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Masterchef Australia – Another One Bites The Dust

In this episode Kylie Kwong was one of the best guest judges of the series unfortunately in an episode which seemed to be a bit drawn out.

The only tension in the show was whether Alice, Kylie and Mindy would play their immunity pins.

Alice decided to, however she now had the dilemma of trying to justify it to the judges and her fellow contestants considering she had taken the higher moral ground about using it the previous time.

She thought because there would be more people left in the elimination challenge it would be OK and she also said she was tired. Both Kylie and Mindy played theirs without hesitation or apology.

It was interesting they all did as it could have been strategic to take the risk and not play it. With the all in elimination the chances are greater that a cheftestant would get through. Then if the next challenge is indeed a team challenge and you’re are in the losing team then play it.

However to be fair if you were eliminated whilst still holding an immunity pin you would be kicking yourself all the way him in the black car.

Mindy did appear to be kicking herself about playing the pin when she saw Kylie Kwong walk in, as she then realised it would have been a challenge that would have played to her strengths. However lucky for Kylie, Audra, was on the floor to give her some idolisation.

George however did tell Mindy to come on down from the balcony to give Kylie a hug.

The first challenge was a good one where the remaining five had to follow Kylie Kwong when she making Crab and Black Bean Sauce. Kylie must have been going at half pace as most of them could keep up with her. Ben did lag behind at one point because his chopping is so slow, and Beau did not get to plate up his sauce which he knew would put him in the bottom three.

This type of challenge they could look doing again, and early in the competition, as it would be quite entertaining to see the less competent contestants do it.

The three judges plus Kylie got to taste the dishes, and this was where she was so good. She managed to describe the flavours and tell the viewer exactly what the dish was like.

Ben revealed he did not know much about Chinese cuisine when he said ” if I can impress Kylie Kwong in a cuisine I am not familiar with…”. However Kylie said his flavours were balanced and he was safe, as well as his buddy Andy.

Surprisingly Audra’s crab was the second worse, was the Kylie Kwong challenge going to be her Marion moment who ended up going home on the back of a satay sauce?

The second challenge was to pick an ingredient out of eight and cook a chinese dish around it.

Audra chose tofu, Beau prawns and Julia chose mushrooms.

Kylie was looking dubious about Julia’s poaching chicken and getting it cooked in time.  She did smirk when talking about this to Julia. However when they tasted her dish they did not give a good close up of it, but the judges did say it was cooked.

It was also was amusing when Julia told Mindy “keep hassling me” about the time, when earlier in the series she had been quite contemptuous of receiving help from the peanut gallery.

Beau made Crispy Prawns with a Salad, he said it was simple dish. When has ever cooked up anything else? Kylie told him there was no strong thread or direction in there.

Audra dished up Tofu  with Dark Vinegar and Szechuan Sauce and there had been some debate about her use of dark soy sauce, however the flavours were there and she was safe.

It was no surprise that Beau had been eliminated. There is always one cook who manages to sail into the top Ten who has not produced many good dishes.

He says he is seeking apprenticeship opportunities and would like to teach sportspeople about nutrition. Fellow contestants said he was the funniest person in the house, it is a pity we did not see much of that on screen. However the funniest thing all night was the subbing error on screen. See below and thanks EH.

In the next episode Zumbo is wheeled out with one of his Wonka land creations. Interestingly Vincent Gaden is there judging. Thankfully this was shot before Adriano’s twitter explosion or it could  have been a little awkward.


1 littlepetal { 07.19.12 at 8:59 am }

My goodness. I thought I was bad but you people are worse. Still blogging after I went to bed.

All the J’s are night owls

2 EH { 07.19.12 at 9:14 am }

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3 brain dead dave { 07.19.12 at 9:35 am }

Couldn’t get to sleep last night. Needed to watch a tape of last night’s Mindychef to make sure of that.

4 Dr T { 07.19.12 at 11:28 am }

EH – the sexy nurse is at home in bed asleep… without me :-(

I was busy putting urinary catheters in… see, you find the hole… you can work out the rest… then yellow gold! (Much like the bit of Mindy’s puddle cake thingy that I got to see before running off to save another life).

It was Voltaire who said “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”… that is what I do

5 Jill { 07.19.12 at 2:24 pm }

@EH, done.did you get it?i was night owl due to the massive cooking on Tuesday to cater for 8 people, then had a 5am shift start the next day. So had trouble sleeping after last nite, and was pleasantly surprised to read so many active night owls. I got accepted for a pastry course starting on 30 July and had to draft my letter of leave from my current manager, Altho he had already agreed for two days time off per week, I still have to write that letter. Looking forward to hear from all soon.

6 EH { 07.19.12 at 2:29 pm }

Jill, sorry the email address should be bettyenty[at]gmail[dot]com

I have accidentally put an extra t in my earlier comment. Sorry. Please resend your email. Jess & Littlepetal have linked up. Now waiting for JStar.

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