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Big Brother Australia – Ok So Ray Is Not The Genius

Ray the 25 year old vet is locked in a house for all of five minutes without so many essentials like phone, internet or a watch, and he starts freaking out that there is no chocolate milk. He then goes into the diary to ask Big Brother for some, and Big Brother acquieses to his demands.

Oh Big Brother you soft c**k at least let him wait a bit longer to see how postal he would have gone without it.

Ray is definitely not the genius in the BB house.  He walks out of the diary room and then bitches about Big Brother, clearly he doesn’t get he what his microphone is for.

This incarnation of Big Brother the house mates are Gen Y’s which will be interesting to see if over the next three months they would be able to break or entrench any of the stereotypes they have been stuck with.

At the moment Ray is entrenching them. He seems to think he can get what he wants when he wants it.  “I’ll have a beer please”, and he thinks it will appear. He gets in trouble for his sass and has to go into the naughty corner to write lines,  he thinks he can be a smart arse he will let him get away with it.

Yes it looks like he is going to be one of those housemates that will end up irritating everyone. So very much looking forward to seeing how that will pan out.

Stacey nailed it when she said he worked in with swagger and Michael was bitching that he walked in said “Sorry I am late boys”.

Michael also did not get a good first impression of new housemate Benjamin the 32 year old account manager. He called Michael a bogan after making a judgement call on the hair. Well I keep on expecting him to bust out Bohemian Rhapsody Waynes World style.

Benjamin himself said he is the bitchiest person. Which means there is now a bitchy gay guy in the house. Is this a stereotype?

Michael said he was anti bogan, which makes you wonder why he applied to be on Big Brother.

Benjamin ended up saying sorry to Michael, however it might take some time to build bridges. The viewer was not shown any conversations between Benjamin and Ray as it will be interesting to see how they get on.

Benjamin was only in the house for a minute before he was trying to tell the girls to kiss Brad. Considering Brad said previously that he had only kissed two girls and they only pashed (sorry Puberty Blues reference) him because they felt sorry for him, he probably would pass up a third one that was of a similar agenda.

Where was Charne when all this stuff was going on? She missed the whole naughty corner and Michael doing push up scene, however she was shown having a one on one chat with Benjamin, you get the feeling she is a tad overwhelmed in there.

Speaking of housemate diversity it is a tad weird that out of seven girls in the house two are into the retro pin up girl look. Also does anyone else think Sarah looks like John Singleton’s ex-wife Julie?

Well all the housemates are in the house and if tonight’s episode is anything to go by it is going to be an interesting few months.



1 Ari { 08.16.12 at 12:16 am }

– YES they fixed the noise. Or maybe this is the result of the show not being live. Who cares they fixed it and it was easier to understand.
– Seriously did they read my tweets about the noise? They just used a system of water bottles so whoever gets it speaks. THANK YOU.
– Stacey and the girls trying to fight over Ryan. I bet Ryan is feeling a bit objectified.
– Aww Angie being afraid for Brad’s feelings. Why does she think that Estelle may not wanna get it on with Brad?
– Ryan called Ja’mie a ‘smartass’. I bet Ryan gets tired over the whole looks thing.
– Oh can’t believe I just called Michael Ja’mie without thinking haha!
– Ray gets in the house. The girls proceed to yell “MILLIONAIRE MILLIONAIRE MILLIONAIRE” on the screen. Now we know their standards. Now we know that they’re judging a book by its cover.
– Ray is so desperate for chocolate milk he’s going to kill someone if he doesn’t get what he wants.
– Well Ray is certainly cocky. Kinda hot. But very very very cocky and annoying and I don’t know how people survive being around him. I don’t know how his dog survives.
– Woah this guy won’t stop.
– Woah I’ve known people like him and they are people I usually want to avoid.
– Well someone needs to be sedated.
– Big brother saying “naughty words” and “naughty corner” sounds really naughty.
– The girls see Ben coming in. “He’s cute”. “Wait…” “HE’S GAY HE’S GAY!”
– “HE’S HOT! HE’S HOT! MILLIONAIRE! MILLIONAIRE! MILLIONAIRE! HE’S GAY! HE’S GAY!” *Girl jumps up and down in massive excitement*
– Ben calling himself a bitch is a huge stereotype. For me anyway. Pretty much had enough of catty gay guys I see all the time.
– Actually Ben seems pretty alright. I like that he apologised to anti-bogan Michael (OMG Ja’mie is anti-bogan too!) but why did Michael join when he’s anti-bogan?
– When the girls go out to meet Ben they’re all walking on tip-toes like they’re going to see a baby.
– George seems really cool. Probably the most approachable in the house.
– I feel for Ben. No one knows officially about my sexuality but I’m sure it’s a tad obvious for some girls. But yeah sometimes I feel I’m just a “novelty” like he says. Just a major gay disadvantage. Really don’t get the whole “I want a gay best friend” thang.
– If the whole Estelle thing and how she is a liar about hating homophobe’s is true then it could be judging by how reserved she seemed. Maybe it’s all an act or her profile was a massive misunderstanding?
– Wow the girls are going to fail this task judging by how some of their judgement is based on appearances.
– I don’t like the whole double bed thing. That would creep me out so much.
– It’s a little bit hmm right now. I agree it would be interesting to see how Ray and Ben could get it.

2 Reality Raver { 08.16.12 at 12:50 am }

Georgie – I like your thoughts, agree the double bed thing would do my head in. I think it is there to ensure you don’t space to yourself. However as people get eliminated the beds free up. Apparently the sheets are NOT 100% cotton, but polyester according to journos stories that were in the house last week.

3 Georgie { 08.16.12 at 1:08 am }

RR, I don’t think you’d like my thoughts – I’d sooner pick up steamers in the local doggy walk park than watch BB.

4 Ari { 08.16.12 at 2:32 am }

Haha name mixup? 😉

5 A.P { 08.16.12 at 10:11 am }

Still having trouble relating to any of these people yet so I need to give it more time.
All the girls look and sound alike to me, they all seem loud and annoying!
Ray is just so immature, I can’t believe he is a vet, he should have more brains than the others, not carrying on about chocolate milk and trying to bait BB!

6 brain dead dave { 08.16.12 at 10:33 am }

Stacey, Bradley, Sarah, Layla and George. My favourites thus far.

I chopped out an entire episode of Ma$terchef just to see the two deadshits who floated in last night. Hassling Big Brother for chocolate milk like a child in a creche. Next minute he’s angling for beer. Just one night to develop an intense dislike for Ray.

Southern Star Endemol did produce some great viewing last night, but it was Puberty Blues on 10.

7 planb { 08.16.12 at 10:37 am }

Hey Ari, what happened to ‘just think happy thoughts’?!

I am so glad also that they’ve adopted the waterbottle talking stick in the ladies’ parlour as it was painful before with them all screeching over one another.

I quite enjoyed last night, which was a relief as I’ve watched BB before regardless and thought this season would be impossible, but now Ben is there there’s someone to like, and he’s brought out Charne’s one-on-one self, as a bonus.

I suspect Ray has NPD.

8 Diogenes { 08.16.12 at 11:57 am }

If the whole Estelle thing and how she is a liar about hating homophobe’s is true then it could be judging by how reserved she seemed. Maybe it’s all an act or her profile was a massive misunderstanding? …..

That sounds like a challenge to me ! Given that is de rigeur for any GenY to say this without even thinking about it I think it would make great TV if BB sent in the apocryphal “lesbian biker” as an intruder with strict instructions to “crack on” to her.

Well it supposed to be a social experiment isn’t it ? :-)

9 Sioux Denim { 08.16.12 at 12:06 pm }

Ray certainly came across as a tool!

Yes, thank god they implemented the water bottle talking stick in the Puffer room …..

Looking forward now to each nightly show giving us rundown on how people are getting on……….

10 Izobel2 { 08.16.12 at 5:16 pm }

I’m enjoying BB, am glad it’s back on our screens, even if I have to change the channel when my husband walks by as he can’t stand it.
And I’m with you BDD, Puberty Blues was fabulous wasn’t it. Did you spend half of the ep looking at all the 70’s gear and references saying “oh I remember that?”

11 Ari { 08.16.12 at 10:41 pm }

@planb oh am I sounding a little bit kranky or…?

It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek slightly bitchy and sarcastically passive aggressive recap of the show from my perspective in a time of my life when I am so angry at television for throwing so much stuff at me because I’m trying to focus on uni work and it’s become difficult to juggle big brother, masterchef, the shire, amazing race, etc. etc. etc.

So I’m just angry at TV. Uni work is piling up especially when you’re an architorture student. ;__;

Other than that enjoying the show. Can’t love and think happy thoughts of it like I did with masterchef. This gives me more freedom now. This isn’t a proper competition this is about people putting themselves on screen and allowing us for opinions. And I kind of let that small sarcastically bitchy part of my brain closed up 99% of the time and it needs to exercise.

Other than that entertaining but TV is too distracting! >__>