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Don’t Tell The Bride – Fresh And Entertaining

The Australia version of Don’t Tell The Bride premiered last night and it was fresh, entertaining and dare I say it but a little bit heartwarming.

The premise of the show is the groom to be has three weeks and $25,000 to organise a wedding. He must also organise her hen’s night and select the dress.

The first episode started off with childhood sweethearts Mel and Aaron separating for three weeks without seeing each other. At this point you wondered why they were marrying as they appeared to be polar opposites. He was a beer swilling larrikin and Mel appeared to be a healthier more straight laced kind of girl. They had been together  for seven years, but he was happy to unleash once she was gone with his best mate.

The grooms are obviously prodded and assisted in getting the wedding organised. He wanted to get married in the snow, she hates the cold etc etc. He has his bucks night at a lingerie football game and spends $2500, and he sends her to burlesque dancing for hers with one glowing drink and then zip.

There are tears and anxiety from her and a few laughs.

Also he picks a meringue dress and she likes streamline, but of course in the end she loves the wedding and true love prevails even though she probably stretched the friendship of her bridesmaids who froze their proverbials off while waiting for the bride to arrive. Also it was truly an original touch giving frost bite to their guests as their bombonierie.

The series is nicely narrated by Australia’s girl next door Kate Ritchie, but can her make up artist must have come from the set of I Will Survive as I have seen less on a drag queen.

Fun and nicely done, it deserved to rate better than it did.

Don’t Tell The Bride is on Mondays at 7.30pm on TEN.


1 annajjj { 08.21.12 at 5:03 pm }

I really thought I would but… I didn’t enjoy it. I’m as big a fan of road smash tv as the next bogan but this one sat uncomfortably with me. It seemed like they were deliberately setting up this young couple to be as distressed as possible and if they could make her cry and him fail miserably and disappoint his bride then all the better. I watched to the end and was pleased the bride was a good sport about it but Kate’s continual comments seemed snide and the editing was nasty…”Mel hates the cold…and here we are in a blizzard….Mel hates meringues and here is a meringue dress for her….Mel’s dream is a classy warm wedding somewhere hot and oh look again at this fail Aaron fail since you’ve booked a snow wedding in a cafe, did we mention it’s unbelievably cold here and all Mel wants is a warm wedding?”

2 Daze { 08.21.12 at 5:08 pm }

Decided to check this out too (my marriage is on the verge of collapse with so many reality shows!) and didn’t mind it (better than Lara and Shire). Didn’t mind her dress in the end it was princessy and floaty and didn’t mind the bridesmaid’s frocks either and nice colour!
At the end of it, I was glad she was pleased with his arrangements even tho she prefers sun to snow and it was a nice ‘wedding in the snow’ – something very different. The private charter costs were ridiculous but better than the 7hr drive. I wonder if she got any dirt or oil on her gown trying to enter that tiny craft doorway? Anyhow, Congratulations to Mel and Aaron.

3 Chunks { 08.21.12 at 5:20 pm }

I was looking forward to this a bit but it was less hilarious than I expected. Will give it one more go. Can’t believe she got married looking like a toilet roll doll but what do I know.

4 A.P { 08.21.12 at 6:17 pm }

I didn’t mind it either but I agree with RR, Kate Ritchie had way too much make up on, she looks much better as a natural girl next door.
It did seem a bit set up, I mean why would the groom think of having the wedding in the snow when they have probably discussed many times what sort of wedding they would want, and he knew she hated the cold.
She sure changed her mind on the dress once she saw it, she looked nice in it though.
I’ve seen the English version and the weddings always seem to turn out okay in the end so the grooms must get some advice I think.

5 Daze { 08.21.12 at 6:25 pm }

There were some added touches A.P. like the ‘fur’ stoles to cover bare shoulders for the girls, just something Aaron or most blokes wouldn’t think of – so I guess they would be getting a helping hand and advice – they want the show to get ratings and mainly that the bride on her special day is happy, one would think.

6 Gidgit { 08.22.12 at 12:10 pm }

It was fun to twitter to – but that being said yet another show that came across so damn staged.
1. So she NEVER talked to her fiance about what type of wedding she would desire – over the SEVEN years they were together.
2. I hope he is very rich because otherwise I cannot see what ANY woman would be attracted to in him.
3. The ‘holiday snaps’ looked like they were taken in front of a green screen.
4. It’s like he did everything possible to piss her off, be cruel and ruin her day with full knowledge she did not like the cold etc. What a dick.
5. I can predict now that every episode is going to be a boof head blokey guy – and some princess type girlfriend – and he does everything ‘wrong’ – shock horror!

Personally I’m sick of these type of blokes on tv – the ‘Zoo reading, football playing blokey beer drinking yobbo type’ who mocks their partner because urgh – they are so girly. Much like the guys from The Block – to the guys on this show – sick of them. I have never ever dated a guy like that – ever – and I wouldn’t. I like men who read books – not boot footballs! Can we see more of THEM on our screens please!

7 JK { 08.22.12 at 12:36 pm }

I found this show hilarious to watch, it was funny in an entertaining way. This first episode looked a lot lighthearted than next week’s episode. Good way to ease the viewers into the show.

Is the recession really bad that couples can’t save for a dream wedding but to go on national TV so that the groom can have his dream bucks night? Hahaha screw the bride to what she wants, no holding back!

I loved the dress Kate Richie wore but she could do with a nice fitting bra…. I keep pointing to the TV yelling at hubby “check out those high beams!”