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Being Lara Bingle – Surprisingly Lara Was The Most Likeable Out Of The Cast

If you had told me that Lara Bingle would have been the character I had liked best from her reality show Being Lara Bingle at the start of the season I would have been very surprised.

Her two main supporting cast mates were pretty unpalatable by the end. Her brother Josh Bingle  had few redeeming features. He was thick “did you have a fire in the igloo” condescending to Lara but was happy to live off her largesse. He is no Khole Kardashian – when he mused that he did not know what he would do next, most viewers were hoping he would fade into obscurity.

Hermione Underwood who was her manager for the first part of the series appears to have little respect for her best friend talking down to her, again like Josh she appears to have forgotten the reason she has the lifestyle she has. Also Hermione talked about how smart and highly educated she was there was little sign of it. Oh and she is currently unemployed I suspect she will turn up working at a PR company soon.

It is unlikely there will be a season two as there just was not enough going on to keep it interesting, memo to producers – playing bingo is not a plot line….

Even though the ratings were good for a niche reality show, they were not good enough for a prime time free-to-air program.

The best bits were when she was hanging out with friends and family  or actually working, though this did not occur very much. Also you can’t have a reality TV show on your life and not show your private life. Kanye West has no problem appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and he is a much bigger celebrity than Lara’s boyfriend Gareth Moody.

In the last episode Lara met with Peter Morrissey who was giving her some business advice, and hopefully she listened, however I would have thought her new management should be strategising on her behalf.

However one bit of advice she should have been given obviously was not. When she knew she was getting a reality show she should have had a product or merchandise with her name attached to it ready for when the show aired. It is no use sighing that she would like to have her own lingerie collection it should have been hanging on our shelves last month. You can’t buy that type of free advertising even a medium rating reality show gives you.

Put Lara in the Australian version of The Simple Life – I would definitely watch it.


1 Isabel { 08.08.12 at 1:00 pm }

What a bogan her brother is .. unemployable I’d say after this programme! Wouldn’t drive her around for $200 a day unless it included lunch!

2 Morgan { 08.08.12 at 1:14 pm }

Couldn’t have said it better myself Isabel. Hopefully this is the last we have seen of him.

3 A.P { 08.08.12 at 3:50 pm }

Her brother is a lazy selfish brat, he should have been happy to drive Lara for free with maybe petrol expenses thrown in. He doesn’t seem to have anything else to do.
Her so called best friend is really just using her and appears to not be a very nice person.
You are right RR, Lara is the best of the three.

4 Ruby { 08.08.12 at 4:06 pm }

You are so right RR – last nights show should have seen the launch of her own product, perhaps the lingerie line?

5 Mia { 08.08.12 at 4:23 pm }

The guy Lara set Hermione up on a blind date with – am I alone in being highly doubtful as to his credentials as a pilot, much less as a hetrosexual man?

6 Reality Raver { 08.08.12 at 4:39 pm }

Mia – now that did cross my mind on both issues you raise. What about Hermione being so obsessed about what he did

7 alicia { 08.09.12 at 1:02 am }

All I want to know is how Lara bingle earns enough to keep up her lifestyle?

8 Paddy { 08.09.12 at 1:03 pm }

Totally agree RR, although it is a reality show Channel Ten and the production team seem to have forgotten it still needs a narrative with a beginning, middle and an end. The launch of a product, a lingerie line etc, would have provided that. We would have been able to follow the idea from its inception, to the launch, and out on the market. It would have allowed us to follow her “journey”, to use that wonderful reality TV term, and feel invested in “Brand Bingle”. As her manager at the time you would have to question why Hermione didn’t exploit this opportunity to its full potential.

What we got instead was a series that meandered along with no real story line or structure, in-between the good parts of the show (hanging with her family and friends) we got to watch her go on seemingly pointless trips to LA and India, whose only purpose was to add colour rather than substance.

Perhaps I expected too much from an Aussie reality series, but I feel it had all the ingredients (Lara’s personality) to be a great series and had her team been more strategic it could have turned into a show that went on for a number of seasons. As it stands however, I have no interest in tuning in to see if Josh gets a second date and if Hermione’s guy turns out to be a gay trolley dolly!