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Big Brother Australia – Is Mike Goldman Lobbying For Live Feeds?

One of the big controversies of Big Brother Australia in its new incarnation is that there are no live feeds from the house. Fans have been expressing their displeasure about the lack of them on the social media.

The reason there appears to be a lack of them is unclear but it would appear they want to keep the show as family friendly as possible. The down side is that it stops the fans from being consumed about the show 24/7.

However does Big Brother narrator Mike Goldman thinking the live streams should be occurring? Well if retweets of fans are anything to go by the answer would be yes.

This is not the only way that Big Brother Australia has regressed the prize money has not moved with the times. In its first season the prize money was $250,000 and went up to $1 million in 2004. It then went down again in Season 8 to $250,000 and the ratings were falling.

Big Brother Australia is on NINE on weeknights at 7.00pm and Big Brother Confidential on NINE at 10.00pm.