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Masterchef All Stars – The Finale – Was Callum Set Up For The Win?

Was that a Maggie Beer Masterclass or was it the Masterchef All Stars finale? Maggie basically told Kate how to cook a pheasant when she basically had no idea. She also told Callum that he needed  a dish to centre his meal, and hinted to Chris to put in black pudding into his potatoes.

Also does Maggie Beer pay for that product placement that occurs of her products when she guest judges on Masterchef or are they their in lieu of an appearance fee? Not that there is a problem with that. However the stock used was hers this episode when previously it has been another brand.

Tonight was just a bit of a let down. Contestants were awarded 8 out of 10 for undercooked protein, and the final dish was one that Callum who made top two had cooked in his previous Masterchef final. More on that later.

This was a finale that did not feel like a finale. Traditionally in the other seasons they have had to cook a entree, main and dessert, but tonight it was two challenges.

The first challenge had Maggie Beer as guest judge. They had to cook a family meal for the four judges plus the other Masterchef contestants. This was keeping with the feel good factor of the series.

Interestingly in the best of the best final, two of the All Stars in the final served up under cooked protein in their meal. Poor Aaron Harvie would have had to go through drive through MacDonalds on his way home, as he was the one who got dished up the inedible part of the poultry both times.

Kate cooked a stuffed pheasant with sides of beetroot. Hers was under cooked and her sides were rushed as she ran out of time. Chris Badenoch made salt crusted chicken, even though Maggie gushed that it was cooked,  it looked pretty red in the middle and on the bone joints. Aaron could not eat his. Also his carrots looked burnt as well.

Callum was putting together a vegetarian meal, which confused Dani as she must not have realised what vegetarian actually meant as she asked him what meat he was going to cook. However her bewilderment was probably correct. As Maggie Beer and Matt Preston queried what was the dish that was the centre of his meal. He then decided to cook a pheasant. His at least was cooked through.

Chris scored all eights for his meal, Callum scored all nines, and Kate scored all eights except for Gary who played bad cop and gave her a seven. She was eliminated.

Also lucky for Callum that Maggie was a judge as they are both from the Barossa Valley and she is a big fan of his.

Then it was Chris versus Callum for the title, and then Peter Gilmore revealed they would have to make the Snow Egg, the same dish Callum cooked in his season two final.

How was this fair? Why not just get Peter to present a different dessert. The judges and Peter Gilmore were a bit sheepish about it, saying that it was not the same as last time. This time it was with jackfruit instead of guava, and Chris was shown how to plate it up. However Callum was standing there as he was getting this tutorial.

By the way Peter Gilmore who is a great judge needs to lose some weight he looks like he could have a coronary at any moment, and he is quite young.

Props to Callum for pointing out to Chris that he was using too much Jackfruit. However both of them had issues but in the end after much coaching by Peter Gilmore and George at the plating up stage Callum won the title.

Callum being quite magnanimous gave Chris $10,000 of his $25,000 prize money to his charity, however it did not feel like we had seen the best of the best cooking tonight.


1 Reality Raver { 08.20.12 at 11:52 am }

Kingfisher – bye bye and agree all different opinions are welcomed in fact what makes the blog, even though there are the occasional blow ups.

For the record I thought Howzat was great, and Kerry Packer would have been proud at the number of ads that NINE managed to squeeze in.

A.P. I think the plethora of reality TV has meant drama has had to step up to compete. Well that is my theory and I am sticking to it.

2 Chunks { 08.20.12 at 12:14 pm }

I’d like to know what all the Callum bashing conspiracy theorists actually think the network would be gaining by ensuring he was the winner? I can hardly wait to read what lulu has to say when she eventually gets out of intensive care…

3 Morgan { 08.20.12 at 12:29 pm }

I probably won’t be back here until MKR 4 early next year, I seriously doubt I’ll watch Big Brother anymore, Channel 9 wrecked it for me. And I’m expecting The Great Australian Bake Off to be awful, it’ll be full of white, middle-aged women (aka Julie Goodwin clones), and the concept of Recipe to Riches dosen’t really interest me. I Will Survive looks alright, though.

4 Mondo { 08.20.12 at 12:35 pm }

What is middle-aged? 35 these days?

5 vince a { 08.20.12 at 12:50 pm }

there can be no argument that other contestants and judges giving advice at their own will, is always going to change the outcomes, its bulshit that you can help with game changing advice, no wonder after watching mkr, i liked it better, the masterchef judges just cant keep their greedy fat mouths closed, often biastly dishing out advice when and to whom they like, have a look at their competition, closing their traps so has not to alter what should happen, masterchef judges have eaten themslves into a walking how not to eat like a gorilla, bloody overweight gutzes, go to jenny craig

6 Culinary Boner { 08.20.12 at 4:29 pm }
7 librarygirl { 08.20.12 at 5:14 pm }

It should have been a draw and the money halved. I like Callum but Chris was robbed.

8 smauge { 08.20.12 at 5:27 pm }

A lot of people are outraged on here because having another snow egg gave an advantage to Callum. I’m outraged because having another snow egg made the final challenge of the finale as boring as batshit. 3 hat restaurant and he only has one dessert? I don’t care how many flavours it comes in, it doesn’t entice me to book a table at Quay!

9 littlepetal { 08.20.12 at 6:22 pm }

I am sure there are more new recipes or desserts to bake or cook. I just think the whole MC All Stars is like a review or summary of the past MC series and not a competition. Most of the challenges were not new.

10 Moonstruck { 08.20.12 at 7:57 pm }

RR thank you from me too. I don’t take masterchef seriously but enjoy the blog and the comments. Totally agree the judges should not advise. Perhaps they they need to add about 15 to 30 minutes to the challenges so dont go running around like headless chooks and then running out of time. I know it’s supposed to add to the drama but I still remember the Maggie beer challenge where no one managed to present a cooked dish.
Thanks to everyone commenting. I don’t think I could watch MC if I could read this blog as well.

11 JStar { 08.21.12 at 12:33 am }

Thanks for another busy year with MasterChef again RR. I think I echo a lot of your sentiments and the reaction from the posters. Did Callum outcook the other two? Yes. Was the win deserved? Not after the help and hints he received to change his dish in the first round which would have seen him eliminated. It was the fricking finale! There should be no assistance from anyone but Callum’s was the biggest game changer. Was the finale rigged in his favour? Yes. He may not have cooked the snow egg as well as Adam last time, but he had done it before and was aware of how to plan and time this dish. The judges have always had a soft spot for Julie and Callum and it showed again during All-Stars how they were prepared to save them. Julie was lucky to scrape through over Jonathan and Hayden. Callum should have gone home with Poh for not cooking the prawns properly. George, in particular, is so one-eyed parochial regarding his former unpaid work-experience golden boy. Give me a break!

MasterChef needs a revamp for next year. The move to Melbourne will be interesting in the sense that I expect to see Matt Preston back on more of a full-time judging basis. However, they need to do blind-tastings because the overt fawning and favourtism of certain contestants over others has eroded the judges’ credibility in direct proportion to the ratings slide. Leaving viewers with the impression that eliminations aren’t above board tars the “brand” of this show negatively. I would like to think the producers have the maturity to take the feedback onboard and are prepared to implement some wholesale changes to the show in order to revitalise and save the franchise. If not, then the laws of diminishing returns will kick in and viewers will gravitate to the shiny new pet at the first opportunity.

12 Suzanne { 08.21.12 at 1:18 am }

@ Chunks: I was thinking more along the lines of a psychiatric ward.

13 Morgan { 08.21.12 at 9:33 am }

JStar – Yes, the show needs to revamped. Moving to Melbourne was a good move, but they need to lose Gary and George. Perhaps they also should cut the final cast down to 20-16 contestants?

Suzanne – Who are you and why do you have this vendetta against Lulu?

14 JStar { 08.21.12 at 2:10 pm }

@Morgan. I think everything should be up for grabs. I actually don’t mind having 24 contestants personally as there is some macabre fun in having those “WTF” moments on how certain contestants sneaked through the Top 24. If the show is done properly, the length of the season won’t be so noticeable. However, either Gary and George must decide they want to be judges or mentors. They can’t be both as their bias has been so transparent in both seasons this year.

15 Morgan { 08.21.12 at 3:02 pm }

JStar – Haha, that is true, I do like ranting on how certain contestants (Kate S2, Alex, Andrew and Sun S3 and Mario S4) made the Top 24. After thinking a bit, I think Gary and George would be better judges if they were, like you said, were just judges and weren’t walking around the kitchen coaching their favourites. If they were restricted to the tasting room while cooking was going on, then we could see who can consistently cook good dishes without coaching or favourtism.

16 Culinary Boner { 08.21.12 at 4:04 pm }

Now that there is officially nothing on that I want to watch in the way of ‘reality TV’, I guess I can start sorting out my sock drawer:

In comparison to this guy’s sock drawer mine has seen every single married couple split and recouple in a tragic orgy of non-matching pairs. The dirty buggers.

17 Georgie { 08.21.12 at 6:39 pm }

#63 – Good on you Morgan re lulu.

18 Reality Raver { 08.21.12 at 6:46 pm }

JStar good points – I would like some blind tastings but also rotating judges so they don’t get entrenched on the favourite flavours, styles etc.

19 Baz { 08.21.12 at 7:36 pm }

I say take a tip from Project Runway. Have a set panel of 2 or 3 judges with one spot for rotating judges. Doesn’t matter if it’s blind tasting or not but at the very least they should stay away from the contestants when they’re cooking and only appear at the end to do what they’re suppose to do (like what they did with the food critics). Then the contestants can have the two stooges as mentors floating around the kitchen for help. They can ogle and favour all they want because they’ll have nothing to do with the judging whatsoever. This show desperately needs to crawl out from the gutter; quit the favouritism, the shady judging and shonky editing and I’ll happily be back.

Conspiracy theories aside, there was nothing fair or impartial about the final, plain and simple. Now lets never speak of that farce ever again.

20 Anna Muscat { 09.04.12 at 1:46 am }

I’ve read most of the comments. The ALLSTARS challenges 2012 was all about recreating the dishes from the last 3 series. Of course the snow egg from Peter Gilmore was from the past. That’s what it was all about. Good win for Callum, but i would not have given Chris &10,000 for his charity, maybe &5,000. Callum is such a good natured young man. My hat (if i wore one) goes off this exceptional young man. I do hope he gets his own cooking show, i would be tuning in very often. Justine and Julie have their own cooking shows.
Anna Muscat – melbourne victoria

21 Ian cootes { 12.16.12 at 5:17 am }

Just watched the finale in London. How disappointing. The result was rigged and there was a conflict of interest involved. Callum worked for George. Just not professional. Presenting a dessert that Callum had already prepared. Come on. Watch the British version for professionalism. And I’m an Aussie.

22 Anna Muscat { 12.16.12 at 11:35 pm }

What a nasty comment from Isabel to say she wished Callum’s tuilles would have all cracked so Chris could have won.
If eveyone would care to remember what a horrid person Chris was in Series 1 ( a leopard never changes its spots), the same in the all stars series.
Callum won and so well deserved.

23 Daisy { 12.17.12 at 12:36 am }

Isabel, I disagree. I have read enough of your comments to know that you aren’t nasty. I don’t remember the episode and I don’t know who deserved to win but I want to defend Isabel. Good grief, wishing someone’s eggs would crack. There are worse things.
I do remember the girl with the hat that cried a lot. That was annoying.

24 Daisy { 12.17.12 at 12:39 am }

I don’t like trolls but neither do I want people to be to scared to say anything or crack a yoke (pardon the v bad pun -couldn’t resist)

25 Anna Muscat { 12.18.12 at 3:07 pm }

Daisy, read Isabel’s comments on ‘wishing Callum”s tuilles would have all cracked” If that isn’t nasty i don’t know what is?

26 brain dead dave { 12.18.12 at 3:11 pm }

You clearly don’t know what it is.

27 Anna Muscat { 12.18.12 at 11:05 pm }

What is your problem BRAIN DEAD DAVE?
If the name suits, wear it.
I was responding to Daisy about the nasty comment Isabel had typed.

28 Daisy { 12.18.12 at 11:34 pm }

I was listening to a radio segment about Andrew Bolts recent trial and how the current govt wants to restrict all media speech and public speech so that no-one is offended (and a few other restrictions). Mmmm ever been to China? Scary! That goes for Anna’s right to her opinion. But I still also defend Isabel.
I hope we never lose our freedom of speech.

29 Daisy { 12.18.12 at 11:36 pm }

And Isabel was making a joke. It’s not like wishing someone harm.
In the theatre they say ‘break a leg”. They don’t mean it.

30 Anna Muscat { 12.19.12 at 8:27 pm }

Well Daisy if that was a joke from Isabel i dont see or hear lots of people howling with laughter.
Some sick joke. wishing all of Callum’s tuilles would crack so Chris could have won. Chris has his own restaurant , and has been cooking since leaving Masterchef Series 1, but still not good enough to win.
Even if there was another dessert Callum would still have won. Callum loves making desserts, Chris doesn’t. Isabel and Daisy “closed case”

31 Alec C { 03.24.13 at 6:56 pm }

George should have been removed from judging because of his close working ties with Callum. Whatever happened to a LARGE group of top chefs worldwide passing the final judgment, 3+1+1 judges for finals underwhelming. Why no Matt Moran?

25K for finals was as much as Trump gives in his Celb all star show in a regular episode (witch is also far too cheep)

Julie Goodwin didn’t impress me AT ALL for MC all stars: lasted far too long and was out shinned by Chris and Poe from her own season and MANY from series 2/3. Callum was only runner up his season, add in the 4 green apron chefs in MCAS + Adam and Goodwin would have been eliminated in the first few weeks.

MCAS was done on the cheep, Melbourne move prob not enough to rejuvenate series- Gary George Matt might have to be removed from MC series as the 3 regulars.

32 Anna Muscat { 03.24.13 at 7:49 pm }

Are people still carrying on about Callum’s win. I’m glad he won. But all this particular series was dishes that been prepared and presented in Season 1,2 and 3. So of course the Snow Egg was in the Final just like in Season 2. So stop wasting your energy carrying on. If people say they are not going to watch Masterchef again, well big bloody deal, watch something else, but i will be watching it. End of story.