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Everybody Dance Now – Dance Ten, Format Five

It was great to see a Dance reality TV format back on our screens and it did highlight how much talent there is in the country, however it was ironic the two winning teams had So You Think You Can Dance Australia alumni heading them up. This had been the dance show which dance fans had been hoping to return.

However it is  great to see original formats given a go by Networks and this is not a  bad one it just not as slick as others.

There will be 88 teams involved in battling it out for dance supremacy and the $250,000 first prize. Each week two teams go through to the quarter finals they are voted through by the people in the audience at the “dance battles”. The viewer at home are only able to vote save an act to get into the quarter finals and viewers are able to vote for the winner after the grand final which is the second last show of the series. Acts go head to head and if you are beaten in their heat they are eliminated.

The Team Captains create the theatre by picking the team they want to dance off against each other.

One of the issues with the show is the team captains. Network Ten and Fremantle Media obviously seeing the success of The Voice wanted some big international names to attract viewers. They signed on Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo, interestingly enough both are more well known for their singing than their dancing.

They are there for to entertain the audience rather than mentor or coach and there was a lot of focus on their faux acting the competitiveness between them to have their act beat the others dance act. They were the show’s filler and it started getting tedious. Personally I would have liked to have seen more dancing and less of that, as it started to get repetitive.

After four heats those winners then danced a thirty seconds vignette from the same routine against one of the others and if they won that round they received $10,000 and a place in the quarter finals. The prize money is not shabby at all.

Team captain Kelly Rowland was in Destiny’s Child and has had some success with her solo career, however she has been on the reality TV circuit for awhile starring in The Fashion Show. She knows what has to be done, and Jason is mega popular with the younger demographic. However both look like they are dialling it in. Kelly Rowland would have been great if she had been balanced with someone else preferably Australian.

Surely there would have been some Australian talent that could have taken on the role? And maybe then the production company would have had more money to spend on the set.

The team captains were assisted by Marko Panzic and Amy Campbell again two former contestants from SYTYCD, at this stage they appear to helping Kelly and Jason “coach”.

Sarah Murdoch in her role as host, showed again she is articulate warm and engaging.

However onto the acts and all were entertaining. Boylesque whose front man was the runner up of So You Think You Can Dance Season One, something that was not mentioned, appeared to be the most popular act. It was a gay guys burlesque routine and it was sensational. Network TEN will be happy one week out from the launch of I Will Survive that camp entertained the audience.

The other act that was through to the quarter finals was Tannos and Choice fronted by another So You Think You Can Dance alumuni Stephen Tannos. He was one of my favourites who was eliminated far too early in his season. His troupe had a more tribal bent.

Nobel Lakaev who made the top four was unlucky to be beaten by them. The contemporary dancer has been accepted into the Juillard School and clearly the heat prizes of $10,000 would have been handy.  The other person that made it into the “finale” of the heat was David Coombs whose dance partner was a hoop, basically it was what men would be doing if there was rhythmic gymnastics for them. It was good but was it dancing?

Lakaev has a real possibility of being one of the dancers saved by the home viewer as he was amazing. However if the viewer like other acts other than Stephen or Lakaev, like the Samba girls, they are unable to vote them through. Also there were some dance acts left standing up on the balcony like the boy tappers, hopefully they will be back next week to dance it out.

Another concern is because we now don’t get to see the winners until the quarter finals it is harder to emotionally connect with the contestants, and if they viewer does not have this connection or is unable to follow their journey this may make them less likely to tune in.

The dancing should keep people tuned in, however the focus should be on the talent not the team captains, let’s hope for Network Ten’s sake the viewers do connect with Jason and Kelly because if they don’t it may ruin the long term popularity of the show.

UPDATE: Everybody Dance Now debut wasn’t what they were hoping for it is 572,000.


1 A.P { 08.13.12 at 8:39 am }

Sorry, watched the first ten minutes, it was all I could stand! All that shouting and fake acting from Kelly and Jason, didn’t we have anyone to do their job in Australia?
Switched over to the mens marathon in the Olympics which was more exciting.
Sarah seems better suited to me to host Australia’s Next Top Model.
Roll on Big Brother tonight!

2 Joseph Skyrim { 08.13.12 at 8:49 am }

I actually liked this show. The format reminds me of a card game, Kelly and Jason have 5 “cards” (dance groups) each and its interesting how they choose who to send in as the audience then votes between those two who wins and who goes home. They only get to use 2 leaving one spare for “next time”.

Kelly was wise I think to put up Boylesque (personally, I disliked them) against Coombs in the second round, because I think Coombs would have easily beaten Nobel. Ok maybe not, but I’m a Dave Coombs fan now. 😛

Also nice that the two winners of each “heat” get 10k right there. Surprisingly (despite me being a racist SOB) I’m finding Jason and Kelly quite entertaining, especially their banter pre-commercial. Props to Jason too for not lipsyncing during his performance as he was gulping down that air towards the end. I saw him live once at Parramatta Westfield but paid him no attention (and tried to escape quickly from the deafening squeel of fangirls). His standing with me has increased.

3 Jason { 08.13.12 at 10:01 am }

I had fun playing spot the former contestants from “So You Think You Can Dance”. Loved the dancing. Absolutely hated the whole guff between Kelly and Jason – just get on with it!! I too wonder if there would have been someone Australian to do it.

4 par3182 { 08.13.12 at 10:40 am }

“Sarah Murdoch in her role as host, showed again she is articulate warm and engaging.”

You forgot wooden and robotic.

I’m so glad you explained the rules because I had no idea while watching it.

I was enthusiastic waiting for this show but all that evaporated last night (possibly because I realised how old I am as I’ve never heard of “multi-platinum selling” Jason Derulo). I fast forwarded through most of the talking and there was precious little dancing for a dance show.

With all the smack talking between the captains I feared gay bashing in Blacktown would be up by 94% after Boylesque beat the breakers.

I’ve already removed it from the DVR timer. At least TAR gets a clear run home now…

5 JK { 08.13.12 at 1:44 pm }

The arena doesn’t look as nice as what they used from ‘so you think you can dance’ and I’m not a fan of sarah murdoch and the ads kind of put me off watching it.

6 Joseph Skyrim { 08.14.12 at 12:06 pm }

Hey RR, are you going to continue covering this or are you dropping it from your nightly RTV lineup? Just wondering! 😛

7 A.P { 08.14.12 at 12:11 pm }

And guess what, this dance show is now on instead of Dr Phil , hoping that we might watch it instead! No way channel 10, bring back Dr Phil!!

8 Reality Raver { 08.14.12 at 12:34 pm }

Coming up now. It was given the lowest priority by me.

9 planb { 08.14.12 at 12:38 pm }

304,000 watched it last night. 304,000 on its second night. Sarah Murdoch screwed over AusNTM for this, serves her right.

10 Morgan { 08.14.12 at 12:41 pm }

This show is partially to blame why there is no AusNTM this year, and it’s not even good.

11 Bolders { 08.14.12 at 12:48 pm }

It used to annoy me when some US ads for products landed on our TV screens without any attempt to change the American accents. Because, let’s face it, what that was saying to me, was yep, we’re just buying crap from overseas and couldnt care less whether it was suited to the Australian market.
Now they are actually making stupid crap with Americans as the judges. Judges of Australian dancers. And what expertise do these American judges bring to the art of dance? They sing and they can hype.

My despair knows no bounds.

12 A.P { 08.14.12 at 1:17 pm }

It gets worse and worse! Why Sarah, Why?
At least you had a reasonably top rating show with ANTM.

13 Kingley Mc Dougie { 08.15.12 at 5:21 pm }

All recent hosts are crap as ..So many arkward pauses and stutters I dont know whos worse Murdoch or Soniya on Big Brother..The dance shows ok though its unreal they got a couple of supestars on the show to bad they didnt want to spend decent money on production or a decent host…

14 Tania { 08.15.12 at 9:55 pm }

Cannot believe that they removed DrPhil show ad put this dancing instead. Bring back Dr Phil channel 10 !!! Who wants this dancing !!!

15 littlepetal { 08.15.12 at 10:45 pm }

I only saw some bits of this show and I thought Sarah Murdoch behaviour was very scripted. I did like the dancing.

16 Lyn { 08.16.12 at 1:19 pm }

I rang channel 10 to voice my disappointment that Dr Phil
had been taken off to air an encore of the dismal Everybody Dance Now
which is obviously not rating well. What are you thinking
ch 10!!! Please respect your viewers instead of taking
off Dr Phil without any explanation as to why