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Big Brother Australia – Nominations And There Were A Few Surprises

Estelle sits in the diary room and bitches to Big Brother that people were gossiping about her and Ryan. What did she expect when she was snogging him with three other people in the bed it was not exactly private.

Anyway if she is worried what her housemates are saying how is she going to comprehend the 100,000’s of viewers talking about it.

It was a fun episode tonight with the revelation of the mens secrets sparking  banter in the house and also the nominations which revealed who people like and they don’t like as much.

Further information regarding about the guys secrets were:

  • Ray revealed he went to a private school and still turned out to be a juvenile offenders hopefully Julia Gillard saw this episode and will change her schools funding formula as these delinquents are taking tax payers dollars;
  • Josh said he may have dated over 100 women but he had not slept with a 100 of them, hopefully he will reveal a ball park figure on that one on Big Brother Confidential;
  • Benjamin wanted George to give them a five minute tutorial each day on how to make money;
  • Zoe told George that she liked princess cut diamonds, clearly he must know about her crush; and
  • Angie was sleeping with Josh because Estelle was sleeping with Ryan, it was rather amusing as everyone watched Ryan hover around Estelle’s bed.

Then it was time for nominations, each person had five points and they had to nominate two people so they had the choice of going hard on one and giving four points and the other one or a more moderate three and two points each.

The person nominating were in a sound proof box in front of the girls, which did provide some amusement as they were all paranoid the girls would be able to lip read their own names.

Michael was first in and he nominated Estelle for one point, his rationale was her opinions don’t make sense. He gave Charne  four points because he feels she doesn’t like him He said their relationship is like an awkward ex-girlfriend and boyfriend.

Josh nominated Charne for three votes because when she is in the kitchen she likes to take over control. He flicked points two Sarah because she has butted in on peoples stories. He admitted it was trivial.

Ray nominated Charne for four points and one point for Angie, because she hooked up with Ryan on Brad’s birthday luckily BB queried whether he had the right house mate. He realised that it was Estelle he was meant to be nominating.

George nominated Angie for three points because she is the laziest housemate, and Layla was nominated because he had not connected with her as much. BB hinted that his reasons were not good enough. They were no weaker then some of the others.

Bradley nominated Charne for four points for being too controlling and one point to Zoe for snoring. Big Brother queried this but this should be acceptable as snoring can drive you nuts.

Ryan nominated Stacey for four points he said it was a strategic vote as he thinks she is playing the game “with her sly little points”. He also nominated Layla for one point as she is extremely lazy.

Benjamin nominated Layla for four points as he thought she is being the most dishonest and has started some fad diets which has affected some of the other girls in the house. Huh? I didn’t get it either. Not sure why she is going on a diet in the house anyway. He also nominated Angie for one point as he felt her behaviour was bitchy.

Angie interestingly nominated bed buddy  Estelle for three points. She felt she initiated a competition between them. And two points to Charne as she had the least connection with her.

Stacey also nominated Charne for three points because she has not made an effort with the other girls and taken over the kitchen. Estelle was given two points because she is direct and abruptly rude.

Layla nominated Estelle because Estelle said she had thought the girls would nominate her because all the boys like her and hinted the others were jealous. Also Charne scored two points because of her control freak ways in the kitchen.

Zoe gave Estelle for four points because she felt she thought she was better than the rest of them, and one point to Sarah because she does not listen to her.

Sarah nominated Layla for two points as she rolls her eyes and is quite derogative towards other people, and she nominated three points to Angie as she believes she is playing the game quite forcibly, and she does not listen to other people.

Estelle nominated Layla for three points as she is creating divisions and gave Stacey two points because she is not a team player.

Charne is nominated Zoe for three points as she has not pulling her weight around the house, and two points for Stacey as there is too much going on at once with her.

The three girls up for elimination were Charne scoring 22 points, Estelle on 14 points  and Layla scored 12 points.

Estelle was shocked that she was nominated, Layla upset and Charne had guessed she would be up for elimination.

What was interesting was a lot of the housemates mentioned Charne’s kitchen dominance but the viewer has barely seen it.

The viewer has to vote for the housemate to keep in the house either via SMS or Facebook. I suspect Charne will be the one eliminated, as we have not seen her much on our screens so have had less time to connect with her.

Who do you think should go?



1 bron { 08.20.12 at 11:07 pm }

dear god, there are people shipping angie and estelle on tumblr. i love the internet. now we wait for the fan fiction.

2 Kelsta { 08.21.12 at 9:23 am }

I reckon George is going to get bumped soon as they will all think he doesn’t need the $250k, and they’re right of course! But it would be a shame to see him go – he’s quite delicious!

3 Morgan { 08.21.12 at 9:35 am }

Will Angelle (Angie and Estelle) become the new Bendy/Bandy?

4 Ari { 08.21.12 at 10:29 am }

I like how shocked everyone was with the evictees being announced. Um you voted for it. So much fakeness there.

Oh and hearing Ryan talk. Goodness me. That guy can’t form a well structured sentence. He really is dumb. It’s like watching a Ryan Lochte interview during the Olympics. Maybe Estelle really is quite not the smart person she says she is. I was kinda glad she’s up for elimination.

5 brain dead dave { 08.21.12 at 10:35 am }

I’d say the Charneval is over but the look of shock on Estelle’s face when she heard she’s been nom nom’d was worth it. She wasn’t expecting that.

Don’t think I’ve seen so many tears at a first nomination. Harden up Sarah and Layla. The new style of room for nominating probably amps up the pressure somewhat. I hope that sound proof booth is kept a fart free zone…I’d hate to be next in after someone has “secretly” let some recycled “staples” go in there.

Also Brad’s sledge to Michael about being a genius but having stupid tattoos was a pearler.

Good call on the mock shock when the diseased laboratory rats were announced ,Ari. Really fake, especially from Angie. Gold medal for her.

6 Reality Raver { 08.21.12 at 10:45 am }

BDD – LOL had not thought about the confinement of the space of the nomination cubicle. I enjoyed last night’s episode indeed told us a bit more on what was going on in the house.

Ari – Interesting that the clique group were turning on each other, and Zoe and Sarah were relatively unscathed by the nominations.

Morgan – clearly not – Angie appears to be only pretending to be a fan.

Kelsta – could go either way they may keep him in because the might think final two the audience won’t vote for a millionaire. But if he is up for nominations I will be voting to keep him in.

Bron – links please to save me the trouble of going to tumblr.

7 The Oracle { 08.21.12 at 10:53 am }

@ BBD..yes recycled staples and nervous tension could be an “explosive” situation..
If George leaves there goes the “eye candy” for his smile….bit light on personality though, but then perhaps he’s just “normal” in a house full of “abnormal” personalities.

8 brain dead dave { 08.21.12 at 11:06 am }

I don’t know about George giving get rich tutorials every day either but someone to come in each day and lecture on basic history , for example when Hitler died etc would be good~especially for Ryan.Yes, Ryan Lochte looked about as sharp as a bowling ball, too.

I had to Google what “shipping” meant ,now I know it’s not the same as Cold Chi$el’s Shipping Steel.

I’ll confess to enjoying the episode as well, RR and think that Sonia Kruger is doing a pretty good job.

9 Gidgit { 08.21.12 at 11:46 am }

I’m already ‘out’. Yep, after the massive disappointment of the people selected – THEN finding out over half of them are ‘hired’ from agencies – the whole just reaks of set up and staged. Then with Sonia talking to us all like we are five years old, then Ch 9 editing this show this show hard core, hardly any live stuff, it’s too short (probably a blessing seeing nothing happens) – and I’m watching Celebrity Big Brother from UK which is diverse, entertaining, they show everything – and already there has been a major blow up and drama – welp, I’ll stick with CBB UK.

I’ll happily leave this season of Big Brother Australia to who is obviously dominating the twitter feed – 15 year olds.

10 Sioux Denim { 08.21.12 at 12:24 pm }

Yes RR – Angie’s fake shock at who was up really was pathetic – bloody hell, she nominated Estelle!

Agree totally too – we wouldnt even know what Charne’s habits are in the kitchen as we have never seen this……I was pretty disappointed too that the first 15mins on last nights show was just a bloody recap from the previous night – show us some god damned footage C9!!

Had a good giggle though when they were covering their mouths giving nominations – gee, they better get improve on reasons too!

I wonder if we will see a change in behaviour from any of the 3 nominated ones……..?

11 Mahlia { 08.21.12 at 12:30 pm }

If you want to watch an excellent Big Brother series, I recommend Celebrity Big Brother UK currently in production. There is a real psycho on it that is making it compelling viewing for the Reality TV fan.

12 A.P { 08.21.12 at 1:28 pm }

At last! A show that I really enjoyed last night for a change!
Love the nominations room idea with all nominees watching and the new point system with pictures up of the female housemates so I could see who was who and what the progressive point score was.
It was good to see the housemates talking to BB where we could see a little bit of their personalities coming through.
I hope Charnie doesn’t go as I’ve yet to see her do much on the show, let alone see her annoying everyone over cooking etc! Please show us more of her! The other girls except for Zoe are too alike and too bland for me so far. I want the interesting people to stay in!
BB was much better last night, don’t stuff it up channel 9!

13 Diogenes { 08.21.12 at 5:09 pm }

Thanks for the recap.

I fell asleep at some point whilst the boys were nominating – I remember Ryan babbling – but nothing more…usually Mrs Diogenes pokes me the ribs and sends me to bed as she can’t hear for the snoring .

I am really struggling to find any house mate likable or interesting – but as I have said before I am not the target demographic and they may be actually scintillating for gen y.

For me it has now descended into the “rather commando crawl naked through broken glass” category” (along with FWaW) I put will the headphones on & watch the movies on my ipad while Mrs D watches. I may attention again in a few weeks when the numbers have culled a bit and we get to see more whoever is left.