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The Amazing Race Australia And We Have Our Top Three

The teams were off to Beijing China with Shane and Andrew the first out of the pitstop. However there was no advantage as they all travelled on the same bus to Calgary Airport and therefore they were all on the same flight to China.

At the airport the Alpha’s jumped into van however jumped out when they heard the price. Grace and Joseph hopped in a van and they decided to negotiate the fare after they took the ride.  When they arrived they did the  “this is all we have”  and Grace was surprised the guy was not happy and freaked out when she thought he was going to pull a gun out of his glovebox. Their strategy did not pay off and still ended up paying 500 Renimbi when the other teams had paid 70.

Maybe Grace should do a week’s work and then have the employer tell her they are only going to pay half of the agreed amount and she might work out how cab driver might feel.

The siblings were always going to be in trouble in this leg.

It was detour time and it was Waiter or Wheel. For waiter the teams must take the orders of the teams in Mandarin and then correctly recite the orders to the chef and then serve the dish. This was challenge has been done before on another version of The Amazing Race.

In Wheel they had to turn the lazy susan and eat the “delicacy” that lands in front of them, they had to eat two each.

The cheerleaders did Waiter the rest did wheel. Well that was until Grace saw the starfish and freaked out and changed to the other detour.

Paul had to eat scorpian and cold fish head, Steve ate bird nest soup and sheep testicle soup.  Shane ate cicadas, and Andrew ate the star fish and the birds nest soup.

The cheerleaders were the first to the next challenge which was to get a ten minute foot massage this also was from another version of the show. It was not pleasant and extremely painful, and if you pulled your foot away you started again.

Jo was crying in pain and the cops were yelling out in encouragement as at this stage they thought they were in an alliance with them.

Grace pulled her leg so she to start again. Paul and Steve were last to arrive because of taxi driver woes and Paul after seeing Steve in pain, showed how it was done and did not flinch.

Unfortunately for the cheerleaders their lead was blown when they arrived at the Marco Polo Bridge as it did not open until 7.30am in the morning. The cops and the alpha males caught up.

Grace and Joseph’s woes continued with their cab driver taking them to the Marco Polo Hotel instead of the bridge, with no money they had to walk there and this took hours. They had not arrived by the time the others had left.

The challenge was to count the number of lions on the bridge, not that easy as some statues had more than one lion. The cops and cheerleaders rushed it and had to count a few times. Whereas Steve and Paul took a slow and steady approach and got through on their first count. For those that care the number of lions were 446.

Interestingly at this point cheerleaders burnt the alliance with the cops which was stupid considering Joseph and Grace were nowhere to be seen. They told their cab driver not to tell Shane and Andrew how to get to the Great Wall of China, and understandably the cops were not happy.

They were in trouble as their cab took them the wrong way and arrived at the next Roadblock after the first two teams had finished.

The challenge was to find the pattern to get through rows of guards. If they were blocked three times by the guards they had to go back to the beginning. Fatigue struck as they had to keep going up and down stairs. Paul and Steve finished it first with Paul shouting “I am the great Paul of China”. However they got lost going back to the Forbidden City in Beijing to the pitstop.

The girls made it to the pitstop beat them there to be the first team through to the top three and also received $10,000 in prize money. Paul and Steve were second with the cops eventually getting there after dark.

Grace and Joseph after finishing counting the lions jumped in a cab, thinking they could ask for money once they got to the great wall, however more bad luck occurred as they were taken to the wrong section and there is no one there.  They did managed to sleep in the cab, something the poor camera guy did not get to do.

Eventually Grant Bowler arrived to put them out of the misery and told them they were in fact in Inner Mongolia. Hopefully he paid the cab driver for them as well after he told them they were out of the race.

The final is on tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven, and who will win the Cops, the Cheerleaders or the Alpha Males? At this stage it is anyones race. Who do you want to win?


1 Sioux Denim { 08.15.12 at 11:29 am }

Great recap RR – thanks.

I would love to know how long that walk actually was for Grace & Joseph. She is such a little spoilt brat – I was very disappointed in her comment that Steve & Paul do not deserve to win – which was a tad rich IMO after they swiped the cab in a previous episode from James and Sarah – am very happy they have left.

I really think Paul & Steve will win this but would just really like to see the Cheersisters get up for the win – they have been very entertaining! There is just something I dont feel ‘right’ with the Cops – cant put my finger on it…………..

2 Jas { 08.15.12 at 11:34 am }

Terrific comment “Maybe Grace should do a week’s work and then have the employer tell her they are only going to pay half of the agreed amount”. Although they clearly got ripped off, there’s a way to bargain.
She came across as a spoilt kid and I’m glad they’re not in the running.

3 TickledPink { 08.15.12 at 11:38 am }

THANK GOD the siblings are out of the race! Go the cheerleaders!!

4 PollyB { 08.15.12 at 11:42 am }

Agree – a bit rich saying P&S don’t deserve to win; and about working and not being paid.
I was cracking up at the birthing/massage session. Those coppers, I don’t think they are meant to win, cab issues for the whole trip. Will be a great finale.

5 Chunks { 08.15.12 at 11:59 am }

I like the twins a lot less after last night and would love to see the cops win but Paul and Steve have been the strongest competitors and quite frankly they deserve to win. So good luck to them if they do. The great Paul of China. Hilarious.

6 Mahlia { 08.15.12 at 1:09 pm }

I definitely think Paul and Steve deserve to win, they’ve delivered in challenges and in the entertainment factor (which rates high when I’m awarding my reality TV winners!! I hate it when the boring people win!)

7 Ari { 08.15.12 at 3:30 pm }

I stopped watching a while back. I think I gave up on TAR Australia. It needs to be like the American version. People need to be more intelligent and strategic. There is too much emphasis on relying on challenges to get ahead. It got so boring to me. There’s no airport smarts or alliances being made. So I got pretty bored. And the culture needs to be emphasised more. It’s more like a backdrop than a character that it should be.

Other than that I want Paul and Steve to win. Defo the best players and most deserving. The cops are so annoying. It scares me that they are cops to begin with. HOPE they don’t win the race. I admit I underestimated the girls.

I also think that Paul and Steve ARE going to win. It seems that the editors had a little fun trying to make him look like a villain and went a little easier on the editing as the season progressed. This was the same thing that happened with Leigh and Jennifer in MKR. I was wondering why their image was softened up a bit. Channel 7 knows how hateful Aussie viewers can get. So they wanted the haters to try and forget in case of viewer backlash.