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The X Factor – Good Voices At The Auditions

Seriously is it in The X Factor manual that each season the judges must say “this is the best audition I have ever seen on this show”? Ronan Keating and Guy Sebastian both said this to first auditioner Bella. She indeed had a lovely voice, but I am not sure it was the best audition ever.

Also not sure quitting school because you hate it with eight months to go is a good enough reason. As Bella said she has no other plans maybe she needs a job in retail to reinforce to her she may need a plan b if singing doesn’t work out.

Next up were a young boy band who put themselves together over YouTube they were kind of cute and good, and the young girls will love them. Yes of course they are One Direction clones.

Jason Owen was next from a town called Albert with only eleven people in the town. He is a truck  driver, if he had been a farmer, Channel NINE would have been dialling.  There something very sweet and captivating about him, unfortunately his voice was not that great. He warbled out a John Denver song. His back story got him through however it will be good to see him on screen again. Though the judges loved him no one really mentioned his voice except Ronan who said he sang from the heart and he was sick of people singing doing voice gymnastics.

Ronan apparently struggle with names and he even mangled an Irish name, Adil. Adil was a 17 year old from Ipswich who was a life guard, he played guitar and sang a John Mayer song. He was OK I don’t see him getting through to the live shows. It should be noted he has a six pack.

Nathaniel a wedding singer was described as boring by Mel B and I have to agree, however Guy and Natalie Bassingthwaite loved him and Ronan gave him the casting vote to get him into boot camp.

Samantha Gibbs was a 25 year old who had been signed to a US record label. The record was never released. Maybe Samantha at boot camp needs to have a talk to Bella as she ended up working in a factory when things fell over.

Guy Sebastian declared his conflict of interest with her and said she was a good friend of his.  Joel Madden was probably watching this in the US and is peeved the good looking girl went on The X Factor other than The Voice. She could sing and Ronan got over his dislike of vocal tricks to give her a rave review.

I can see a scandal like the Delta/Glenn Cunningham one occurring here if Guy gets the over 25 group. He wept after she walked off stage.

Jasmine Kennedy-MacDonald was a 16 year old from Brisbane who sang Whitney Houston badly. Did they hint to her that she was one of the dud singers to be brought on stage to be laughed at? I don’t think so. Not nice X Factor guys nor necessary. She is a kid.

Last was Josh who was passed over for Johnny Ruffo. Have to be honest at the time I had thought it had been the wrong decision, but Johnny was one of the success stories from last year’s series.

This time he was ticking all the boxes, he has a YouTube following and he dedicated the song to his mum who had lost a child at birth. He sang Heaven by Bryan Adams, which seem the antithesis of his cool hip hop clothes he was wearing including head phones draped around his neck. He does have a stronger voice than Ruffo.  He was through to boot camp.

It was an interesting bunch of contestants tonight and if the range of talent continues it should be a good season.

The X Factor Australia continues on Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7.30pm


1 Dmc { 08.21.12 at 6:19 am }

Josh sang Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton whose young son died when he fell out of a window.

2 Georgie { 08.21.12 at 8:13 am }

It’s not the questionable vocal abilities I find hard to take on these shows, it’s the questionable judging abilities.

3 brain dead dave { 08.21.12 at 10:21 am }

“This is the best audition I have ever seen on this show”

From the two years I’ve been watching, there really isn’t much to beat.

It’s a bit like Jowl$y waxing lyrical to a doomed amata in the early stages of Ma$terchef about how great their cooking is.

Agree with Georgie about the alleged judging abilities. It’s the fraudulent judging and over praising of these garden variety desperadoes that is worse than the performers and the tawdry reheats of the same old covers. While Bella’s trembling quirkfest did nothing for me, Ronan getting up on the desk and cheering like a football hooligan was a real cringe. Ditto the reverential tones he employed when mentioning Reece Mastin.

4 Mia { 08.21.12 at 10:42 am }

I am very concerned about that 14 year old girl who sang Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ that they put through to Boot Camp. Being on a show like this can be pretty brutal, and I honestly don’t think she has the confidence or maturity to withstand it. Poor kid will get eaten alive.

5 Reality Raver { 08.21.12 at 11:09 am }

DMC – sorry my bad will fix.

Georgie – harsh. I would like to ask the Guy and Ronan, if they would like their kids to put as much ink on them as they have themselves.

BDD – What did you think of the boy from the bush – he was interesting. Good example of how a good back story can get you through to boot camp.

Mia – the 14 year olds last year did not get through to the live rounds. I think the judges are aware of the rigours of the shows and also the under 25 groups the judges always have a plethora to pick from.

6 brain dead dave { 08.21.12 at 11:25 am }

RR, I missed Jason Owen because of the rivetting BB episode. The choice of John Denver material is a concern. It would want to be a good back story to forgive that.

I only saw Bella and the appalling boy band, so will be looking for some Encores to see the rest.

7 Ingrid { 08.21.12 at 12:19 pm }

I missed it last night but given my husband does not like x factor due to my obsession with it over the past few years I am not sure I will be watching again.

I am concerned for anyone who goes on this show and also the judges choices. Having known someone in the past who got through to live auditions I know the show is rigged from the start.

I don’t know how they can year after year deceive the public thinking their votes count and that the public vote for the winner.

I just hope that whoever has already been chosen as the winner is treated with respect and can handle the pressures of winning and hard work.

8 Stacey { 08.21.12 at 12:55 pm }

They’re already grooming Bella for the win. Right before it started she was on Today Tonight with a story about leaving school. They always do news stories on the people they are really pushing for. They did it with both Jack Vidgen and Andrew De Silva (from AGT). They both won. I was expecting to be blown away by her audition since hers was the one they were really pushing, but I didn’t actually think she was THAT good. Maybe it was the over-hype of it (and from the ads all I wanted to do was jump through the TV and give her dirty yellow fingernails a clean!) I thought Shiane was wayyyyy better.
Also, Josh Brookes was fantastic this year. I remember last year he was all like ‘yeh i live in the hood, unemployed, couple of chicks backstage, blah blah blah blah’. However RR – I also remember thinking that it was the wrong decision picking Johnny. Josh has better pipes.
This year he said he loved his job, brought his family to the audition and dedicated the song to his mum. Love love LOVE him.

9 A.P { 08.21.12 at 1:44 pm }

I liked it so far but recorded it while watching BB. There are now too many reality shows on at the same time! Still have to catch up with Don’t tell The Bride! What to watch? Decisions, Decisions!
I always preferred X Factor to boring The Voice so I will keep watching it.
I don’t think it would be predetermined at this early stage who the winner is but I do think a group will have a good chance this year.
Less of the sob stories though please!

10 sue N { 08.21.12 at 2:59 pm }

funny how people see things differently…or hear them as the case may be. I actually thought that Adil was quite good. Agree that I prefer Shiane to Bella tho, and thought the boy band very average. I do think that, as usual, the show will not be won by the best singer- just the most marketable- or who they perceive is, anyway…

11 Ruby { 08.22.12 at 9:32 am }

To those juggling shows, you can watch episodes of XF that you miss on the Channel 7 website the very next day. Stays up for a week. I forgot to watch so caught up online yesterday arvo.
Adil is a Turkish name, not Irish. Is this kid ashamed of his heritage? Don’t think he’ll go too far, anyway. But they do have to have kids making up the numbers, I guess…
Laughing @ your comment about Guy & Ronan’s ink :) Really, only way they could butch themselves up ??
Like Josh. But those blubbery lips. Please…. can a prosthetic be made for him?
Hope Shianne wears a slip next time with her mumu.

12 Culinary Boner { 08.22.12 at 4:48 pm }