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Farmer Wants A Wife Starts Tonight On NINE at 8pm

Farmer Wants A Wife, one of the older reality formats, hits our screens tonight in what is a very congested reality TV landscape.

This year they knew they had to give it a bit of razzle to survive as the last two seasons it did draw in the viewers it use to. They have given the show a tag line – Love Bites, and the latest press release does not mention what season it is actually up to.

Having said that it is the most successful dating show on television and on its CV has marriages, babies and long term relationships. The prize is love not money or ongoing media exposure.

Here is what to expect from the media release:

It begins with over 200 speed dates as Farmers Matt, Tom, Paul, Nikko, Sam and Todd not only date their favourites, but every girl who comes looking for love.

The fun rolls on into the night and the girls grab one last chance to fight for their man – leading to snatched moments in the corner, bikini clad dating and one girl’s attempt to showcase her pole dancing skills.

At the end of the night, the farmers will choose three girls each to take back to their farm. In the event that more than one farmer chooses the same girl, the power shifts and the decision is left in the girls hands.

For the lucky three who are chosen, they will have to go above and beyond to get their dream farmer-husband to fall for them. The girls are immediately met with a challenge from each farmer – to win a one on one date leaving the others to fight for his attention.

With the surprise arrival of a fourth girl hand-picked by a family member, colourful farmer style makeovers and the opportunity to impress farmer parents, this year the chances are better than ever for farmers to find the one they really want.

In the end it’s not just about a farmer finding love, but which girl wants it the most…

Meet the Farmers:

Farmer Matt, VIC, 26: Potatoes, cereals, sheep and cattle

Farmer Tom, VIC, 30: Wool, sheep and cattle

Farmer Paul, WA, 45: Sheep, goats and tourist accommodation

Farmer Nikko, QLD, 25: Cattle

Farmer Sam, WA, 32: Cattle and mustering business

Farmer Todd, TAS, 27: Sheep



                 EPISODE 2: THURSDAY, AUGUST 16 AT 8PM



1 Morgan { 08.15.12 at 4:01 pm }

No offense to anyone who does watch the show, but I still don’t know how this show is still on the air. I’ve a watched a few episodes sporadically and it’s mindnumbingly boring. The farmers are never even that good looking.

2 Diogenes { 08.16.12 at 12:05 pm }

Sadly Mrs Diogenes wanted to watch it, and as did have any work to occupy me, sat down with a book and glanced occasionally.

By the choices made I think the boys were thinking with their trouser snakes rather than rationally – although from editing it was blindingly obvious who was going to be chosen – even if we didn’t know by whom.