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Masterchef Australia – All Seasons Meet Up

The remaining four all stars had to cook seafood for one hundred people who are in the Navy. Kate was not happy her hero ingredient was squid, as she said there was nothing in her skill set to make.  What she meant was there was no squid pannacotta, squid coffee cake, or squid chocolate caramel slice to make.

They had to shop at the fish markets and the first one back to the transporting boat would gain an advantage. Callum managed this as he had salmon and he went to the Tassall display (sponsors)  and picked up his salmon pretty quickly.

On the navy ship  Masterchef Season four contestants came to be their sous chefs. They had to select who they would like to assist them out of Amina, Ben, Andy and Julie.

Callum’s advantage was he was able to pick the person he wanted first and he showed he had been watching the latest series and went for Amina. Chris picked Ben because he likes beer, and Justine selected Andy allegedly because of his expertise with crab. She ain’t fooling anyone. Ben also confessed on camera that Andy had a little crush on her. Dessert queen Julia hooked up with Kate.

Matt Preston gave the viewer his equivalent of  Molly Meldrum removing his hat on the last episode of Countdown when he changed cravats and his neck was exposed for the first time.

The prep went fairly smoothly with judges concern centring around whether the dishes were going to be substantial enough.

Kate’s dish of Lime and Chilli Squid was first to be judged and Matt thought it punched above its weight. The ship’s Commander said it was a terrific meal over all but it looked like he had not tasted the squid at all. However he thought this was the best one.

Justine made Blue Swimmer Crab with Israeli Cous Cous and Chermoula. Matt thought the bisque flavour was fantastic. Gary questioned the chermoula.

Chris made Spanish Prawns with Crustacean Aoli. George thought his prawns were undercooked and Gary thought his potatoes were over cooked.

Callum made Teriyaki Salmon which they thought was well cooked, however they did not think it did not match the salad. It was a tad underwhelming that Callum was making a very unimaginative teriyaki salmon two episodes out from the Masterchef grand final. Thankfully he did not win.

In the end it was Kate who was first into the All Stars Grand Final. Chris, Justine and Callum will battle it out tomorrow to see who can nab the final places.


1 Georgie { 08.16.12 at 12:22 am }

Fancy that – the Dessert Queens blitz the field in a seafood cook-off. Well done Kate; you had the second last lobster; were last onto the boat; got the leftover helper and then won the captain’s choice award.

Seriously, if Jowlsy doesn’t do something about his weight soon, he’s going to have major health problems.

2 sarnias { 08.16.12 at 12:47 am }

If they are trying to arsehole maverick chris then i aint happy. He has not put a foot wrong since he has been in here and seriously, prawns and chorizo has got foodgasm written all over it. LMAO RR at the squid pannacotta, coffee cake etc. Hoping the grandie will be between callum and chris, and even tho i have a crush on young cal, i want to see chris take this one out.

3 Isabel { 08.16.12 at 6:40 am }

My thoughts exactly Georgie! They must all have very high cholesterol and everything that goes with that, but Jowlsy is looking almost grotesque in his fatness. Fancy, he’s got a hairy chest – I bet that’s the first time we’ve seen that!

4 JK { 08.16.12 at 7:29 am }

Omg where do these prawns come from? I have not seen an episode where the prawns are smaller than a lobster. Seriously those are massive prawns :p

It would would of been nice to have a quick few minutes of telling the viewers at home what Amina, Ben, Andy and Julie are now up to. I was soooooo happy to see Andy again <3

5 Morgan { 08.16.12 at 7:55 am }

Kate’s win was well deserved, her squid looked sooo good. Although whoever goes up against her in the Finale, I hope they win, because if a winner wins All Stars, I feel like this would’ve been a complete waste of time.

Great to see Bendy, Julia and Amina again. Wish they had partaken in All Stars. Andy looked even more georgous than he did in S4.

6 Reality Raver { 08.16.12 at 8:08 am }

This looked like it was filmed before the MC finale so they did not know if Andy had won yet. Hence why they were neutral

7 Chris W { 08.16.12 at 8:18 am }

Not sure you’re right about the filming time, RR. Andy was clean-shaven here, which he never was on MC4, and I thought someone (Justine?) had mentioned he had won.

Pity there were so few interviews, particularly with S4 people. I don’t think Amina spoke a word to camera.

8 Joseph Skyrim { 08.16.12 at 8:19 am }

What I learned from tonight’s episode is that there are a lot of women in the navy! Also, good work Khaleesi in helping win that challenge!
(Ofcourse if I was on the ship, I would have eaten none of their dishes anyway)

Now I hope Justine pulls through to the finals, but I’m with Morgan. Hope one of the two that make it through can take out the trophy. We all love the underdogs! ^_^

9 Sticky Date Pud { 08.16.12 at 8:23 am }

Ah, yes another underwhelming effort from Callum Calombaris last night. But that won’t stop this “protected species” from coming up trumps on Sunday.
Just proves again that more than ever, “spin” wins over ability any day of the week these days.

10 Chris W { 08.16.12 at 8:28 am }
11 JRuth { 08.16.12 at 9:03 am }

I think it was only mentioned in Justine’s piece to camera that Abdy won s4. No-one actually mentioned it during the show itself, so I think RR is right about the timing of the filming. Justine cut-away was probably filmed once the s4 winner was known.

12 Chris W { 08.16.12 at 9:21 am }

The cutaways are filmed with contestants wearing the same clothes, hairstyles, etc. as the show so I think it unlikely they would bring people back later do these recreations. I’ve always thought they were filmed between the end of cooking and the start of judging.

13 Dunbi { 08.16.12 at 9:34 am }

It was disappointing not to hear/see more interaction between the pairs of contestants. I did hear Amina’s voice, but only to ask Callum to clean his bench as there were fish scales on the salmon she was cooking. That was a big mistake by Callum to not scale the fish first.
I was surprised the Captain chose the squid, he did not appear to have eaten any and he did say prawns and chorizo were his two most favourite things. I actually thought Gary said his potatoes were undercooked and slightly crunchy. The squid definitely did not look like a very filling meal and I would have liked to have heard the sailors opinions on the meals. All right for the Captain, he had four meals!

14 Andrea { 08.16.12 at 9:54 am }

So glad to see these four S4 contestants who appeared last night – would have turned off TV if there was Audra, Mindy or Emma. Bit of flirting between Andy and Justine! Great to see Amina again.
My bet is on Callum to be in the final.

15 PollyB { 08.16.12 at 10:37 am }

I think they film the to camera pieces after the editing.

16 nikki { 08.16.12 at 10:46 am }

after all that innuendo and some really dodgy camera lingering on Ben in the moments of Andy’s triumph, the ‘crush’ Andy had on Justine – while not unjustified, she is charming – felt fabricated to move out of the ‘bromance’ corner for those too.
was also disappointed how short the S4 MCs were on the show..
and I believe all these navy people must have been briefed : do NOT care for portion size. them are great MCs with great talent.
I mean, really. the girls’ dish was an entree.

17 planb { 08.16.12 at 10:51 am }

The contestants have said they film the camera pieces on the day of the challenge, for up to an hour at a time, each contestant, just to get those odd grabs or commentary. Which makes it a very long day.

18 Dunbi { 08.16.12 at 11:15 am }

I had a funny feeling the ‘choosing’ of the partners was pre-determined.
Loved the Captain’s attitude towards garnishes. No flowers or gold leaf for him then!

19 Chunks { 08.16.12 at 11:17 am }

nikki I got the impression that Ben and Andy were doing their very best to kill the bromance story as well. I guess they must have copped a lot of flack about it after leaving the house – and there was that bit on The Project where they played Andy saying how he could wait for the rest of the lives to start just to reinforce it. Shame really. It’s not like anyone thinks they’re gay. Oh no, two straight men really like each other’s company. How terrible. Sigh.

Not sure any of the dishes would have satisfied the hunger of those poor sailors. Bet Harry’s Cafe de Wheels did a roaring trade afterwards.

20 Daze { 08.16.12 at 12:04 pm }

RR I think it was filmed mid July as my son’s friend had a photo of Julia & Amina and himself on site at Garden Island. Made a post on here about it then promptly forgot about it. As MC Finale wasn’t shown at that time, I too was wondering then, why Amina was ‘back in’ the show – any mention of Andy being 2012 winner would have been an after edit.

Great to see them back (S4) even though they haven’t been gone for long

21 Heath { 08.16.12 at 12:54 pm }

I bet Channel 10 and the MC crew would LOVE if Justine and Andy hooked up. That would be an extremely marketable couple.

22 Jruth { 08.16.12 at 1:43 pm }

I sincerely doubt that the cutaways are filmed the same day as the cooking. For a start, most challenges seem to start early in the morning and finish well after dark. Then, the contestants all look to have showered, had their hair and make-up done and been made presentable for the camera again. Same clothes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same day. Take Julie G for example – in the challenges she has been sweaty, with frizzy hair and no make-up. In the cutaway pieces to camera, she’s had smooth blow-dried hair, with careful make up and no trace of sweat. Definitely not filmed immediately after the various challenges. Next day, maybe?

23 Chunks { 08.16.12 at 1:56 pm }

Jruth, not sure about that always being the case. With the girls in particular you can often tell who is going home quite early in the piece because of the puffy eyes in the cutaways from tears having been shed.

24 Jruth { 08.16.12 at 2:07 pm }

Puffy eyes on the girls just tells me that they cried on the day the cutaway was being filmed (reliving the sad memories) as well as on the day they were eliminated.

25 planb { 08.16.12 at 3:19 pm }

Presuming that contestant wasn’t lying, I would say if it’s a pressure test and there are three of them in it, the interviews are filmed on that day. It may be with very long days they do the interviews during set-up changes; or when there is a larger cast, I seem to recall Aaron saying in season 2 they often got up at 4am the following day after a very long day of filming and did their interviews. So, yes, I would expect some is done the following day, schedules withstanding etc. (But not during the edit, which is the comment upthread I was responding to overall.)

26 PollyB { 08.16.12 at 3:27 pm }

I was wondering last – They had lunch at 1.00pm SHARP! and were filming in the dark at the end of the episode. How long to serve 100 people? 1 hour max? Surely they don’t clean up the kitchen and dishes? So let’s say 3.00pm-6.00pm, what are they doing?
I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Kate.

27 Chunks { 08.16.12 at 3:51 pm }

I would say Kate is a pretty good chance PollyB, being such an all-rounder in the kitchen.

28 planb { 08.16.12 at 5:11 pm }

‘I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Kate.’

Oh, God, I hear you. Every time she isn’t chucked off when there’s a good reason to I scream at the TV, and last night I roared… So I guess she’ll win.