MKR can film the finale and there was no leak as to who won, I am sure Channel Ten can do it.

25 JStar { 07.12.12 at 9:15 pm }

@littlepetal. Possibly but didn’t they film Season 2 MasterChef simultaneously with the first season of Junior MasterChef? I could be wrong but I always got the impression that there was some crossover. But if the All Stars are all living in the MC prison house, then yes, filming would have completed for Season 4 bar the final announcement.

26 lulu { 07.12.12 at 9:31 pm }

Yeah Georgie & thx Callie.g and bdd.
Can imagine him sitting in Long Bay as we speak, getting the same treatment as Deb’s pigs earlier.
btw, great recap in The Age/SMH today from Ben Pobjie again … especially the reference to (my fave) Julia and ‘her metal cousin….’

27 sue N { 07.12.12 at 9:32 pm }

some random thoughts-

I didn’t notice any bad skin eruptions at the beginning of MC- methinks the fat laden food & stress may not be helping some contestants…

The gold leaf on the risotto seemed pointless and superfluous…

I would like Amina to come back please… (happy to have Audra or Mindy leave)

I like Alice… :)

Wade’s eyebrows deserve their own postcode…

Hygiene standards are seriously amiss!…

This has been a mammoth read… 😉

28 littlepetal { 07.12.12 at 10:15 pm }

BDD-Have you change your bib yet?

29 Larry { 07.12.12 at 10:28 pm }

Oh ma gawd, I actually cannot stand Alice. At first it was Julia I didn’t like, mostly because of her lack of personality, but also because theres something off putting about her eyes when she stares into the camera.. its like she is staring into my soul.

But whenever one of Alice’s dishes is deemed the best or her team wins a challenge, the way she reacts EVEREY BLOODY TIME annoys me so much. Its like she is about to have a seizure or something, her facial expressions shut down and she stares at the judges with her mouth making an ‘o’, and then proceeds to innocently look around at the contestants beside her as if she can’t believe what she’s just heard. This reaction would be fine, but to do the same thing every single time? I dont know, its like she is putting on an act because she knows her reaction will be filmed, so she tries to make it seem natural, but in doing that it, it looks totally fake and ugh! There are other things that annoy me but I’ve ranted enough already.

PS. I ship Ben and Andy. Bendy 4 lyf.

30 bron { 07.12.12 at 10:53 pm }

hahaha ‘ben and andy’ has been trending on twitter for over three hours now

31 Andy Pandy { 07.12.12 at 11:01 pm }

What are they saying?

32 bron { 07.12.12 at 11:06 pm }

it’s just mostly the tweens tweeting about their bromance, nothing too exciting. christina from bb1 seems to be getting into the andy/ben thing too judging from her tweets.

33 EH { 07.12.12 at 11:22 pm }

JStar – The program synopsis on the EPG is fed by TEN, right? They could have blank it if they are not sure or don’t want us to know. They may still change it, who knows? I may be wrong but the EPG has been feeding the correct information so far with their info.

34 brain dead dave { 07.13.12 at 12:02 am }

I’m doing fine , littlepetal. Just watching Cadel , waiting and hoping for now.

Bad luck for Deb the vegetarian, I felt she was gone when she scored a pig to prepare/impale . I turned over to ABC 24~only to see footage of whales being slaughtered.

The look on Beige Ben’s face when the Italians sledged his plate of muck was priceless. No sugar coating~beautiful.

35 littlepetal { 07.13.12 at 12:11 am }

BDD- Cadel dont have enough gas. He must attack again.

36 Jill { 07.13.12 at 4:51 am }

Ben was spotted at Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge, Tasmania on 7 July . It had been mentioned a few times here now so it wouldn’t sound like a spoiler. A cousin of ours had a closed up photo with him. As for Audra, she had catered for a kids birthday party awhile ago(think months ago-have to check fb for details), so most prob wouldn’t be too far in the competition as well. Sad for us as we do admire her cooking abilities.

37 bron { 07.13.12 at 9:57 am }

andy and ben were in melbourne two weeks ago together and have been spotted together in sydney recently too

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