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Celebrity Rehab – Brigette Nielsen Falls Off The Wagon

Brigette Nielsen who was on Celebrity Rehab addressing her alcohol addiction appears to have fallen off the wagon.

The actress who was extremely likeable and vulnerable on reality show Celebrity Rehab is seen here in pictures very drunk in a park in Los Angeles. I hope she pulls it together again as she has four kids.

Drew Pinsky whose care she was under on the show will be concerned that this has happened to one of his patients. It is a funny show one that I thought would be exploitative, but one that is totally fascinating to watch to find out why some people go down a path of addiction and self-destruction. Apparently a lot of the time it is due to the parents.

One person who could have been the star of an Australian version of that show, Matt Newton,  appears to be improving health wise according to his lawyer Chris Murphy. Mr Murphy was representing him in court yesterday to get his hearing date for assaulting a cab driver moved until after his court cases in the US have occurred.

He says that Matt is “unrecognisable” after 84 days in a US psychiatric facility. Apparently he is now off his medication, which will make it interesting in the Australian court case where Mr Murphy is wanting the case dealt with under the Mental Health legislation reports the Herald Sun. 

It will be interesting to find out what treatment he actually has as normally bipolar suffers do require meds to maintain their emotional equilibrium.

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1 Culinary Boner { 08.07.12 at 1:56 pm }

She needs to hook up with Randy Quaid and apply for refugee status to Canada