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Masterchef Australia – Does Alice Think There Is A Jury Vote At The End?

Is the bromance between Andy and Ben one of the great reality TV romances? Like Boston Rob and Amber from Survivor or Matt and Jess from Big Brother? It was like a Bold and the Beautiful melodrama between them the whole episode, sharp words, objects thrown and pensive looks. Thankfully there was a happy ending for them both until next episode.

Though some of the soap opera drama has been spoiled by Woman’s Day who printed an article a week early about who was in the top five. The full story is in the Herald Sun (it has no spoilers in it), but one would guess Network TEN are totally pissed off, considering the ratings were really starting to climb with The Block finishing. Hopefully the major spoiler stuff up won’t effect them.

The big issue tonight was whether Alice would use her immunity pin. And it was clear she thought she was in Survivor and thought her winning the game depended on a jury voting for her at the end. She basically did not want to blind side anyone to put another person in the elimination challenge.

Her rationale was she wanted to show her students that you can still win without stepping on other people.  She won the pin, she had the right to use it and it is part of the strategy of the game. This is not a negative thing. Mindy’s is the pin that shouldn’t be played considering two other cooks actually won it for her.

Tonight Ben, Alice and Wade were in the elimination pressure test.

The challenge was from, Grant King, chef of Gastro Park. The contestant who actually could identify what it was should have been safe. It was crispy-scaled snapper with textures of calamari, smoked potato puree and ink sauce.  They had two hours and 45 minutes to replicate the dish.

A few quick comments about the cooking:

  • Interesting they got the squid ink from a jar and not having to procure it from the squid itself.
  • However they had to filet the snapper and it seem excessive that each had such a big fish to get just one serve. Alice butchered hers as well leaving a lot of flesh on the bones.
  • The calamari crackling was like black tar, Wade’s first attempt at rolling it out did not work. They also had to use a bench saw to cut up the calamari. This dish would not have fit into Editor of Masterchef Magazine brief of being achievable to the home cook.
  • George gave Ben a razz up and told him to work fast, he said if he was a chef in his kitchen he would be sticking a boot  so far up their backside to get him moving. He conceded that he knew he could not do it to Ben. Does this mean he actually does it in his kitchen? With George’s Gordon Ramsay like demeanour and his opposition to penalty rates on public holidays he must be fabulous to work for.
  • Wade tasted his smoky potato and then put the implement back in the bowl.
  • Wade having it all under control until he realised he had forgotten to cook the calamari  in the final minute of the challenge.  He yelled out for a pan, and after getting a cold one, Alice told him she had a hot pan and he quickly chucked it on.
  • Once the challenge finished he was so angry he walked away from Ben and Alice.

At judging Matt Preston thought Wade’s squid ink sauce was done well, and George liked all his “potato alaments”. However the fish was not done well.

Guest judge Grant did not like much about Alice’s dish at all. Everything was overcooked according to him. However George thought it was not a bad job, at this point Grant just looked agitated. Gary also got a snapper bone in his piece.

Ben’s dish looked the best and maybe his methodical process was worth it as Gary said he nailed the dish.

Ben was safe first, and Wade was eliminated.

How Wade made it to the top nine was always a mystery confirmed by the fact they were scratching around to find Wade’s best dishes. One was the Brussel Sprout Salad he made for Marco Pierre White, and the other was the Squid Ink Gnocchi dish in Italy which Alice did the most of the cooking for.

Wade had a big reunion with family and friends and I note he managed to get the beard shaved off before he arrived home.

He revealed he had been talked out of doing a chef’s apprenticeship when he was 17 years-old, and is now seeking an apprenticeship in Perth so he can get enough gain enough experience to open his own cafe.


1 Jess { 07.18.12 at 4:07 am }

The first time Julia took out her chicken, it was definitely raw on the inside. But when Kylie cut it up, it looked pretty good. I’ll try to get a screenshot for the recap.

I’ll save this for the next post, too, but I have…issues…with Kylie Kwong. Grrr.

2 librarygirl { 07.18.12 at 7:54 am }

I love all the comments on these Masterchef posts. Always entertaining!
I’m glad the All-stars is coming up and not the kiddie MC yet again – I couldn’t bring myself to watch that – ever.

3 Andy Pandy { 07.18.12 at 8:20 am }

Thanks EH and Littlepetal for the information, I have learnt a lot on this blog!

4 Moonstruck { 07.18.12 at 9:21 am }

Missed the start yesterday. Did mindy, Kylie and Alice use their immunity pins yesterday? They were up on the balcony when I started to watch.

5 Kugelhopf { 07.18.12 at 9:23 am }

yes they did Moonstruck. Alice first, then Mindy then Kylie

6 planb { 07.18.12 at 9:29 am }

And Mindy was spewing, spewing! with a big smile on, when she saw she could have kept it as it was a Kylie Kwong challenge.

7 Moonstruck { 07.18.12 at 9:30 am }

Thanks kugelkopf. Did they know it was Kylie kwon? What a shame that Mindy didn’t cook. It would have been interesting to see how her cooking stood up to kylies standard.

8 Moonstruck { 07.18.12 at 9:31 am }

Thanks plans. We were typing at the same time.

9 Reality Raver { 07.18.12 at 11:13 am }

JKo – Went to look at your pin interest account and clearly I need to get out more. Who is Channing Tatum as he looks like a person with talent…

10 Socs { 07.18.12 at 3:15 pm }

@JStar #139, @EH #140
You’re right! We always poach chicken slightly under, and I have no problems eating chicken which has red near the bones (Aaaah! I want Ipoh chicken rice now!!). I thought that Julia’s chicken was done to what we Asians would eat, but may be a tad on the raw side for Australians not used to having their chicken not cooked ‘properly’ =)

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