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The X Factor Australia – The Promos Continued

The X Factor Australia this year has had to contend with The Voice and the issue of whether viewers will tune in again for another reality TV singing show.

My theory is if the talent is there the viewer will tune in, and The X Factor is different from The Voice. We will see more amateurs, and because of the format of the show the viewer will get to know the singers better as we get to see them perform more.

One girl who looks interesting is Shiane she is only 14 years of age but she ticks the boxes in regards to voice and also the back story as she is from the outback. She just could be a reason to tune it.

The X Factor Australia  will start on Channel Seven in August this year.


1 sue N { 07.21.12 at 11:20 am }

I am looking forward to it :)

2 brain dead dave { 07.21.12 at 12:18 pm }

The show has quite high production values with the sets and sounds and I’m looking forward to the absence of the nepotism that helped ruin The Voice with the biased inclusions of untalented members of the Sebastian and Barnes families.

The bogan spelling of Shiane is already a cringe and just shows that when it comes to bogans , whether you’re from The $hire or the outback, it’s all the same. Another season ~ another nauseating back story. Yawn.

One would hope the abusive parents and networks pushing these dubious wunderkinds into viewers loungerooms would have learned from Jack Vidgen’s crash and burn into obscurity. Nah.

So far, the XFactor has failed miserably to uncover any interesting or successful artists and it’ll be the same this year.

It is however, hilarious train wreck viewing and I’ll be auto tuning in to this appalling garbage, in the likely event that another Altijan Juric or Pops Wi$hart is feted and worshipped by the smoke blowing judges.

3 A.P { 07.21.12 at 3:54 pm }

I think its much better than The Voice which I stopped watching once the “blind” novelty wore off.The X. Factor is more versatile as they have groups as well as solo performers. I think this time it will be the year of the groups, they will want someone different from Altiyan or Reece Mastin and they have really been pushing the “One Direction” angle in all the promos
I agree about the nepotism ruining The Voice and all the sob stories are overbearing.
Also I hope there is a return of the Xtra Factor which gave all the gossip behind the scenes.