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Masterchef All Stars – Another Conspiracy Theory Bites The Dust

Well the Julie, Kate, and Callum finale conspiracy theory has fallen over with the elimination of Julie.

I wonder what percentage of the conspiracy theories on this site have had legs – less than 25 per cent? Oh well it is always fun discussing them.

It was the final five tonight and Matt Preston was back and he brought with him Curtis Stone who was the guest chef.

While he was there Curtis gave George, Gary and Matt a masterclass on how to be a reality TV cooking judge both in eating style and commentary. His time on Top Chef Masters and America’s Next Great Restaurant has certainly helped he was extremely articulate about the dishes he was tasting.

However first the remaining contestants had to cook his Lobster Raviolo in a Keep Up with Curtis Stone cooking challenge.Β The All Stars have to keep up with Curtis as he cooked this dish. These are great challenges and the first one we saw was in Series Four this year with Kylie Kwong. Hopefully they will continue to be in the Masterchef format. Β And yes there will be another Masterchef next year and applications are now open.Β 

Chris Badenoch always looked comfortable in the challenge his tactic was not to think but just follow. Callum stuffed up his stock by making four litres of it, and Justine and Julie fell behind.

In the end Chris won and was safe from the elimination challenge.

The next challenge was to cook a dish from one of Curtis’s four favourite ingredients, pork, broccoli, artichokes and apples.

It was no surprise Kate Bracks made a dessert of Apple Sorbet and Macadamia Crumb, with a mini toffee apple. Curtis criticised the thickness of the caramel but otherwise thought the dish was delicious.

Julie was in all sorts of bother. She was unsure if she would have time to cook her dish she tied up her pork belly rashers and put them in a pressure cooker they then unravelled. With fifteen minutes to go she had to regroup and cook a pork medallion. Her dish looked a bit brown she had placed the meat on fennel. Curtis said the flavours were good, but said the dish looked messy on the plate. The pork looked undercooked, however Curtis was unfazed by that.

Callum selected artichokes to cook however he had never made them before. He crumbed and deep fried them and then put them in a salad. Is this a first? Crumbed, deep fried vegetables on a salad? Matt Preston was more critical about the sauce than the salad.

Justine made two artichoke dishes a modern one with calamari and an older style dish which the hero ingredient was served with Bearnaise Sauce. Curtis was a bit confused about the two dishes on the one plate.

In the end Callum was very lucky that Julie’s pork dish was under cooked, and not plated well as the Series One winner was eliminated.


1 Jess { 08.15.12 at 1:43 am }

This was a really simple challenge. One hour to cook anything with common, everyday ingredients. No fancy equipment, no exotic ingredients. Just one hour to cook. So I don’t really know how Julie performed so badly…

But I’m more excited about Amina coming back tomorrow than anything else~ yay!

2 ****Spoiler Alert**** { 08.15.12 at 2:29 am }

All male final

3 Gidgit { 08.15.12 at 5:13 am }

Just watching it now (up early again – this no booze thing is tough!) Not suprised personally Julie gets booted – her cooking has been less than top notch over the last few ep’s. She has just seemed flustered the whole time. I’m still backing my theory that Justine is winning this whole thing – but we’ll see.

4 Isabel { 08.15.12 at 7:15 am }

I was flicking between channels again – but can’t understand how Julie manages to perform ‘live’ on morning television and seemingly not make a mess or be able to keep within a specific time frame! I was very surprised she was voted out as I really thought the judges didn’t want to let her go.

Go Chris!

5 Isabel { 08.15.12 at 7:16 am }

Oh, Jess, Bendy are back too!

6 Morgan { 08.15.12 at 7:31 am }

I read that Andy, Julia, Ben and Amina are appearing tonight. I might give it a watch because I would love to see Amina again. I would’ve much rather have them compete on All Stars than the S3 team.

7 Oliver Barry { 08.15.12 at 7:43 am }

I’m just glad to see Callum win Allstarsover Chris…. Callum is such a sweet young guy. I can’t stand Chris! Sad to see Julie go but she was always on borrowed time.

8 Moonstruck { 08.15.12 at 8:01 am }

Julie can be organized on “live” TV because nothing is cooked in real time. Usually demo of a process and here is one we have prepared earlier. (this is what usually happens with many cooking segments). Also there would have been “rehearsals” and the dish has been planned, no thinking on your feet.
No surprise Julie left yesterday. The dish looked awful. If she had mot gone Masterchef would have lost the little credibility it has left. However, she was not made to walk out on her own, but with the group as if she had not been eliminated.
Totally agree that Curtis was a breath of fresh air ( and easy on the eyes).
The one who has come off the best is Chris. At this point he looks like he could win.

9 Gidgit { 08.15.12 at 8:08 am }

@Isabel TV chef spots are all pre arranged, organised, rehearsed. Lets face it – you actually don’t really have to know how to cook if you are doing a pre organised cooking show. As you see all her ingredients are ready in bowls, chopped, prepped. I’m just not sure how she ended up winning first season. Even though I really like her and we would probably get on – she’s not good under pressure.

10 Joseph Skyrim { 08.15.12 at 8:10 am }

I love Justine and her “guilty” face, you never get to see it on her show. I think she knew something was wrong again, and didn’t want to tell the judges (smart girl). Her other expressions are delightful too. πŸ˜›

Ok maybe I’m a little biased. Chris B is kicking ass, and I’m glad he’s outlasted Julie (and the memory of her uncooked chook in s1), and Callum has really impressed me – I didn’t like him at all in s2 but he really has improved.

Bandy, Julia, and Amina are back tonight! Woo! I get to see you again Khaleesi! πŸ˜› I wonder if they are just gonna partner up?

11 A.P { 08.15.12 at 8:16 am }

I haven’t been watching this but thanks for the info about Amina returning , she was my favourite so I will definitely tune in to see her!

12 planb { 08.15.12 at 8:52 am }

Chris B served up raw chicken earlier in season 1 also. I am hoping he wins now.

13 reality chick { 08.15.12 at 8:53 am }

Julie HAD to go after that dish. It did cross my mind that maybe she was trying to get kicked off … she was just a bit over it. The relief on her face was palpable.
I’m convinced they’re setting it up for Justine to win, even if she is a tad smug. Bit of a shame, would love it if Kate or Callum would take it home.

14 PollyB { 08.15.12 at 8:55 am }

Did Curtis & Jowl$y look like giants, or G & G look like midgets! Amusing. Curtis has filled out and lost the rooster ‘do, must be settled and enjoying fatherhood.
Well, finally, the right the decision was made. God, she was like a stunned mullet too. I’m glad Chris won. He is really hitting his stride now. Liking Justine too.
It will be good to see Julia & Amina tonight.

15 smauge { 08.15.12 at 8:55 am }

Up until now I had thought the producers were nursing Julie through the series to become the first all-star. I’m so glad she got eliminated last night. I still don’t think she was a worthy winner of the first series and I sure didn’t think she was the best from this lot.
I’m really hoping for a non-winner winner (ie. no Kate) and my money is on Callum. Despite last nights slip up, I think he’s the best all-round cook.

16 Kugelhopf { 08.15.12 at 9:35 am }

Callum always had potential and he has improved way out of sight over the other contestants. We saw with Andy how he improved and learned over the series. I like watching Callum make mistakes and learn from them. He’s a sweet kid and will make a great mentor and chef one day — soon.

17 Morgan { 08.15.12 at 9:42 am }

They should get Curtis to become a permanent judge for the show. I didn’t watch last night, but the other times he has appeared on the show he’s always been great, he’s good judge and presenter.

Judging from the promo for tonight’s episode, it almost seems like the S4 contestants are late entries into the competition? I’m happy that Amina is back, she was definitely the Kumar of S4 (although a much better cook), the big fan favourite that dosen’t make the Top 10.

18 Dunbi { 08.15.12 at 9:49 am }

Watching Julie cook last night was so funny. I think she is a good sport and is able to laugh at herself, but it was indeed time for her to go.
Words fail me regarding Callum’s choice of what to cook. Had Curtis not instructed him on how to prepare the artichokes they would have been inedible.
Hard to believe that of the four who are left, three of them have not won any money.

19 PollyB { 08.15.12 at 10:02 am }

Chris should have won money last night. I’m bit pissed that they are being so stingey about it actually.

20 Dunbi { 08.15.12 at 10:33 am }

Agree PollyB

21 Gidgit { 08.15.12 at 10:50 am }

Interesting – just watched it again and didn’t notice the first time – but how much Gary was ‘assisting’ Justine. A lot more than he helped anyone else…hmmmm.

22 brain dead dave { 08.15.12 at 11:56 am }

Wham Spam Thank You M’am.

23 Chunks { 08.15.12 at 11:58 am }

Gidgit, Gary has always had a big soft spot for the pretty girls. Remember his huge Fiona crush? I agree about the conspiracy theories RR, mine was blown out of the water a few nights ago. Now I just want Callum to win, although I’ve got more time for Chris these days than I did in the first series. Can’t wait to see Bendy and Amina tonight.

24 lulu { 08.15.12 at 2:38 pm }

So Callum says ‘I made artichokes with a vegetable salad’ … ie a vegetable with vegetables! What is it with him and his stupid salads? Unless he’s forced to make a dessert, he’ll always cop out with a salad.
Last time, it was with prawns, and Gary had to help him with the heads – this time, he needed to be told how to prep the artichoke. What a tosser … but everyone loves him and his nervous twitches.

As for Julie, love her or hate her, sorry to see her go as she was good value and fun/excruciating to watch.
I would love it if Chris won, but he won’t – they’ll give it to the sookie la la. Callum for the win.

25 Jandee { 08.15.12 at 2:58 pm }

ease up lulu; his dad died recently and it’s not his fault he has facial twitches. Hope he wins because he’s just lovely and not a clumsy klux

26 lulu { 08.15.12 at 3:19 pm }

I didn’t bring up his father, Jandee, you did. I brought up his never-ending, one-dimensional salads. That Poh and Marion are out and Callum is still there is ridiculous, cooking-wise.
But don’t worry, he’ll probs win because he’s ‘just lovely.’

27 gwen { 08.15.12 at 3:40 pm }

Lulu. I am with you on Callum, there is something about him, i don’ t know what it is . And Lulu, his father didn ‘t die recently, it’s been a few years. And i am getting fed up with those contestants bringing up dead relatives to get votes. Like PHillip from season 2 crying everytime he mentioned his grandmother brother who died as a child probably in the 1940. that was a joke, if you re that sensistive i can tell you the hospitality world is not for you. It’s a bit like when they complain they are tired because they are on their feet longr than 2 hrs. Get used to it. Long hours, crap pay.

28 Morgan { 08.15.12 at 5:59 pm }

According to Callum, his father passed away in 2006, so that’s six years ago now. I’m sure Callum has moved on.

29 bron { 08.15.12 at 8:15 pm }

only watched tonight for ben and andy tonight. i missed them.

30 Moonstruck { 08.15.12 at 10:21 pm }
31 Sticky Date Pud { 08.15.12 at 10:22 pm }

Another “bailout” for Callum Calombaris – this time from Curtis on what to do with artichokes; again, after another one the other day from Gary on what to with the prawn heads.

Callum has been a “protected species” (of one) since early on in series 2, but it’s become more and more blatant and all it’s doing is sending us a message as to what to expect come this Sunday.

32 Sticky Date Pud { 08.15.12 at 10:27 pm }

Another “bailout” for Callum Calombaris – now from Curtis on the artichokes; yet again after just the other day from Gary on what to do with the prawn heads.

Callum has been a “protected species” (of just one) since early on in series 2, but it’s become more and more blatant and is sending us a message as to what to expect come Sunday.

33 lulu { 08.15.12 at 10:59 pm }

Exactly, Gwen and Sticky D. Pud – I thought his Dad’s death wasn’t recent (with respect), but boy, is he milking it. Callum loves to play the young, self-deprecating innocent. He’s a grown man.
Noticed how he had to be assisted, yet again, re scaling the salmon, but it doesn’t matter … he can do no wrong.
Also, he sneakily chose Amina, whom he knew was well-liked … a populist choice? But maybe I’m cynical.

34 Gidgit { 08.15.12 at 11:56 pm }

Just addressing the ‘dead parent’ thing. Losing a loved one is one of the worst things in the world – maybe the worst. I lost my dad and honestly felt like I could not go on. Given that – most of us will lose our parents before we die. Many of us when we are young – other’s throughout our adult life. When ever it happens, it sucks – unless of course they were arseholes and you hated them and got a huge inheritence. That aside – I do hate the ‘I lost my parent’ thing on reality shows. You are there to show your skill – whether cooking, singing, tap dancing, fucking farmers – any of them, we do not want a mercy story, do not need a mercy story – and you should not win because you have a mercy story. If that is the case – everyone that has ever lost a parent at a young age, or has a disability – needs to sign up to a reality show stat because you will probably win because everyone will feel sorry for you.

Example: Ben from Big Brother – both parents dead – tells us and the house mates CONSTANTLY – wins – even though he’s as boring as bat shit.

35 gwen { 08.16.12 at 1:46 pm }

Moonstruch. Good for Philipp, he might as well use his 15 mn of fame. isn’t it the point ? you go on TV to market yourself and advertise what you are going to sell or what Cafe/ Restaurant you are opening. Does he cook there or is he just an investor ?