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Masterchef Australia – Series Four The Year Of The Pop-Up

Masterchef Australia season four contestants are still are still continuing to cook now the cameras are switched off, with news Mindy Woods and Audra Morrice are opening a pop-up restaurant tomorrow night in Sydney.

Season two  was all about the blog this season appears to be all about the pop up restaurant!

However if you were thinking you would like to go think again. The pop-up which will be in Bar H in Surry Hills, Sydney is all sold out.

The two sessions where the diners will be paying $70 a head without wine are now full. If desperate you could try and get on a waiting list.

Mindy Woods and Audra Morrice told the Sunday Telegraph they promoted the night via Twitter and it sold out in hours. Hamish Ingham the owner of of Bar H says he is usually closed on Monday nights however he and his wife will be donating their time to help make the evening a success.

Source: Sunday Telegraph (hard copy)



1 Ari { 08.05.12 at 12:30 pm }

This is so cool of them! But again, Sydney Sydney Sydney. What a shame. I still haven’t forgiven MasterChef for the finale with the MasterChef ‘fans’ being invited for entrees. Um, I’ve dedicated weeks of my LIFE to the show and have been watching the show since the start, where was MY invite?

Anyway I wonder if that pop-up restaurant challenge in the Top 13 excited them because it was quite a nice challenge. I AM a tad bit jealous though. Especially with the Andy/Ben/Wade/Kylie/Beau pop-up in Tassie.

2 bron { 08.05.12 at 1:24 pm }

beau and wade are there also?! j e a l o u s.

3 Morgan { 08.05.12 at 2:04 pm }

I do wonder if there will be any sort of MC events in QLD, I know Julia and Mindy are from QLD, so if there will be events in QLD I’m sure they will be involved.

4 nibehlung { 08.06.12 at 4:19 pm }

Tonight is actually Mindy + Audra + Kylie.

Tasmanian one is Andy + Ben + Kylie + Beau (I wasn’t aware that Wade is also a part of that one).

5 Silver Spice { 09.20.12 at 2:30 am }

I think, mindy should be the winner!